BallisticCraft Addon 2.1 (1.16+) [Scripting Removed]

This addon aims to improve the game by adding various items, blocks, entities, and changes to world generation. Currently this includes some light machinery, tools, metals and blocks. In the future I will add more to this addon, like new swords and monsters, and blocks and such.

Update: This mod now works on all devices, not just windows 10. The issue with the pack manifest has been fixed.

.10Various Information

World Creation

Upon creating a world, you will get a guidebook. This is currently a useless item as I haven’t quite figured out a way yet to get it to open like a book. I will do more with starting a new world in the future.

How Do I Obtain All The Items?

This addon is made survival friendly, so there is recipes/drops for all items/blocks/machines and such. Alternatively, the /function giveall command will give most items and blocks. 

Playing With This Addon In a World

To use this addon, it actually requires experimental gameplay to fully function. Without this some of the generation features won’t work. Make sure to apply the behavior pack and resource pack on top of any other addons you may want to use.

Screenshots of Recipes:

Copper ingots can be obtained from mining copper ore which will spawn naturally in a world. It can be used to make copper blocks and wiring, and as a general material.

Steel ingots however, are not able to be mined, but can be made with coal and iron. Steel is a general material and also has a sword.

Emeralds also are able to be created into a sword now.

This chestplate is just an example to show how all chainmail armor is now craftable with iron nuggets for cheaper early game armor.

Electric core is another material.

By combining multiple materials you get a basic cpu chip.

The recipe to create a shoulder turret has changed from V 1.0. It requires steel, copper and iron gears, a bow and a basic cpu.

2.1.0 Update: The shoulder turret is healable with redstone dust. Interact with it while holding redstone dust to heal 10 hp.. Place it down and break it to get a suprise! Once you get the item from the package, place that item down to get a shoulder turret! Walk up to it like a parrot and it will mount on your shoulders, allowing you to get up to 2 turret mounts that shoot arrows at monsters! These robot upgrades have 50 HP and will drop their item on destruction.

Version 2.0 Features:

This turret is stationary, but fires lightning spheres at a much quicker rate, and also has better range. Break the package after crafting it to get the actual turret, then place it down 2.1.0 Update: The Turret is healable with redstone dust. Interact with it while holding redstone dust to heal 10 hp.

Craft it using a bow, steel, gold and diamond gears, and a basic cpu.

Here is screenshots of all of the gear recipes. Gears are needed to craft machinery.

A mechanic spawns occasionally in your world, and will trade metals and machine parts.

Changelog View more

Bug Fix Update:

  • Fixed the AI and collision of entities in the mod to be more realistic.
  • Added the ability to heal turrets via redstone dust. Interact on either machines with redstone dust in your hand to heal 10 HP.
  • Removed the manifest issue where the game though scripts were used.
  • Added a proper pack icon instead of a placeholder image, and also updated pack information.


  • Tiered gears for wood, stone, iron, copper, gold, diamond, and emerald
  • Changed recipes for turrets to incorporate gears.
  • Added a mechanic to trade machinery parts and metals.
  • Added a stationary turret.
  • Improved the shoulder turret by adding a health bar and a custom projectile


1.Apply the behavior pack and the resource pack.

2. enable experimental gameplay in the world options.

3.make sure the packs are applied to the top of the list otherwise it may not fully function.

4.To update: Apply the newest version only.


Supported Minecraft versions


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15 Responses

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  1. Pokest45 says:

    why would you want to make emeralds into a sword

  2. ash_master says:

    what did you use to make this add-on pls till bc implaning to make my add-on

  3. DannyDevito says:

    Could you make it compatable with xbox? I tried usimg it on my xbox and it wouldnt work.

  4. Pokest45 says:

    Steel swords should do more damage, since steel is stronger than diamond in terms of durability and reliability, and emeralds are just money but in Minecraft (you use them to trade with villagers), so why would you make a sword out of money? So yeah, those are my opinions on this addon.

  5. For the second version I plan to change a few things. I plan to make it so that if the shoulder turret is placed down it can’t despawn, and also add a stationary turret, and just some changes. Note also that this mod uses scripts so not everyone can run it, sorry! If possible I plan to remove the scripts being used. More features are yet to come.

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