Banners Mod

The Banners Mod implements twenty different banners where each of them represent the flag of a country. So far only the countries with the highest populations are included but in the future we hope to see Sweden (Minecraft’s home!), Norway and other smaller countries included in the mod.

All of the banners need to be obtained using a Too Many Items mod as there are no crafting recipes.

Creator: Juan Zavala

screenshot-2015-05-19-11-05_2 screenshot-2015-05-19-11-06_2

Banner IDs

  • Banner (374)
  • Argentina (375)
  • Australia Banner (376)
  • Brazil Banner (377)
  • Canada Banner (378)
  • Chile Banner (379)
  • Colombia Banner (380)
  • France Banner (381)
  • Germany Banner (382)
  • Indonesia Banner (384)
  • Korea Banner (385)
  • Malaysia Banner (386)
  • Mexico Banner (387)
  • Philippines Banner (389)
  • Russian Banner (390)
  • Saudi Arabia Banner (394)
  • Spain Banner (395)
  • Thailand Banner (396)
  • Turkey Banner (397)
  • U.K. Banner (399)
  • U.S. Banner (401)


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20 Responses

5 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. william says:

    where is sweden? add sweden into this!!!

  2. Userboy836 says:

    Oh here comes people from the phillipines asking where their flag is when its clearly their

  3. Raymond says:

    Much Cool

  4. The Record Begin says:

    Can you add Banner for Indonesian Flag? It’s one of biggest Country in the world dude, Why yo forgot about it? .

  5. Duda says:

    Can you use the in-game commands? To get the banners because I’m on iOS.

  6. Bruh_Itz_Bodz says:

    What wat what the!!??

  7. CraftBattleDuty says:

    Creator can you update the mod and please add some more banners like lime banners and other kinds of dyed banners please add that

  8. Lotte says:

    How do we add the mod to Minecraft PE

  9. Ali Oyun Basinda says:

    Hey editor add Azerbaijan Banner

  10. GDXTY says:

    it just a moving banners with cow sound

  11. Nicole says:

    I’m an expert at banners

  12. Becca says:

    Can I get it on my kindle fire HD 7 ??

  13. AxisZ says:

    Can we get it in Creative?

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