BanPlayers 1.0.0

Ever had that one annoying player join your world? The one friend who joins and messes stuff up but you can never stop? Or maybe you just want to be prepared for when a hacker joins. Well, have I got an add-on for you.

All you do is load it up, type /function BPsetup, follow the instructions, then just tag anyone with ban to ban them! (Very simple)

This is a very simple add-on that i created in my spare time.

NOTE: This is only compatible with the 1.16+

> Step 1: Type /function BPsetup

> Step 2: Put /function BP in the command block

> Step 3: Turn on Always Active

Use /tag (Username) add ban on the players you want to ban

Use /tag (Username) remove ban on the banned players to want to unban

Use /tag (Username) add admin on any player you want to be un-bannable

Use /tag (Username) remove admin on any player you want to be bannable

(Note: the host can NEVER be banned, so don’t worry about giving yourself, admin.)

My youtube:

Terms of use:

You can NOT redistribute this addon anywhere else.

You can NOT take credit for this in any way.

You can NOT edit the code without permission.

You CAN use this in servers, worlds, and realms.

Changelog View more

- Added admin tag (Makes user un-bannable)

- Added Terms of use (please follow)


Supported Minecraft versions


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32 Responses

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  1. Guest-2960501985 says:

    The function works but i can’t unban when i right /tag Steve remove ban it says no target with this tag plz help

  2. Guest-1718060285 says:

    It does not work none of the function commands are there. I tried both downloads to. 🙁

  3. Guest-4899550589 says:

    Repeating command block; Always active
    kick @a[tag=ban]
    /tag {username} add ban
    Easy peasy

  4. Guest-7314015788 says:

    Repeating command block; Always active

  5. Guest-2701555072 says:


  6. Guest-3676997269 says:

    Hey its doesn’t work they said me at least your resource pack and behavior packs failed to load you said work on 1.16 thou mine didn’t work my minecraft is 1.16 but that’s not OK they keep saying that

  7. Guest-6784422905 says:

    You could also just leave your world too but the only bad thing is they can spam chat but there is other people who created addon to stop the spam so yeah 🙂

    • Guest-6776552390 says:

      Yea but if you have a bunch of your friends over and a hacker keeps joining the second the world is open, you dont want to have to keep joining and leaving to get rid of them. But yes it also gets rid of the spam

  8. Guest-7579825413 says:

    Can you please support

  9. PoweredGod says:

    Works exactly as advertised thank you!!!!

  10. Jmed De. says:

    Dude i just make a infinite tp then the player get bored and leaves forever 🙂

  11. CalvinGameing_YouTube says:

    U. W. U

  12. This is not needed you can use /kick

  13. Guest-9359822246 says:

    We already have that on the latest beta

  14. Guest-9669223224 says:


  15. Instinct.s says:

    Thank you so much this addon is great

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