Baby Player Addon

Baby Player is an addon which makes it possibility to become a baby (also known as a small person) in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The best thing is that it works for any custom skin. This is purely a visual mod as it doesn’t actually change any characteristics of the player (e.g. health or strength).

Creators: Maxy (Twitter), Ed24 (Twitter), TheMCPESavage
Updated: 27 October, 2016 (now supports 0.16.0, bug fixes)

The player player is much smaller than the ordinary player model. It works perfectly fine for custom skins. The only downside which I found by using this mod was that any item you hold in your hand looks glitched. You can still use the item but visually it looks bad.


You’ll be slightly taller than a baby villager. Quite adorable, don’t you think? I know, his eyes look a bit spooky but whatever! If you want this baby skin you can get it by clicking here.


You could actually use this addon to turn into Ant-Man. Drink some strength and speed potions and you are soon just like him!


Baby Mobs

This download includes an optional addon which will turn all mobs in Minecraft into babies. Even ones like the creeper will look like babies.



This is a changelog for the latest update:

  • Player run slightly faster (still looks realistic)
  • Bug fixes and some optimization

Install Guide

  1. Download and extract the zip file: Android (ES File Explorer), Windows 10 Edition (7-Zip), iOS (iExplorer)
  2. Copy BabyPlayer folder and paste in the behavior_packs folder in /games/com.mojang/
  3. Start Minecraft Pocket Edition
  4. Use for existing world:
    1. Press the edit button next to a world to edit it
    2. Scroll down to the bottom in the left menu
    3. Press Behavior Packs and apply BabyPlayer
  5. Use for a new world:
    1. Same as step 5:1-4 except that you press Create New World
  6. Done!

iOS / Windows 10 / Android (automatic install, don’t forget to apply on a world in-game):
Download Baby Player (Behavior Pack) (.MCPack)
If you rather download it as a .ZIP file then try one of the links down below!
(If you can’t download from Sendspace, click to try this MediaFire link!)


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Installation Guides

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229 Responses

4.18 / 5 (50 votes)
  1. PandaTimYT says:

    I like it but can you make it one block tall please? On phone it’s one block tall

  2. Ethan says:

    NOTCH make it a reasorse

  3. Francois Babin says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Make it a resource please

  5. Resources says:

    Please make it a resource

  6. Olympic says:

    How do I put it on Minecraft

  7. Thethotmelon says:

    I feel like it should make you view get lowered so that you stop diing of suffocation.

  8. NickTheMan says:

    Hey um what version is this? Please Tell me; if you don’t wanna then it’s fine.

  9. does this still work in 1.12?

  10. Cattypatty says:

    It’s great 👍

  11. Cattypatty says:

    I love it so much.

  12. Angelo says:

    How to download the optional baby mobs addon? I want that.

  13. Angelo says:

    How to download the optional baby mobs addon ? Pls reply.

  14. Unknown says:

    Doesn’t work

  15. Anonymous says:

    Witch Addon That Your Turns All Mob To A Baby?

  16. Denzel says:

    Can you make a potion so that you can be adult. I want to do who’s your daddy

  17. DeathDog says:

    No overlay

  18. Cazzroz says:

    is it possible to make it so only you are small and not other players?

  19. SlimeQueen24 says:

    Can’t wait to try it it looks really fun.

  20. Anonymous says:

    It dosent work plz fix it

  21. Please Reply says:

    Can you go through small places ???

  22. Axel says:

    It’s work to me my version is latest

  23. Luna says:

    Can you chose who gets to be a baby or not, if not can you try to do so

  24. Enderman says:

    How to add the optional baby mobs addon.

  25. DerpyPandaGurl says:

    I really love this addon but theres one thing i dont like the fact that if u use a 3d skin the 3d parts wont show up so can u plzzz make 3d show up?

  26. VibrantFrog1428 says:

    amzing mod that could have a funny use in maps. i really like the mod, is it possible to change the first person veiw to be lower? that would be great. it would well earn its 5th star.

  27. JUSTayman says:

    Need to update we are really want the baby size un the new mcpe update :0

  28. Anonymous says:

    Help! My player overlay is missing plz fix it looks weird but good mod by the way 🙂
    Please fix

  29. DaveBluesBeatsMC says:

    It Was Amazing

  30. bruh says:

    hey i khow as been a long time but i rly want to use this addon can u update???? pls ???

  31. Ozech says:


  32. MintyWolf says:

    Please make it so in first person you see how tall you are

  33. MiffyCraft says:

    Can u make it so only certain players are the babies cuz my brother and I want to start mucking a multiplayer series were he is a baby and I’m the mom

  34. Stickboyd455 says:

    it works to server??

  35. AliceGalaxyGamer says:

    Please Fix or me Hate. This might also do the same thing if you download in apps though…Also, FIX THE ELYTRA CRASH PROBLEM!!!!

  36. bruh says:

    Update pls =) this texture its rly good.

  37. connor says:

    hey can you please make another addon or make this one have the height of the player model please if you can do that?

  38. Kik says:

    Can u pls add a normal player so u can go on their back

  39. 😝 says:

    Zip don’t work for me but I got it

  40. Kitty says:

    Can you make it when your first person your small? 😊

  41. Slim4fun says:

    It would be nice if the overlayers showed :3
    overall, I think its cool mod :p

  42. Pandeon says:

    When I am in first person, it looks like I am 2 blocks tall… can you change this please???

  43. Mr. Anonymous says:

    Can you change player point of view?

  44. unknown says:

    you should make a vesion of this but it terns you into a unicorn

  45. Torterenek says:

    When do you plan to update the mod to 1.2?

  46. youraveragelady says:

    Can you please add the over layer to the skin I look like a little boy if i dont ;-;

  47. Chloe ishiyama says:

    :3 i didnt download it yet

  48. Emily says:

    Where’s the resource pack pls add

  49. Wallacy Philemond says:

    Pls update this v1.14 because in 3rd and second person I look small but when in first I look the same not felling smaller pls make the feeling of marking it smaller

  50. Donored9417 says:

    Fixe the camera angles and stuff you suffocate in blocks. U can walk threw on block holes but u might die because it still thinks your 2 blocks tall

  51. Rootbeerdrinker1 says:

    Hey could you make it possible to make it an option or thing to change your size? Like if you right click with a fish or somtin it toggles your size? That way there can be a baby and an adult in multiplayer, instead of making you both babys?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it were you can have it so you can change between normal and small

  53. beBi-nUb says:

    Pls make the point of view like a baby so it will look like a real baby 🙂

  54. Joey says:

    Amazing addon works good pretty cool

  55. Lols says:

    Can you please make this a resource pack because my friends doesn’t want to be a baby but I do. So pls make this a resource pack! Also when you go through blocks that are one spaced you can’t see where your going so pls fix that. Also you feel like your bug so pls fix that! Other that that. Best add on ever!

  56. Joti says:

    Pls help can u have baby sized people and normal cuz we do rolplay and we need mom and dad

    • Joti says:

      I mean like pretend I have a little sister and mum and dad then if I have the pack then sis be small and mum dad be small

  57. Awesomekid 212 says:

    Could you make it so when you’re in first person you are still short? Thanks.

  58. Bella says:

    I want to do a mom and daughter roleplay with my sis but we both turn small, is there a way that you can choose if you want to be small or not? If not, PLEEAASSEE add it!

    • Editor says:

      You can choose to install the resource pack in your Settings > Global Resources. Example:

      Daughter: Don’t install the pack and make sure you’ve set the view mode in video settings to first person.
      Mother: Settings > Global resources > Activate the resource pack

      It’s the only way I know of 🙂

  59. KandyIsLost says:

    It still shows things in your normal height and the hat part of my skin isn’t visible, but cute all in all.

  60. N.P. says:

    Hi, this is a cool add-on! Thanks for creating it! By the way, I have a suggestion to make it more realistic, you should make the POVs smaller. I tested it but the POV is similar to the normal one. Only my suggestion, but I hope it will come out on the next update!

    Nicole P.

  61. Cha says:

    Why did the minecraft dont accept it

  62. Johan Marxh Bardos says:

    Just like the tiny player but taller

  63. Emma says:

    Hi I love using this mod!!! Idk if this is a bug but it won’t show the hat. Like the thing over the skin that can come with your skin. ( sorry it’s hard to explain)😂 Also for riding horses can you make the person higher. Only the head sticks out😂. Over all I love it!!! Keep working on it!!

  64. LittleLizardGaming says:

    In this baby mod you can be a normal player again?

  65. Julia says:

    I try to download but I didn’t work pls fix it

  66. Anonymous says:

    Yaaaay! Worked for me! Great mod! Super fun to Roleplay!!!! Thanks for the great add on!!

  67. _KillerQueen_ says:

    Hey may you please fix the fringe please it will look more nicer thank you

  68. Anony says:

    If you walk into a 1-block space with a solid block (i.e. stone, netherrack, bedrock), you actually start to suffocate. Can you fix that?

  69. Bailey shea says:


  70. Juvielyn says:

    Hi I love your addon And I really love it thanks for making this addon I hope you make more

  71. Jkman says:

    Anyway good job I think… next time make it more effective. include mobs and villagers .

  72. Jkman says:

    Wat about the mobs🤔

  73. Yo mama says:

    I bet editor is dead or retired cause he isn’t fixing anything just don’t get this addon it’s a hoax, elytra problem, perspective, and it’s not a recourse pack

  74. Blade_the_builder says:

    Editor I’m a youtuber so and I’m trying to make a minecraft RP episode so could
    U make it where u have baby vision please

  75. Danica May says:


  76. Leslie Playz says:

    I can’t download this addon on Mediafire or SendSpace…
    Advice? Help?? :I Thanks for reading my comment if you’ve made it this far. :3 I joined my friends using this addon ( They had it ) and it looked really cool so I wanted to download it but I can’t download it… It keeps on saying ” We cannot download this file ” On both Mediafile and Sendspace… ?

  77. Anonymous says:

    Can you please post a YouTube video for this, please for IOS.

  78. Mustachio125 says:

    When I activate an elytra the game crashes. Otherwise this is a great add on. I will be using it for hide and seek.

    • DarkAmulet says:

      Yea i know i was rlly wondering if the person who made the mod could fix it so we could and make the camera were we look small thsn look big

  79. Kat says:

    Hey could you fix the add-on? With it my game crashes a ton.

  80. Lol xd says:

    I can ride my brother and when he jump the jump is so farrrrrrrrrrrrrr crazy i love that

  81. DarkAmulet says:

    Hey can u update the baby add on eere we can use the eyltra wings without crashing please? Thanks if you read/saw this ^^

  82. Blake says:

    Also can you make it so you can do hugs sit down and climb movements if that’s ok and make a button to make you get bigger like a slider so you can get as big a a normal player and change the perspective to see other players faces.
    And make it so you can make baby but it make a baby villager
    Also add a texture pack to this you don’t have but it would be good

  83. Blake says:

    It crashes when I do eleytra

  84. Dinkleberg says:

    Dude, why when i fly with an elytra using a baby size it crashes?, please fix

  85. Misun Kim says:

    I can’t glide ):

  86. Shae says:

    I love this add on but fix the elytra problem

  87. BELLYBUTTON says:

    Can u MAKE baby players SEE maps like babyies ?its hard to SEE your friends in baby addon like this BECAUSE they try to look at u and they look down and when u look down u CANT see There faces either

  88. BELLYBUTTON says:

    Hey I wanted to ask u since u ARE realy GOOD at Addons … can U plz MAKE players DO moves like hugging and everything ? OR is it at least possible ?

  89. Zombieslayer5431 says:

    The add on is perfect and all but me and my other friends were a little annoyed on how the first person point of vein is still normal size viewing

  90. Skyless_Gaming says:

    Hey It Would be amazin if you made a addon instead of crouching you sat down! is that even possible XD?

  91. Gavin Davis says:

    When I put in first person view it feels like I’m my original size so plz FIX THAT

  92. Mavis Gameplay27 says:

    Why not change the perspective so it actually looks like your smaller

  93. AliceKawaiiXzX says:

    Hey There ! I realy likes your mode but theres only one problem … Can u guys make players see THE world like babyies ? ( like exploring with A short size SO We would ACTUALY be babyies ) When I was PLAYING with my friends I showed them This mode and they realy liked it but they have to look down to SEE us when they DO that THE other players CANT SEE others faces SO please fix that … #ILikedYourMode

  94. Caydenman121 says:

    Could u make it so we can see like an baby and not suffocate under one block and so u can also be big not just small cause I want it so I’m small and my brother is big set we can play who’s your dad say

  95. The_great_luisa says:

    Is this free who ever says it is free or not thanks! 🙂

  96. The Golden Knight says:

    I love this addon

  97. SteffiAnnetonette says:

    It says open in share it or stop motion!!! WHY ISN’t it WORKING?!?!?!

  98. FoxKunn says:

    Can you pls make a 1.0.0 version because I crash when i use an elytra

  99. GoldenTerrabyte says:

    Bug reports:

    First person view camera does not display from the correct height to reflect the size difference.

    The head doesn’t display the second layer of the skin.

    The player one/host cannot fly with Elytra wings, the game crashes immediately. Any players joining the world can, however.

    I hope these are fixed soon!

  100. Unknown says:

    It always takes off my second layer can you fix that quickly please

  101. Josh says:

    Plz how I get minecraft windows 10?

  102. Gracie_Pawz says:

    Would it be ok if you could make it so your first person view is actually lie you are the baby? Right now it seems like you are a normal sized player. It would be great if you could add this.

  103. Bug fan of baby player addon says:

    Can you make a large player add-on pretty please I want to use it for the hulk skin because it will only look good in that way

  104. suhdudemlg says:

    Fix some bugs. Like the height you are in on first person cause i suffocate for some reason. Thats the only bug i want it to be fixed actually……

  105. Wiggles says:

    Do i put the name of the add-onn?

  106. Grumpy says:

    Can you please also lower the camera? I hate it when I accidentally walk into a one block tall space and the camera is just inside of a block. Thanks.

  107. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it so that it isn’t file sharer thing so that I can download it without things being downloaded to me? My broadband shield blocks it because of that reason and I really want to get it

  108. CatFedor says:

    Cool, but if player go in tunnel 1 block height you will get damage, in 1St person mod camera looks the same as without this addon 🙁

  109. Ella says:

    How do I get the other mobs add on?

  110. Braulio says:

    Is their a way to turn tha mobs Baby or just the player

  111. Lauren says:

    Omg thank you so much for this all my friends joined and everyone was haveing fun because we can ride each other and we loved it thank you so much!

  112. Damianno says:

    How to turn mobs into babies

  113. ThatDragonKing says:

    I’m a little confused on where exactly the behavior packs folder is in step 2, please help!

  114. Space_Duck147 says:

    Lol! I imagined a Baby Herobeine!

  115. Cyberneticwolf says:

    Can u make it so u the first person camera is lower

  116. Morgan says:

    Hey could you change the camrea height so that it is the same hieght as the baby’s head
    This ad on has the potential for being ,aybe the greatest add on but plz fix the problrm

  117. Lion says:

    Can you make it so we don’t suffocate in a 1 block space by changing the hit box

  118. Anonymous says:

    You should make the camera go with the size of the character

  119. Morgan says:

    Can you change the camera height to one block thogh so that we can see when we go through one block holes and make it look like were actully babies and also that we don’t take damage when we go through one block holes. This add on has the potential to become great so plz make it great thx

  120. Morgan says:

    Can ypu plz fox it so that the camera height OS is same woth the baby character(one block high) and that u don’t take damage if u go into one block spaces or when u jump in a two block high space u take damage, also make it so that when u go through one block spaces you can see

  121. Anonymous says:

    Could you fix the automatic Download for iOS android and windows 10

  122. Hello says:

    It’s a very great addon!!! It’s great with the skin ant man and my friends were surprised that we turned into small people best part is you can go inside a hole which is 1 block high!!

  123. MJcpe says:

    Its not working I transfered it to resource_pack folder and its not working…why? When I download the file it is behavior pack and I open that it has baby mobs baby it for resource pack or behavior pack?

  124. Somar says:

    I’m using iOS and apparently it’s suppose to be easier to download addons instead of going on a laptop to download it. How do I download it without using a laptop?

  125. Mia Forbes says:

    No hats???

  126. TheGrassySceptile says:

    Do you need WinRAR? Cause I have it but do I need it to work? And if I have it does that mean it doesn’t work?

  127. Reinhard Otniel says:

    Is it must 0.16.0 ?

  128. Cosmin 36 says:

    Editor the second link (Mediafire) is the old link from build 4

  129. Anonymous says:

    Can the baby follow you?

  130. Tamara Lantay says:

    Yes finally it worked its so cool your the best!!

  131. HenriquePlays says:

    There is a bug when I step under a block with only one point I take damage! Thank you!

  132. Brianjhay says:

    It is compatible with 0.15.90?

  133. MarineSpectre88 says:

    I can’t download properly from

  134. Tamara Lantay says:

    Please tell me where is the resource pack folder,is it in the block launcher?

    • Editor says:

      Please use the guide which is included in the post. It explains exactly what you need to do. You don’t need BlockLauncher to make this work. All you need is a file extracting program.

  135. Yasin Arafat says:

    Does this work on 0.16.0 build 5?

  136. JamonTheMlg says:

    This dosent work for me is it because I have the minecon cape skin on

  137. Del1r1ousGam1ng says:

    Is it compatible with 0.15.9?

  138. ARebel says:

    Hey! Installed it as a BEHAVIOUR pack. It works, though! (

  139. LordOfBrightnes says:

    Pls give me 0.16.0 beta

  140. Mamadia says:

    Pls help risk how to turn into a kid does anyone know? I activated the add_on too…

  141. LeonHQ says:

    Can someone tell me how to go baby size?

  142. lops says:

    Can u make a enderman player model addon?

  143. Francina says:

    And I can’t download it -_-

  144. Francina says:

    It is cool to be in baby size

  145. Larry says:

    Where is the guide?

  146. Latif says:

    The best Add-on

  147. RageGamingXD says:

    Can you make the download website mediafire? I can’t download from FileDropper.

  148. Jare says:

    Download link isn’t working pls fix or put another link

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