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Bare Bones is a texture pack with the purpose of bringing your world and the default Minecraft textures to it’s ‘bare bones’. It is a simplistic and vibrant pack that is fun to use and makes your own Minecraft worlds look colourful!

The cover images are NOT  in-game screenshots, these are 3D renders. 


(Shot on Java Edition)

Join the Official Bare Bones Discord server

All textures from the Village & Pillage update have been added.

If you find any bugs or missing textures notify me in the Official Bare Bones Discord server.


Author: RobotPantaloons

DISCLAIMER: This Minecraft texture pack is not approved by or associated with Mojang.

Changelog View more

Updated the Featured image and description, added a link to the discord server and screenshots.


  • Download Bare Bones.mcpack
  • Run the MCPACK file by double-clicking on it
  • This will open up Minecraft Bedrock Edition and install the texture pack
    (You have to delete the old version that you have installed)


Supported Minecraft versions




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53 Responses

4.87 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. Whyyyyyyyyyyy says:

    I love it its so cool thx the pack

  2. Elpeter parkingson jksjks says:

    The fox look’s something strange.

  3. Cromtch says:

    You just made my year! I’ve been waiting for this for so long πŸ˜‚. I tried it out and a few things I’ve noticed was that the kelp leaves turn into a solid white block with the textures on it when you get far enough from it. Also I read someone else talk about the dyed dog texture bug and it’s honestly pretty funny, I love it. One more thing I noticed was how there seems to be some seam issue with the leaves, when you get close enough they look like solid connected leaves but when you get further away they sort of become their own blocks with a black outline. Again, thanks so much for bringing this to bedrock!!

  4. oksurewhynot says:

    how do i turn on waving grass for this mod because I heard it has waving grass

  5. RedstoneInsanity says:

    This looks really good, it reminds me of Minecraft toys

  6. Anonymous says:

    Could u make a mediafile or adfly link so console players can download please πŸ™‚

  7. gamer55youtuber says:

    amazing congratulations :v

  8. Khalilcraft4032 says:

    Very cool πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  9. E says:

    Really good! Reminds me of the official mojang 3D art.

  10. taaseen aziz says:

    OMG! ive been waiting for this pack to come and now its here XD

  11. Itzcookie_playz says:


  12. igorkrysov says:


  13. Adervish says:

    Hey creator. Why the tame wolf color becomes full red? Can u fix this? I have the screenshot, here is the link to the image:

    P.s i used ur texture with ESBE 2G shaders n thats looks great

  14. Tynn says:

    Im using the texture pack, and my dogs are all red. Everything else looks awesome.

  15. Black says:

    I waited for this texture pack for soooo long.
    I loved the textures that mojang used for their trailer, and i always wanted this texture pack. I’m so happy πŸ˜ƒ

  16. Alesscreeper says:

    just yesterday I had downloaded it for java edition, it’s very nice if you combine it with this shader ( uwu

  17. Holly Pickering says:

    Awsome I love this!! I really recommend getting the texture Pack!

  18. Alex says:

    You prefer to develop on the java version or on the bedrock version signon the texture pack and of very good quality

  19. Scott McCall's says:

    It was really great. But I found the light was not very good. Hope to continue to grow.

  20. Notchsbrotherherobrine says:

    I have been waiting for this for so long

  21. KYFI says:

    maybe in testing?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Great job!!!πŸ˜‰ i like it😍

  23. zxhfh says:

    good pack
    beautiful and simple

  24. RishHolt says:


  25. iiBlqckBunny says:


  26. iiBlqckBunny says:

    Great texture pack!

  27. Beef says:

    Looks like the posters for Minecraft updates. Great!

  28. cardinalcaesar4 says:

    we need more textures like this

  29. Ed Le says:

    this pack actually very nice when you play for a few hours strainght without killing your eyes.

  30. The Real Markinator says:

    I’ve always thought they used a modified version of plastic in their animated trailers and promo pictures. I’ve used plastic as a kid since it looks much cleaner to me but I’ve always wanted the one they used in trailers since it looks even cleaner. Thank you for this!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Looks a lot like the plastic texture pack.

  32. Tafnim Akhter says:

    Not gonna lie i like the pack but the only thing that am not really sure about is the leaves n carpets.

  33. Some Person says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    Does the texture pack come with the shaders as the same in the trailer recorded for Java except in Bedrock?

  35. HanprogYt says:

    Can i use this pack for youtube animation???

  36. KYFI says:

    Can I help you in developing textures

  37. Yeezy says:

    Been waiting for this texture pack to come to Bedrock forever. It’s so worth downloading.

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