Basalt Blocks Addon

2 Basalt blocks, not enough? Not worth the time to gather? This addon adds basalt blocks to further decorate your world, house, or nether castle! Minecraft beta only. and more to come!

Basalt Blocks

by Legopitstop

2 Basalt blocks, not enough? Not worth the time to gather? This addon adds basalt blocks to further decorate your world, house, or nether castle! Below you can find all the added blocks. Recipes are the same as all other recipes like Blackstone, cobblestone, etc. Minecraft Basalt blocks drop basalt Cobblestone and can be smelted back into Minecraft basalt.

You must be on Minecraft (beta)

Note: Beta features may or may not be added to the official release or they may be changed, or removed features.

Join the beta at your own risk. Make sure to backup worlds before updating to Minecraft beta.

Some features may not be fully implemented, for example, Stairs cannot be placed upsidedown, buttons don’t work properly, pressure plates don’t work, etc. If you find any bugs besides those checks with me (Legopitstop) to see if it is an addon bug or a bug with the Beta.

Other Links

+ Basalt Blocks WIKI

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All added Blocks, trapdoor, door, walls are not added.

1. Basalt Slab

2. Basalt Stairs

3. Basalt Wall

4. Basalt Button

5. Basalt Pressure Plate

6.Polished Basalt Bricks

7. Polished Basalt Brick Slab

8. Polished Basalt Brick Stairs

9. Polished Basalt Brick Wall

10. Polished Basalt Brick Button

11. Polished Basalt Brick Pressure Plate

12. Polished Basalt Brick Door

13. Polished Basalt Brick Trapdoor

14. Cracked Polished Basalt Bricks

15. Polished Basalt Slab

16. Polished Basalt Stairs

17. Polished Basalt Wall

18. Chiseled Polished Basalt

19. Polished Basalt Button

20. Polished Basalt Pressure Plate

21. Basalt Cobblestone

22. Basalt Cobblestone Slab

23. Basalt Cobblestone Stairs

24. Basalt Cobblestone Wall

25. Basalt Cobblestone Button

26. Basalt Cobblestone Pressure Plate

27. Smooth Basalt

28. Smooth Basalt Stairs

29. Smooth Basalt Slabs

30. Smooth Basalt Buttons

31. Smooth Basalt Pressure Plate

32. Smooth Polished Basalt

33. Smooth Polished Basalt Stairs

34. Smooth Polished Basalt Slabs

35. Smooth Polished Basalt Buttons

36. Smooth Polished Basalt Pressure Plate


1. Click one of the links to download

2. Once you have downloaded click the .addon file.

3. It should automatically open Minecraft and install

4. Make sure to have an experimental game on.

You must be on Minecraft (beta)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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19 Responses

4.44 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. DBZfan13 says:

    This addon is now functional without beta since it was updated from v1.16.40 to v1.16.100.

    I never make a model block before, may I use your geometry design like slabs and stairs?

  2. ALOOSH says:

    Great addon god woork

    Can u add doors and trap doors pls 🙂

  3. Herogamer340 says:

    I need to ask a question how to solve the error while importing an add-on the error is it saya “failed to import see output logs for more detail” please reply

  4. TGT_zLord says:

    Great addon, could you make Blackstone pillars/rotatable?

  5. Dooms day says:

    Make this add on to last version of mine craft not beta

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