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These add on will bring a new perspective to your background on Minecraft. I will soon be adding many different designs to choose from. You can bring your background to life with something besides the same ole thing. Each “Add-On” comes with “ONE” Background “Image”. As I update the “Versions” of each of the packs i have created so far they will start to have multiple to choose from depending on what is liked and what is not. I hope you enjoy

Tired of the same ole boring Backgrounds? Try one of these Backgrounds by TSX. These packs will bring your Minecrat Background to life with “New” and “Interesting” images displaying on your “Main Screen Background”. This may be for you and if not I will be uploading many more over the next weeks to come so keep an eye out for whats “NEW”.

With many to choose from at this moment take your pic from wahts below.

1) Dragon-a

2) PC Gamer-a

3) Equations-a

4) Lights-a

5) Wicked-a

6) CitySkyline-a

7) Stacked Onyx-a

8) Underwater-a

10) Power-a

11) Tech Eye-a

To upload these files onto your system first scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the download link that is best suited for your needs. Once downloaded you will need to unpack them depending on the system you are using. Now place them into your “resource_packs” folder. if you do not know how to do this I have included a You Tube video that will assist you in helping you set up your “XBOX” for adding mods.

This video will help guide you into making the folders you need to change Minecraft the way you want it. Now you will need to make sure you have the “Texture Pack Update” from the Minecraft Marketplace. Dont know whether you have it or not? NO problem just follow the pics and instruction i have included below for downloading the update and activating it.

Go into “Texture Packs by Minecraft” to locate it.

Now download it and go back to the “Main Menu” on Minecraft. Once there go into “Settings” and look for “Global Resources”. You will see “3” options on the right side of the screen “Active, MyPacks and Get More Packs”.

Now download it and go back to the “Main Menu” on Minecraft. Once there go into “Settings” and look for “Global Resources”. You will see “3” options on the right side of the screen “Active, MyPacks and Get More Packs”.


Please refer to the "INSTRUCTIONS" I have provided above in the description to correctly install this "Background" on your "XBOX". If you are not able to "MOD" your system as of yet then just watch the included video above and it will help you get to where you need to be. Be sure to load this pack into the "resource_packs" folder located inside the "com.mojang" folder. "DO NOT" load more than one background at a time or it may crash or not work at all. I made a seperate "NEW" folder inside the "com.mojang" folder called "Extra Packs". This is where i keep every pack i am not using at the time. thi smakes packs easy to load or unload whenever i want or need to by using the "My Files Explorer" app.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. bubbaking41 says:

    These backgrounds look very cool especially the equation one, but the equation one only shows 3 pictures and the other picture is the nether update background which is very ugly so please fix this or tell me what i am doing wrong

  2. Guest-6326216194 says:

    Plz add galaxy background

  3. Zach Marc says:

    you can just…use subpacks… literally bro there easy

  4. Guest-9720823590 says:

    Puedes hacer el Background de Karmaland que tiene como un rosa con celeste y tiene las letras de karmaland 4 lo podrias hacer plis. Ademas podrias tener muchas Descargas. Porfaaa

    • I can. But i will need to know exactly what you would like. Send me a link to what you want Please. Thanks

      “Puedo. Pero necesitaré saber exactamente lo que le gustaría. Envíame un enlace a lo que quieres por favor. Gracias”

  5. Guest-5221872460 says:

    Hi there, the backgrounds look really cool, but when I try and download them, it says “Failed to import, not a valid zip archive”. if you know how to get around this, that would be great. I can’t wait to use this addon!

  6. I am also about finished with the updated version that will have 10 plus backgrounds included that you can set to what you like. It also will display a mod tutorial screen in the settings that you can cycle through to better help you with designing you own mods or at least get a feel for installing them. Lastly it will have a complete different music genre of a mixture of “Five finger death punch, Breaking benjamins and Shinedown” Hope you enjoy

  7. I seem to be having some issues with my google drive requesting permission for downloads. I will be chaning to Media Fire soon still without ads. If you have issues downloading please let me know and i will correct it.Thanks

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