BasePvP Texture Pack v1.2 Pro and Flames Update [FPS Friendly]

BasePvP is a default edit texture pack that aims to give the nostalgic feel of Minecraft while PvPing. This primarily uses the essential programmer art that can replicate a 1.8.9 Java Experience. This pack is FPS Friendly, meaning that it will have stable fps and do not increase but also not decrease fps. 

BasePvP has 4 different packs. BasePvP itself, core, ces and pro edition. All of the details will be clarified below.

BasePvP (2.5MB)

These are the assets that are included in the pack. Take a look and see! (Clear Pumpkin Blur, Clear Campfire Smoke and Signaled Bow and Crossbows are also in this pack)


PvP Items



Netherite Exclusive

Projectile Room



Color Room


Sword Styles



BasePvP Core (2.1MB)

The Core Edition removes the themed subpacks which is Vaporwave and Flames.

BasePvP CES (2.4MB)

CES or Classic Eating Sound removes the PvP eating sound effect.

BasePvP Pro Edition (12.8MB)

The Pro Edition is big and it prioritized the PvP feel rather than FPS saving. It can still be playable with stable FPS. Tested it out on a phone and got 50fps+.


Netherite Exclusive

Darker Ores

Outlined Chest


Damage Particles




Check out my Youtube Channel! I don’t earn any money with this texture pack by avoiding malicious ad sites so subscribing will be a huge thank you! And also if I reach 500 subscribers, I will be revealing my voice! Stay tuned!

I also have a Discord Server where you can see early BasePvP updates!

You are NOT allowed to use this pack as a template. You are also not allowed to repost this to any site.

Changelog View more

• Added Flames

  - Themed Diamond Generation

  - Panorama

 • Added Pro Edition

  - Darker Ores

  - Outlined Armor

  - Outlined Chest

  - Custom Sky

  - Damage Particles

 • Vaporwave Pro

  - Outlined Vaporwave Pro Ores

  - Outlined Vaporwave Pro Armor

  - Pinkish Enchanted Glint

  - Custom Sky

 • Flames Pro

  - Outlined Flames Pro Ores

  - Outlined Flames Pro Armor

  - Orange Enchanted Glint

  - Custom Sky

 • Changed Diamond Ore Outline

 • Youtube video has changed

  - Switched channels from my alt to main

 • Changed Featured Image (Minor)

  - New Vaporwave Style

• Added Vaporwave Edition.

  - New Sword

  - New Diamond Color

  - New Panorama

  - New Title

 • Added Swords

  - Trimmed

  - Trimmed 2

 • New Swords+ Variation

  - Short+

  - Super Short+

  - Trimmed+

  - Trimmed 2+

 • Refined Netherite Boots.

 • Corrected the Pack version information

 • Updated Low Fire


You might have to restart your minecraft if you want to change the subpack.

You might have to delete the previous version of BasePvP in order to use the newer pack.


Supported Minecraft versions


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42 Responses

4.82 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Jojothatkilla65 says:

    How do I change the sword styles it looks the same?

  2. Primazal gaming says:

    This is so cool I love the flames one btw can you make a futuristic PvP pack?that would be awesome 😀

  3. Risa1001 says:

    Bro, This is awsome… I was using this 3 months and it’s great! Keep Working!!

  4. 1_43Kyle says:

    Is there low fire?

  5. BadDoggyCed says:

    Probably the best pvp pack I used on this site, thank you creator

  6. Yab says:

    please make the vaporwave variant of this to java version

  7. Its_Skyy_ says:

    I like this pack tbh the thing that I like is the swords is better… Can you add auto complete/advanced chat ui?

  8. cloudydreams says:

    I really like the pack but I don’t really like the sounds like the eating sounds, can you change that? Overall, it made me feel like I was playing in 1.8.9. :]

  9. MCPEDL_Blade says:

    I like it but i think the swords a a tad bit to long if you can fix that i would love that Ty!

  10. Kamu says:

    Can you add bow indicator?

  11. SiphonicTrack71 says:

    Hey I can’t figure out how to get styled swords, how do I do it? But other than that that’s the best texture pack I’ve ever seen for bedrock edition

  12. Dadar says:

    I luv this texture pack i always use it now
    Can i make a suggestion?
    Can you make a 32x version of this
    If you dont want to its ok

  13. bhavithn says:

    nice texure pack but can you add glow to the tools like only one color inside ?

  14. turkeymanyeet says:

    nice i very like the super short sword one

  15. KOCreeper243 says:

    Cool! Like it!! Can you give me a link to the creator of the texture review map your using??

  16. JustZord says:

    Very good pack but can you add styled short sword variants?

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