Backpack Mod

The Backpack Mod adds 34 different backpacks to the game. They function similar to chests but the difference is that you can keep them with them, just the same way a backpack would work. Currenly they aren’t wearable but this is a planned feature which will be added soon. The backpacks are really useful for adventures in survival mode as they expand the amount of inventory slots you will be able to use.

Ported by: Randomdudesz, Twitter Account
Creator: Eydamos (original PC version)

How to use the backpacks?

First off you need to craft a backpack. There is one small backpack (27 slots) and one large backpack (63 slots) and each exist in 17 different colors.

  • Small Backpack – 8 leathers (+ any type of dye if you want a colored pack)
  • Big Backpack – 8 bound leathers (+ any type of dye if you want a colored pack)
  • Bound Leather – 7 strings + 2 leathers
  • Leather – dropped by cows, or place bound leather in a furnace

For this example, I decided to get one small Black Backpack and one Big Lime Backpack. They won’t appear on your back, but this is actually a planned feature for the future.

Select the backpack in the hotbar and then tap on the ground to open it. The backpack GUI (graphical user interface) is on the right side of the screen.


If you are killed the backpack will drop on the ground. You can return to it and pick it up and it will have all the items which you previously put in there.


It’s possible to use as many backpacks as you want at the same time.

Install Guide

  1. Download the mod and use ES File Explorer (or some other file manager) to extract the zip file.
  2. Use BlockLauncher to import the .modpkg file.
  3. If BlockLauncher restarts – let it – and then go in-game to use the new features!

Download (MCPE DL)
Download (Dropbox)

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105 Responses

4 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Adonis says:

    Backpack in Minecraft

  2. Adonis says:


  3. Tsvetomir says:

    Cant install on Minecraft Windows 10 edition

  4. Alex says:

    Could you please make the link available to download on Mediafire instead of DropBox??

  5. Catherine Thompson says:


  6. PG0Raider says:

    Hello i have a proboem there is no medefire link and dropbox dosent work well its kinda complicated to do its like i open up dropbox and it says u can open it u need an app i download app but still same stuff i need help

  7. Ferenc says:

    I can’t craft a backpack

  8. Anbp says:

    Wait vut blocklauncher never works for me I tap the app and it blocks me out I never got to see what it was like or how it worked. I tried blocklauncger so many times with so many different mods, it never works. Can’t someone create a mod that DOESN’T need it? I know I am not the only one with this problem, I have an LG K20 plus by the way, to make sure it’s not like a one specific device kind of thing.

    • Neth says:

      I am using an lg k30, not sure exactly how different phone specs could cause an error like that, but i think the android operating system should be the same. I have no issue with block launcher as of 2019. Make sure you own minecraft and have it installed, through the play store, not an apk file you got from a cracked website. If that doesnt fix it i dont know what will.

  9. CANCLED says:

    Can you make an iOS version?

  10. WARNING says:

    when I tried to download it said that this file had a VIRUS . Sooo.. be careful

  11. NinjaJack87 says:

    Plez make .mcpack

  12. Anon says:

    As of 1.5.0 the mod is broken. It creates Large Chests EVERYWHERE instead of functioning as a backpack would. It turns everything into chests, deleting blocks everywhere in a 4×4 by where you click to “open the backpack”.

  13. GotGoatYT says:

    Could you make it for iOS? I know it currently only works for android but is it possible to make it work on iOS?

  14. Lily says:

    Can you plz make an addon Of this?

  15. BunBunVanillaLily says:

    Hi, I was Wandering if you could possibly make a addon of this?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t there be mods on iOS? I downloaded so many apps for nothing. This is unfair to all ios users.

    • GotGoatYT says:

      There actually are, It’s just that not all of them work for iOS. You can read the installation guide. If the .file starts with .MC, you can use the MORE button on the download screen and scroll down the top bar until you see the Minecraft app symbol, then click copy to Minecraft.

    • Anonymous says:

      hey, how is it unfair? You are the one that choose to buy the over priced half eaten apple. If you wanted a device intended for tons of modifications and reworks, and one that offers more product for less money, you should have picked an android.

  17. SamuelSteve says:

    You wrote “you can keep them with them”at the top.

  18. Vanessa says:

    how do i download this for windows 10?

  19. Cutie Foxy says:

    How to download

  20. Finn says:

    How to trasfer the bagpack in my minecraft…………i use EZ

  21. Emma says:

    I can’t get this addon

  22. Timothy Gerwe says:

    Really awesome

  23. irwanshah says:

    Best !

  24. Wolfyia says:

    Can you make it for iOS? I’ve been stuffed up cause mods/addons I really want/need are for android! 😭 (It looks cool tho)

  25. Jessica_gamer4 says:

    I’ve just tried it amazing I also like how it stores things like food and all of that I use it in my roleplay video and my friends loved it too so shout out to them ;b

  26. Tinna says:

    I wanted to use this for a roleplay but I don’t have block launcher and when I try to get block launcher it won’t let me

  27. HDannyM says:

    I’m having a problem with it in the way that whenever I try to use either kind of backpack after I close it, in its place is just a chest in the ground that I can’t pick up. It just makes chests appear for me, why is that?

    • Anon says:

      here it is a year later and they not only didn’t reply, but never bothered fixing the issue. I wish I had scrolled through the comments before bothering with the mod.

  28. TealFoxgamer says:

    Does it work for the better together update? (1.2)

  29. jaccup says:

    What Type Of Minecraft Games Does It Work On?

  30. RandomHumanYT says:

    Pleeease update! I love this mod!

  31. Pat says:

    So just a question maybe someone can answer I am using an app called File Manager.. I’ve been trying to figure it out but seems like I cannot import files to other apps, if someone else has that app please help me or should I delete it and get a different file manager app? Thanks! 🙂

    • Lilly says:

      If you are the Pat with SuperGirlyGamer, i wanna let you know that im a HUGE fan i watch all your videos. I like the mining contests most! xD

      • Lilly says:

        P.S. If you remember in a episode, you guys did a pokemon themed decoration contest, i think Jen won. Even with all the Money splattered around. 😀

  32. Lucaschu says:

    The first download option dose not work

  33. Rosa says:

    This worked for me but when I click on it to open it it places a chest on the floor or wall

  34. A Google User says:

    Hey editor somethings wrong with the mod look when i hold the backpack and tap it on the ground it crashes and it only places a chest at where i tapped pls fix

  35. Maddie says:

    It won’t let me download it it says sorry safari can’t download this mod. Cause I’m in safari. Plz answer me

  36. LilacKitten101 says:

    MYN says it can’t download that file on safari

  37. LilacKitten101 says:

    MYN says it can’t download that file on safari

  38. Wiggles says:

    Whenever I go to. Media fire it always says open in iExplorer

  39. DavidDvd753 says:

    Hey Creator of this nice backpack Addon,

    It will be very nice, if you try to update your Addon to

    Thanks for reading.

  40. Buzzxnet says:

    How can you use Dropbox

  41. Anonymous says:

    So this is for android not iOS because I’m using iOS

  42. ShAdOwFuRy016 says:

    Is it compatible for 0.15.7 or 0.15.8 ?

  43. EthanThe Minecrafter says:

    It Says Safari Cannot Download Please Help

  44. Sara says:

    Where is the link/button to download the mod?
    Does it work for 0.15.1?

  45. James says:

    This is so so cool so far

  46. Purple says:

    I hope it work

  47. Galaxy Waffle says:

    Hehehe go eat a galaxy waffle num num nom

    Or I will eat you Editor

  48. Galaxy Waffle says:

    Will it work for IOS
    In plus if it works good job guys
    Oh and if not this is what my face will look like

  49. Ryo Stonewell says:

    ok, I’m using the mcpe master thing for android, and I have a problem that sometimes happens sometimes no for the backpacks mod. see, sometimes, whenever I use a big or regular backpack on the ground/floor, or wherever else it can be used, a chest of the same type as the kind implemented for a backpack 1 block deep appears there when I’m done rummaging in it, and idk if it’s the texture I’m using or maybe whatever combo of mods. oh, btw, my mcpe version is 0.14.0, if that helps. plz get back to me on this when you can. oh, and one other thing. whoever made the nametags mod, plz fix it so I can name my tamed polar bear without hitting it and making it turn on me.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Does it work for iOS?

  51. GamerzboyGamer says:

    I love this mod

  52. NinxoGhost says:

    How do I check for updates?

  53. kirito kabayashi says:

    do this mod is compatible for MCPE Master?

  54. Aiden says:

    I am awesome

  55. Alankera says:

    It says that i need tanned leather to make big backpack and i can’t craft it it doesn’t show it in the crafting table, and the bound leather doesn’t do anything

  56. Joshua says:


  57. V4r1z0n09 says:

    How can i make tanned leather?

  58. Emily says:

    Every time I install the mod it says error so what do I do ☹️

  59. Editor says:

    Can you please tell me what the name of the zip file is? Provide the full name, including the file extension.

    It should be called Backpack If it is called something else then please use a file manager (e.g. ES File Explorer) to change the name to Backpack

    Also, just to clarify. When you click the grey download button on this page you should be redirected to MediaFire. On MediaFire there is a green download button. Press that button to download the zip file.

  60. Editor says:

    Please provide a full error message so we can search it up for you.

  61. AlphaWolf says:

    It doesn’t work there is nothing at the zip file

  62. Nick NFEN says:

    Can you add the Aether Portal Mod Please?

  63. Rudy says:

    Every time I open the backpacks, all of them, its great. However, when an item or block is place in a backpack, all variations of them big or small or colored, and when I close the backpack it crashes my game. I done this 10 times and this the outcome every time.
    The device I’m playing on is the Nvidia K1 Shield Table. I’m also running the latest version of Blockluncher, 1.12.5.
    I don’t know if this is a my device problem or the mod.
    I would love a solution to my issue. I once used this mod on PC and seeing this ported to PE makes me all the ready to play.

    I also want to applaud you on the decision of making this a modpkg rather than a js. and a texture pack! Makes life all the more easier! Wish you best of luck!

  64. Kyle says:

    I can’t install it it won’t work

  65. Jemi says:

    Add school bag for boys and girls too. 😉 😀

  66. Minecraft says:

    How do i install?

  67. Radcliff says:

    This is really cool! But I found a typo on this. You typed “backback” in the “Select the backback in the hotbar and then tap on the ground to open it.”

    Also. I’d like to submit some kind of guard skin that has very special features in it (the special features is not actually a 3D layering), the features is that the skin has the different feature that the left arm appears to be different than the right arm, because I used a special type of a skin editor. Hope you appreciate it!

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