Minecraft’s Basics in Education and Learning

Welcome to Baldi’s School Basics! Here you learn the best subject ever, Math! Your teacher is Baldi, a teacher who loves math and HATES a lot when someone misses a question. Therefore, you will have to be a good student and answer correctly.

Attention! This map works for multiplayer only (One being Baldi and the other is Player).

Created By:



Original Characters and game by:

Mystman12 (Basically Games, LLC) All Rights Reserved.

Check out the Original Game Here:


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Happy Halloween!

> Now There's a Path to Camp

> All the lights have been removed to make Halloween look darker!

> There are Halloween Pumpkins in some places

> The bus is now completely black.

> Now the map stays at night forever.

All this for a limited time!


Version 1.3.0 + November!
> Halloween is Over! Everything is normal now.
> The cycle day and night has returned.
> Some improvisations in the lights
> Minecraft Version 1.13.0 Now Supported!
This is the first part of this update. The second part will be released Tomorrow!

Version 1.3.1!

> Now the two beginning rooms are Geography and Math!


How do I install it?

>Hit the button called "Minecraft's Basics 1.3.1"

> You will be taken to the MediaFire website.

>Hit "Download".

>The file will start downloading, after that, press on the downloaded file and you're done! Well Done!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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23 Responses

4.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. JESUS_YES says:

    Nice map! Played it with me mate and we had a blast

  2. Sw says:

    Can you update this

  3. XXXthe_warriorXXX says:

    Hey, i can’t download this for some reason it keeps taking away it and deleting it from my computer. Can you solve this problem?

  4. Liii says:

    I can’t even download it >:(

  5. Wyatt says:

    😡I some how got banned from my world!?🤔🤔🤔

  6. Foxyrocks20 says:

    What’s the texture pack you used also the shaders to.

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