Bagify – Texture Pack

Introducing Bags for Powders. Its a bit weird carrying dust around so you know… you should try out this pack. ALL dusts and powders have been transferred into bags! Sugar is now A “Bag of Sugar” and Bone meal is “Fertilizer” and so on.

Hey everyone!

Its Spark


Get in the bag!

Have a look below

There are 3 variants available

• Vanilla style bags

• Vanilla bags v2

• Derpy edition 

1. Vanilla bags

are styled with the original dust icons on the front. Nice and simple 

2. Vanilla bags V2

V2 have  a more elegant cleaner design, my personal favorite.

3. Derp Edition

These bags have little faces along quirky names just for fun. Once you see it you can’t unsee it 

The 3 versions


I had a ton of fun making these. If you would like bags for concert or maybe 32x version let me know in the comments


If you have a brilliant idea we can collab on something. Hmu on discord @JOSH#7132


By using or downloading any the packs published by me you agree to refrain from re-uploading them or modifying and redistributing them without permission. Please use original link if posting elsewhere 

If you need zips use website 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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41 Responses

4.82 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-2156213038 says:

    Just make every single item in a bag
    Eg bag of diamond swords

  2. Guest-7245968669 says:

    What Dark Mode texture pack were you using? It looks good!

  3. Guest-6196975880 says:

    Can I use this in my pack for personal use? I will not redistribute it, only for my personal use as I love this pack so much but don’t want to have 46 texture packs active again lol

  4. Guest-3083936359 says:

    and it’s weird to mine ores or glowstone then get a bag lol

    but good job tho

  5. Guest-5794110211 says:

    plz quick request can u make invisible leather armor? i play be alot and i like seeing my skin since sometime i make the head on the body to make it like a tiny skin but i cannot see it in game as armor covers it ty! 😛

  6. Max_bizcuit says:

    A very novel idea!!!

  7. I recommend that you just use subpacks(sliders when u open the cog/settings) instead of separate rs pack.

  8. BlueFoxKidd says:

    I wanna talk to you on Discord

  9. Guest-4010464828 says:

    Cant decide if V2 is better or derp lol 10/10

  10. Al rules says:

    Is experimental gameplay required for this to work?

  11. Guest-3199160643 says:

    What ui are you using?

  12. Guest-2313477980 says:

    Will you make seeds bagged too?

  13. Isaiahluke40 says:

    I Love It But Please Make a 32x so i can use it with my Faithful Texture Pack

  14. Guest-3259707857 says:

    Podrias hacer el mismo mod pero de mochilas no????

  15. Maskeddreams64 says:

    This looks really nice! I Really like your pixel art and packs, so I was wondering if you could make one of those “refined vanilla” texture packs or something, because it’d be really cool!

    (Also this may be going over board but I’ve been searching far and wide for a bedrock edition Persona 5 texture pack, so maybe you could do that as well? Just a suggestion)

  16. Scommander says:

    Awesome idea! Looks amazing!

  17. zeyverOps17 says:

    This is cool. I rate 5 Stars😁👍

  18. AracelyPinkRose says:

    Deberías ponerle también asi alas semillas 😀 ya sabes de calabaza, sandía,trigo, remolacha,etc

    You should also put the seeds like this 😀 you already know about pumpkin, watermelon, wheat, beets, etc.

  19. Mahaxux says:

    Hey I feel like you missed the “Blaze Powder” and Check In minecraft and you can’t add it?

  20. Guest-7251710315 says:

    Se pueden craftear????

  21. Guest-7973181033 says:


  22. ChaoticSweetness says:

    This is beautiful, I love it uwu

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