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Published on March 21, 2015 (Updated on March 21, 2015)

Backpack Mod

It doesn't work because it was moved to trash
Omg ur a lifesaver litteraly i didnt know how to do t with files -v-
Bruh it has no installation for WINDOWS
Como me lo descargo no veo nada que me indique donde hacerlo
y it no work
How the hell do I take it off? Windows 10 Ed. Please help
Ashleyfaithballesteros June 07, 2019 at 1:16 am
I love mincraft
The dropbox have an error it says link is not found please help
um how do I install this??????????????? its soo complicated
PLEASE! Make it for iOS please!
If it’s a zip I got you get documents then go to the file click extract then click the folder the in side the folder click edit then click everything then click extract again then it should say archive click edit again click the archive file then rename it what ever then at the end type .mcpack then click done then click the .mcpack then extract it then click share and the copy to Minecraft
Omg ur a lifesaver litteraly i didnt know how to do t with files -v-
What happens when you put a backpack(your only one) in backpack(basically it’s putting it self in it self
just how i like em
It won't show up on my WORLD'S I tried doing the import on MCPE master then I joined a world does not work and I can't do it on blocklauncher because I can't even go in the app
I can’t download it on my phone. It says it won’t load. Please help.
Plz Update for 1.2.x!