Bare Bones Texture Pack

Bare Bones is a texture pack with the purpose of bringing your world and the default Minecraft textures to it’s ‘bare bones’. It is a simplistic and vibrant pack that is fun to use and makes your own Minecraft worlds look colourful!

The cover images are NOT  in-game screenshots, these are 3D renders. 


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All textures for 1.16 have been added.

If you find any bugs or missing textures notify me in the Bare Bones Discord server.


Author: RobotPantaloons

DISCLAIMER: This Minecraft texture pack is not affiliated with Mojang, AB.

Changelog View more
  • Fixed Piglin
  • Fixed Zombified Piglin
  • Fixed Quartz Stairs
  • Fixed Stripped Jungle Log
  • Changed Slimeblock
  • Changed Rails
  • Changed Minecart
  • Changed Blast Furnace
  • Changed Pig
  • Changed Zombie
  • Changed Horse Black Dots Marking
  • Added Piglin Brute
  • Added Lodestone Compass
  • Changed Wither
  • Fixed Glass Pane
  • Fixed String
  • Fixed Quartz
  • Fixed Fox Spawn Egg
  • Fixed Destroy Animation
  • Fixed Pillager Spawn Egg
  • Fixed Ravager Spawn Egg
  • Fixed Bee Spawn Egg
  • Fixed Raw Beef
  • Fixed Raw Mutton
  • Fixed Panorama
  • Fixed Netherite Block
  • Fixed Sign UI
  • Fixed Dark Oak Sign
  • Changed Clouds
  • Changed Flowers
  • Changed Mycelium
  • Changed Slime
  • Changed Moon Phases


  • Added all new 1.16 block textures
  • Changed Mossy Cobblestone
  • Changed Stonebricks
  • Changed Fletching Table
  • Changed Hopper
  • Changed Mycelium
  • Changed Cartography Table
  • Changed Obsidian
  • Changed Nether Wart Block
  • Changed Lantern
  • Changed Flowers
  • Changed Sweet Berry Bush
  • Changed Fire
  • Changed Stripped Acacia Log
  • Changed Acacia Log
  • Changed Netherquartz
  • Changed Netherrack
  • Changed Nether Wart
  • Changed Noteblock
  • Changed Jukebox
  • Changed Doors
  • Changed Trapdoors
  • Changed Cake
  • Changed Soulsand
  • Changed Sea Pickle
  • Changed Portal
  • Changed Bookshelf
  • Changed Bone Block
  • Changed Bricks
  • Changed Brewing Stand
  • Changed Brown Mushroom
  • Changed Red Mushroom
  • Changed Barrel
  • Changed Bamboo
  • Changed Glowstone
  • Changed Grindstone
  • Changed Hay Block
  • Changed Beacon
  • Changed Emerald Block
  • Changed Lectern
  • Changed Lapis Block
  • Changed Loom
  • Changed Tripwire Hook
  • Changed Torch
  • Changed Redstone Torch
  • Changed Lever
  • Changed Magma
  • Changed Furnace
  • Changed End Rod
  • Changed Itemframe
  • Changed End Portal Frame
  • Changed Comparator
  • Changed Cocoa
  • Changed Chorus
  • Changed Repeater
  • Changed Campfire
  • Changed Redstone Block
  • Changed Enchanting Table
  • Changed Coal Block
  • Changed Quartz Block


  • Added all new 1.16 entities
  • Changed Shield
  • Changed Alex
  • Changed Bell
  • Changed Beds
  • Changed Enderman
  • Changed Boats
  • Changed Ghast
  • Changed Signs
  • Changed Wither Skeleton
  • Changed Fox
  • Changed Blaze
  • Changed Magma Cube


  • Added all 1.16 textures
  • Added Clouds
  • Added Book UI
  • Changed Spectral Arrow
  • Changed Enchantment Glint
  • Changed Fire Particle
  • Changed Lava Particle
  • Changed Panorama
  • Changed Arrow
  • Changed Iron Armour
  • Changed Gold Armour
  • Changed Diamond Armour
  • Changed Gold Ingot
  • Changed Iron Ingot
  • Changed Netherbrick
  • Changed Brick
  • Changed Rotten Flesh
  • Changed Music Discs
  • Changed Swords
  • Changed Bell
  • Changed Bow
  • Changed Apple
  • Changed Gold Apple
  • Changed Cookie
  • Fixed Leaves Outlines (If they appear still, turn off Fancy Leaves)
  • The download got an error, I have replaced and fixed it
  • Fixed biome colours
  • Changed hay
  • Changed wheat
  • Changed potatoes
  • Changed carrots
  • Changed beetroots
  • Changed lava
  • Changed diorite
  • Changed andesite
  • Changed granite
  • Changed all workstations
  • Fixed oak boat
  • Fixed rabbits
  • Changed moon
  • Changed torch
  • Changed redstone torch
  • Changed lever

    Screenshots aren't 100% accurate anymore now but I will be changing those soon
  • Changed Hotbar Selection texture
  • Fixed Honeycomb block
  • Fixed Honey block
  • Changed the colormap (still not perfect like Java)
  • Added Bees
  • Added Beehive
  • Added Bee nest
  • Added Honey block
  • Added Honeycomb block
  • Added Honey bottle
  • Added Honeycomb
  • Changed Allium
  • Change Sunflower
  • Changed Oxeye Daisy
  • Changed Dandilion
  • Changed Poppy
  • Changed Coal
  • Changed Charcoal
  • Changed Grass
  • Changed Double Tallgras
  • Changed Witch
  • Changed ladder
  • Changed Stone
  • Changed Ores
  • Changed All Wool colours
  • Changed Menu Panorama
  • Changed Colormaps
  • Changed Enchantment Glint
  • Temporary fix for the bees
  • Changed the colormap
  • Fixed item names
  • Fletcher block texture fixed
  • Added Bees
  • Added Honey Block
  • Added Honeycomb Block
  • Added Honey bottle
  • Added Honeycomb
  • Changed Glass

  • Fox and Arctic Fox have the correct texture format
  • Gold block updated
  • Emerald block updated
  • Diamond block updated
  • Panorama now looks 100x better
  • Diorite updated
  • All Panda textures now have the correct name and show up correctly
  • Tamed Dog texture doesn't make the dog coloured anymore

Updated the Featured image and description, added a link to the discord server and screenshots.


  • Download Bare Bones.mcpack
  • Run the MCPACK file by double-clicking on it
  • This will open up Minecraft Bedrock Edition and install the texture pack
    (You can delete the old version that you have installed)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16



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362 Responses

4.51 / 5 (135 votes)
  1. Mohaidin_minecraft says:

    Sucks! 👎

  2. RyanExx says:

    Looks great in the right situation!

  3. Axia says:

    I want to try it, and it looks promising, but I can’t get past the pink shield.
    I can’t be the only person who always plays with a shield? Please make it at least “Wood” colored!

  4. Kirby420 says:

    Hey can I use this for a render? I will give credit of course. Also I don’t have discord.

  5. AirCactus705024 says:


  6. Overdrive Master says:

    Could You Remove The Black Lines In Leaves I Dont Have Any Way To Remove Them Im Mobile I Turned Off Fancy Leaves Nothing Is Working So Please Fix Or Make A Way To Remove Them And Also The Shader When The Leaves Wave Sometimes It Maoe Gappings In Between The Leaves So I Can See Through The Leaves In The Gaps So Please Fix This

  7. Overdrive Master says:

    By The Way Could You Actually Make This A Little More Shader Compatible As In Shaders When The Leaves Wave Like A Gap Appears In Between 2 Leaves Like If You Use A Shader And When It Has Waving Leaves Like You Can See In Between The Leaves And It Looks Disturbing As Looking At The Gap For Some Reason It Makes The Game Slightly Uncomfortable So If You Could Fix That Thank You By The Way Im Android So I Did What You Said Turn Off Fancy Leaves Altough It Still Has Those Black Lines On The Leaves Im Not Sure If I Actually Have Fancy Leaves Because I Have Astral Client On But Wondering If You Could Fix Those Black Lines In Leaves For Android And Using Shader As When Leaves Wave A Gap Opens Up In Between Thank You By The Way I Use This Pack All The Time Even PvP

    • FiKnight says:

      Maybe use a shader that does not include waving leaves or edit the shaders you are currently using within the code

      • Overdrive Master says:

        I Tried Moving The Codes But It Makes A Lot Of Glitches A Lot And A Lot Of Errors Too And Almost Every Shader Today Is Wavy Leaves And I Used Some Shader Without Wavy Leaves But It Was Glitchy Because Its Outdated So Nothing Is Working

  8. BrainBoy25 says:

    wait, is this the texture pack mojang uses in the official trailers? cause that would be amazing.

  9. Overdrive Master says:

    Oh And By The Way Could You Update This Pack For 1.17 And Also Sometimes When Rendering World With This Texture Pack Sometimes It’s A Little Buggy Like In The Distance Its Has Like Black Lines And Its Kinda Disturbing And Annoying Same With Leaves As The Leaves Has Like A Black Line In The Middle And It Doesn’t Exactly Look Nice It Looks Annoying In A Way So I Was Wondering If You Could Fix That Annoying Black Line And Also With Shaders Could You Fix As The Leaves Like Its Annoying When They Move A Black Line Is There And Like You Can See In Between The Leaves With Shaders So Its Like A Brick Wall And Leaves Infront Of It You Can See The Brick Wall Trough The Leaves So Wondering If You Could Fix That Remember The Black Lines And With Shaders Mostly The Leaves Needs To Be Fixed As It Looks Terrible As Theres A Black Line And With Shaders You Can See Trough The Leaves If There Are 2 Leaves Attached To Each Other You Can See Trough It In The Middle So Wondering If You Can Fix That Thank You

  10. Overdrive Master says:

    Hey Love This Texture Pack But Could You Kinda Fix A Problem Well Its Not Really A Problem Well I Wonder Could You Make The Leaves Fixed As If You See The Leaves In Between Theres Like A Black Line Just In Between The Leaves So Im Wondering Could You Remove It Or Fix This Because I Love This Texture Pack Thank You So Much For Making It And Just To Make You Remember The Leaves Has A Black Line In The Middle And It Is Kinda Disturbing For Me So Could You Fix It Thank You And Mostly A Thank You For Making This Texture Pack

  11. Steeeeve says:

    Wait oops, I meant “Bare Bones Texture Pack”

  12. Steeeeve says:

    Hey @RobotPantaloons guess what I did with the pack? I fixed up your colour mapping for the Bare Bones Texture Pack and It worked perfectly! I also tested it out with shaders and it also works perfectly too! So I used some of the VBC Addon files to make new colour mapping into one whole pack, and the VBC Addon was also a Java Only Pack so I ported it into a Bedrock pack! And I renamed your pack to a much better name called “Bare Bones Texture Pack 1.16.3” in the manifest files! I hope you have a lovely day @RobotPantaloons and enjoy making content! 🙂

  13. SetsunoIichi says:

    So uhmm, because of quarantine I always upload video in social media playing mobile games or pc games, in a certain facebook page which is mostly used by me and my friends, all of my followers are my close friends, some of them are my sister and parent, basically my page is not known but I want to ask if is it possible to promote this texture pack in that page? I mean it’s an amazing texture pack and my friends plays minecraft, so if they see my video using the texture pack they might ask, I could just give them the link of this site because that way they would be able to view it here.

  14. Pau Kaya says:

    hello why did the zombified piglin looks like old zombie pigman can u fix it?

  15. ScarryMrIrish says:

    This texture pack is my favorite of all that are out there. When I turned it on there wasn’t a single time that I would turn it off because it makes minectaft look way more smooth and colorful, specially in taiga biome. Because of that and many other reasons I’m rating five

  16. The author, I come from China, your work is very good, I want to reprint it into the “play more my world box”, hope to get your authorization, thank you

  17. KOCreeper243 says:

    Hai creator… when you said if 1.16.20 released and bare bones is updated, WHERES THE UPDATE?? I dont want to be mean but its bean 4 days.. i still rate 5 and support you.. pls

  18. Microbot says:

    The piglin is bug 😐

  19. Matthew_Maifrini says:

    Thank you for making it 1.16 😀

  20. Ghostmantisboy says:

    Hello this texture pack is amazing

  21. zeyverOps says:

    Is this supportive to java aspect from agentmindstorm? bytheway very2 thanks for the update ❤️?️

  22. FTBGaming says:

    Soul fire flame particles aren’t added.

  23. Guest-2670609945 says:

    please fix the bug that turns blocks black, while breaking it, and the smooth quartz texture. other than that, it’s great! and is there a way to make this pack auto-update?

  24. Khale1d23 says:

    Smooth quartz has border, but in vanilla there’s not border in smooth quartz block, please fix that

  25. Guest-2159414962 says:

    Bruh same

    Plss fix this bug in survival

  26. Guest-4721217226 says:

    There is a problem in Bare bones texture,,
    When I put it on ground, it doesn’t visible in Bare bones texture
    Hope you fix it

  27. Guest-3173532773 says:

    Someone copied your texture pack without credits. Go to then search “bare bones” someone named “Flippo” uses short links to earn money for himself. You can claim or report the texture.

  28. Guest-1204966479 says:

    When Mid-breaking any block it will turn black pls fix it??

  29. Guest-6385738041 says:

    Very good texture pack, although the piglin texture & block breaking animation are messed up.

  30. Guest-3988238963 says:

    Can you make a .zip file of it? It might be easier for some people. I don’t need it, but it’s up to you.

  31. zeyverOps says:

    I think this is a bug? When I’m trying to break a block in survival mode it turns into black.. why?

  32. BlazeSyauqi says:

    Any shader recommendation for bedrock players?

  33. Guest-6557338197 says:

    Piglin texture is messed up

  34. Guest-2949447080 says:

    Hello I am the Bone man

  35. Guest-1332163741 says:

    Yippee!!!! Now I can play minecraftt like the trailers just by adding shaders to this SPECTACULAR texture pack, thanks!!

    As like many are saying, plz update nether 😉

  36. MinecraftBro says:

    sooooooo good

  37. Awesome nether update texture! I love it 😀 suits well with ESTN shaders

  38. ReyHazl says:

    Idk why if i use this texture my eyes is hurting.But anyway nice texture pack ?

  39. Guest-1263540056 says:

    Thanks RobotPlantoons for this texture pack and I’m using Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.1


  40. CubeMaster says:

    WoW, How did you got this amazing render in thumbnail, Looks like mojangs

  41. CubeMaster says:

    WoW How do you got that cool render of texture pack (thumbnail)

  42. Khale1d23 says:

    Netherite Block is not present

  43. Guest-9640635255 says:

    Why do it shows a black when you mine something

  44. FTBGaming says:

    But you messed it up. You did’nt add the piglin brute textures and the piglin and zombified piglin models are broken! The piglin and zombified piglin textures should be 64×64 instead of 128×128.

    Anyway I’m playing on

    • Guest-4170484383 says:

      Piglin Brute is still not on a feature on the full game and the reason why the textures are broken cuz your on a beta version recommend you to use the full version

      • FTBGaming says:

        The piglin and zombified piglin textures on that version begins to match Java Edition. I guess that game version should then be fully released soon.

        • FTBGaming says:

          I mean… The piglin and zombified piglin resolution textures on that version ( begin to match Java Edition. The resoultion textures on those entities is now 64×64 and I just don’t know that the creator should create or update this pack on both beta and non-beta versions of the game.

    • Mr Caterson says:

      Hello I’ve been in the discord server I just want you to know minecraft takes from the betas for more betas so the textures are still the same but since your in beta and this pack is for regular minecraft I suggest going to their discord and download the beta pack and if you want the piglin brute you make it yourself atm since there isn’t one yet

    • Guest-7754012182 says:

      U need to get out of beta stupido its not supported!

  45. Productive_Villager says:


  46. Guest-5694225824 says:

    litterally plastic texture pack lol

  47. AZGamerYT4387 says:

    kkkkkeeeewwwlllllll i wish i could give dis MOAR dan 5 stars

  48. Guest-5308013978 says:

    it made my game super laggy and 30 fps I think it has a virus in the file!

  49. D507mc says:

    I was the first to download the nether version

  50. Kharl B. Amaya says:

    This looks great. It makes the default textures to be like retro textures. Can you also add the Nether Update textures to this pack? Are you still working on them? Oh and don’t forget to add piglin brute textures to this pack, too.

  51. fukimuki says:

    its amazing !

  52. Guest-2597486859 says:

    Make a bare bones shaders that looks like in the trailer!

  53. MRcoleEXTREME says:

    Hey Creator! Can you make A bare bones Shader? It would be cool to see!

  54. Guest-3554321590 says:

    pls update fo the 1.16 update plsss

  55. Guest-3996444452 says:

    Hi can you update now because the minecraft bedrock edition is its nether update

  56. Guest-2973309264 says:

    Can’t open file problem

  57. MRcoleEXTREME says:

    Update for 1.16

  58. Guest-1029439402 says:

    It’s a pretty nice texture but I lag when I get close to leaves =(

  59. Guest-5785066687 says:

    I don’t know if it was these textures, or the PvP version, but all it did was revert the textures back to the default ones.

  60. DeadVoxelx says:

    Is this pack by a single developer or are multiple people working on this?

  61. Guest-6013349907 says:

    People the reason why the creator of bare bones hasn’t updated the texture pack up to the nether update is because he is waiting until the update releases and when it releases he will update it

  62. Evengardee says:

    It seems to me that ???? ????? is one of the best resource packs in Minecraft (Java and Bedrock), do you agree? After adding this resource pack to my Minecraft, the game became faster, calmer, the number of lags decreased, eyes began to relax more and do not strain.

  63. Guest-9183292081 says:

    You can add Nether Update texture to Bare Bones

  64. Guest-6984598959 says:

    do u reccomend any shaders on this site that might for this texture pack?

  65. David1Baker2006 says:

    U can not download it bc there is nothing in the pack please fix that and add it in the folder

  66. Guest-3106259320 says:

    Cant download it

  67. Guest-6209421125 says:

    when i downloaded it and tried to load it into Bedrock it says its missing azip archive or something

  68. Guest-9203202001 says:

    can you make a media fire link

  69. Guest-3471999147 says:

    This texture pack is great but most of the blocks have no sound

  70. Guest-1691842174 says:

    Hi, I’m Polar115. Please update to 1.16 beta

  71. Guest-7655537736 says:

    Hi! please add the textures for the 1.16 beta. Bye & thank you for reading.

  72. Guest-6430606516 says:

    Does this work with any shaders

  73. Guest-4371496515 says:

    There is a bug in which the ravager and pillager spawn eggs are not re textured

  74. Guest-5104621457 says:

    Hey! This is a really good pack. I only have one suggestion to you, please can you modify de texture of the sun and moon, you can do it like the bsl shaders of java. In a rhombus shape.

  75. Guest-6508058109 says:

    Yes promo arts my favorite texture packs are barebones multipixel indev texture pack & the Halloween texture pack all those texture packs I mentioned look great! Actuely everyone uses shader so I’ll try one out today….. wait does anyone have a link to a none buggy shader? That really good?

  76. Guest-5853761341 says:

    How does one download it in an IOS device?

  77. Guest-8799918477 says:

    Hey, nice texture pack… i really like this, i also used this texture pack on my youtube videos… Goodluck for more updates 😉

  78. jixingus says:

    So beautiful!I like this texture pack.

  79. Guest-9581738836 says:

    Dude why are there weird outlines for leaves I can’t remove it

  80. VIP Patric says:

    I had other bare bones texture pack, but this ones just. just. wow

  81. Pixell says:

    This is without a doubt the best resource pack I have ever seen! Great job!!

  82. TaxingHawk says:

    I really like this resource pack, it really looks like the promo arts

  83. Anonymous says:

    The water bubbles texture is missing.

  84. Demi da doodle says:

    could you do twisty next

  85. Sarnavo Saha S says:

    Can add few things from pixel block texture pack. Especially there leaves.
    Very Nice texture pack loved it.

  86. Imperium says:

    Can someone recommend a good Shader Texture Pack that can go with this one?
    The texture pack is awesome btw, good job.

  87. Tadahitori says:

    Which shader is good for this texture pack?

  88. My name is no name says:

    Thanks for fixing all the bugs.

  89. lloyd kpo says:

    Why does the file download as a zip file instead of downloading as a MCPACK file (btw nice texture pack)

  90. McEmerald says:

    Hello you have made such a great texture pack, do you have any others except from this one

  91. Akram says:

    Where is the shaders on the trailer?

  92. ? says:

    I can’t download the texture :’c

  93. Nocky says:

    Nice texture dude I’m exited to see the hoglings and piglings next update

    • Thanks, me too! Hopefully I will have that ready not long after the release of the next update

      • Guest-1321169853 says:

        Hi RobotPantaloons! I would llike to suggest you to texture the nether updatre plsss i would love this more if you update this pack to 1.16. Because when i go to the nether its kinda weird because some of the things in the nether are not textured. Thank you for posting this texture pack! I love it.

  94. BigClarky says:

    Still better than Jappa’s textures, good job

  95. Punchie629 says:

    Try to add shader to look more like the bare bones art style.

  96. Kcruncy says:

    Hey sir Uh.. There’s a problem is your far away from the leaves I can see the online oh the block Can you fix this pls or this is a bug of mcbe If this is ur texture pack Bug fix this issue pls

  97. Random dude in the comments says:

    love the pack but the leaves are really blank plz add somthing to the leaves

  98. John says:

    Best texture pack out there, with fast updates and minimal issues it’s great.

  99. BearCraze says:

    Is there any way to download this pack on Xbox or PS4 bedrock versions?

  100. AeroFaZt says:

    My favorite Texture Pack. ?

  101. not my me says:

    sir MCBE is 1.14.0 here

  102. panda says:

    hello, i’d like to report a bug about this texture pack. random freezes and lag occurs while using this pack. i’m not sure if it’s about rendering or it’s a bug in the texture pack. please fix this!

  103. poop says:

    how do u download the download on ios changed

  104. My name is no name says:

    There is a bug in the beehive and honey block they are not re-textured

  105. Please make better texture of grass

  106. Necronz says:

    Cool but can you change the looks of water?

  107. Jetman7102 says:

    Awesome but can you add a shaded so it looks like it does in the trailer plz

  108. Daigo says:

    Please add Shaders and fix the bee.

  109. Daigo says:

    Please add Shaders for the next update??.

  110. idk says:

    don’t work for me it gives me beta i got 1.12

  111. ItzEthanPlayz says:

    This is like the minecraft village and pillage trailer awesome texture i love it but you have to fix the lag and crash and do like minecraft trailer texture pack more?!!!!Dont forget update it.

  112. HazmiRasid says:

    can you make a shader that looks exactly like the 3d render pleaseeee? i’ve been waiting for shaders like that for 2000 years and still can’t find it… so can you please do it. or make a bedrock shader that looks like java shader. i’d really really really really really really appreciate that.

    • Human says:

      that’s actually not possible, you see bedrock edition doesn’t have ray tracing which allows things like reflections and shadows that show the outline of an entity. But, Ray tracing will soon be released for bedrock edition on xbox and Windows 10.

  113. Josue says:

    Awesome!! Thanks

  114. Anonymous says:

    The best texture pack I have ever seen, thanks for this creation.

  115. KeyArctic says:

    I love me a good shader with a good one click download!

  116. White Tubby says:

    hey evrybody if you want a shader for this well its here

  117. Notch says:

    Omg This Is Epic

  118. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get this to download, I don’t know if it’s my device or if it’s the pack

  119. Raivis intro says:

    Laba spēle

  120. Bobbyboi says:

    Yes please make the shader onto it aswel plzzzzzz

  121. The Ancient Evil Master says:

    Help the Addon turned into a zip file

  122. elgin loyd jr says:

    Bro I was making this Texture pack with anmition shaders and everything ?

  123. Mr Caterson says:

    Hey can u pls fix the smiting table and barrels don’t have their texture they have this checkered look

  124. Dude oh yeah says:

    Here’s a list of things that are the same foxes,snow foxes,Tamed Wolf,Brown mushroom,All panda variants Expect the normal ones,Fletching table,Smithing Table.

  125. Crack boi says:

    Here’s a list for the things that are the same Fox,Snow Fox,Tamed Wolf,Brown Mooshrooms,Pandas all variants expect the og ones,fletching table,smithing Table

  126. Crack boi says:

    Here is all the things that are still the same foxes, snow foxes,Tamed Wolf,Baby panda,sick Panda,Angry Panda,playful and scared,brown mushrooms, fletching table and smithing table that’s all

  127. Anonymous says:

    Here is all the things that are still the same foxes, snow foxes,Tamed Wolf,Baby panda,sick Panda,Angry Panda,playful and scared,brown mushrooms, fletching table and smithing table that’s all

  128. HazmiRasid says:

    For some reason the lazy and sneezy panda have the original texture and wolves will turn to whatever color we dye on their collar also please fix the fox texture in the mcpe beta. If you are a mod maker please make a shader that only shade the world and not change the sky and cloud please make it I really want it to look like the minecraft poster that was my only dream pleaseeeeee

  129. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to make some of the leaf textures a little darker than their corresponding clay color? Or even change the clay (now terra-cotta) to look less like leaves? Thanks for texture pack, it’s amazing!

  130. ????? says:

    I tamed a wolf and it turn red

  131. EJ20Playz says:

    Can you update the texture of woods and some old Minecraft texture to the new Texture. It would be awesome:)

  132. EJ20Playz says:

    Yay its now available in bedrock because i was interested at this pack when its only available in pc and now its available on BE!!!

  133. Person says:

    Dude it won’t let me download it 🙁

  134. Curse8787 says:

    the Normal glass is not clean compared to the stained glasses pls make it cleaner

  135. Hahauy says:

    Waaaaww i love this texture,, it’s very simple and looks good

  136. HaydenLavarias says:

    Hey can u fix the wolf when i tame

  137. Whyyyyyyyyyyy says:

    I love it its so cool thx the pack

  138. Elpeter parkingson jksjks says:

    The fox look’s something strange.

  139. Cromtch says:

    You just made my year! I’ve been waiting for this for so long ?. I tried it out and a few things I’ve noticed was that the kelp leaves turn into a solid white block with the textures on it when you get far enough from it. Also I read someone else talk about the dyed dog texture bug and it’s honestly pretty funny, I love it. One more thing I noticed was how there seems to be some seam issue with the leaves, when you get close enough they look like solid connected leaves but when you get further away they sort of become their own blocks with a black outline. Again, thanks so much for bringing this to bedrock!!

  140. oksurewhynot says:

    how do i turn on waving grass for this mod because I heard it has waving grass

  141. RedstoneInsanity says:

    This looks really good, it reminds me of Minecraft toys

  142. Anonymous says:

    Could u make a mediafile or adfly link so console players can download please 🙂

  143. gamer55youtuber says:

    amazing congratulations :v

  144. Khalilcraft4032 says:

    Very cool ??

  145. E says:

    Really good! Reminds me of the official mojang 3D art.

  146. taaseen aziz says:

    OMG! ive been waiting for this pack to come and now its here XD

  147. Itzcookie_playz says:


  148. Adervish says:

    Hey creator. Why the tame wolf color becomes full red? Can u fix this? I have the screenshot, here is the link to the image:

    P.s i used ur texture with ESBE 2G shaders n thats looks great

  149. Tynn says:

    Im using the texture pack, and my dogs are all red. Everything else looks awesome.

  150. Black says:

    I waited for this texture pack for soooo long.
    I loved the textures that mojang used for their trailer, and i always wanted this texture pack. I’m so happy ?

  151. Alesscreeper says:

    just yesterday I had downloaded it for java edition, it’s very nice if you combine it with this shader ( uwu

  152. Holly Pickering says:

    Awsome I love this!! I really recommend getting the texture Pack!

  153. Alex says:

    You prefer to develop on the java version or on the bedrock version signon the texture pack and of very good quality

  154. Scott McCall's says:

    It was really great. But I found the light was not very good. Hope to continue to grow.

  155. Notchsbrotherherobrine says:

    I have been waiting for this for so long

  156. Anonymous says:

    Great job!!!? i like it?

  157. zxhfh says:

    good pack
    beautiful and simple

  158. RishHolt says:


  159. iiBlqckBunny says:

    Great texture pack!

  160. Beef says:

    Looks like the posters for Minecraft updates. Great!

  161. cardinalcaesar4 says:

    we need more textures like this

  162. Ed Le says:

    this pack actually very nice when you play for a few hours strainght without killing your eyes.

  163. The Real Markinator says:

    I’ve always thought they used a modified version of plastic in their animated trailers and promo pictures. I’ve used plastic as a kid since it looks much cleaner to me but I’ve always wanted the one they used in trailers since it looks even cleaner. Thank you for this!

  164. Anonymous says:

    Looks a lot like the plastic texture pack.

  165. Tafnim Akhter says:

    Not gonna lie i like the pack but the only thing that am not really sure about is the leaves n carpets.

  166. Anonymous says:

    Does the texture pack come with the shaders as the same in the trailer recorded for Java except in Bedrock?

  167. HanprogYt says:

    Can i use this pack for youtube animation???

  168. KYFI says:

    Can I help you in developing textures

  169. Yeezy says:

    Been waiting for this texture pack to come to Bedrock forever. It’s so worth downloading.

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