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Published on October 27, 2014 (Updated on October 27, 2014)

Base 084 [Minigame]

This is an mob arena type of gameplay where you have to fight waves of mobs coming once in a while. The map is made for approximately 10 players but can also be played by a few less or more.

All in all it's a fun and unique way of gaming and is the perfect kinds of maps to play with friends as the challenges put your teamworking skills to test!


You name is Under Work are with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and you have been sent by your boss to Base 084 to investigate it. But once you got in all wireless connection with your headquarters were lost. What at first seemed as a very easy mission wasn't as simple it seems now..


  1. Hard mode on
  2. No mods
  3. Never break any blocks
  4. Should be played by multiple players

Creator: Newbieslll

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