Basic Machinery

This addon adds 8 new machines with 3 tiers each to your world which can be used to help automate the production of certain items. 5 of the machines require power and 3 of them produce power.

Machine Types

  • Solar Panel – Slowly generates power for free
  • Combustion Generator – Generates power by using coal on it
  • Drill – Breaks blocks below when powered
  • Void Miner – Generates ores when powered
  • Auto Farmer – Generates food when powered
  • Crusher – Crushes cobblestone above it into ores when powered
  • Nuclear Generator – Quickly generates power for free

Each machine comes in 3 different tiers, so there are 24 machines in total.

New Ores

  • Copper Ore – Spawns similarly to iron
  • Uranium Ore – Spawns similarly to diamond

The new ores can also be obtained from the void miner or crusher. Many of the new machines require these ores to be made. The ores can be crafted into block form or nugget form.


When you craft the machines they come in a barrel, simply break the barrel to set up the machine. They will all appear in your ingame crafting menu. Each machine has a unique crafting recipe which includes 1 controller of the corresponding tier, the controller recipes can also be found in the recipe book or below.

Transferring Power

When glass is placed next to a power generator, the power will be put onto the glass. The glass will then transfer the power like a cable

Conveyor Belts

Glazed magenta terracotta will transfer items in the direction it is facing

Changelog View more

+ Nuclear Generator

+ Turrets

+ Reworked Recipes

+ Copper & Uranium Ore

+ Added Advanced & Quantum Tiers


Enable Experimental Mode


Supported Minecraft versions


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81 Responses

4.32 / 5 (37 votes)
  1. Guest-9556975186 says:

    Im having problems with this where the items are not in my creative inventory. What should i do? Pls help!!! I really like this … i turned on experimental…help

  2. Guest-5325544708 says:

    Plss make it 1.16 plssssss thanks

  3. Guest-1984379211 says:

    Best mod ever!
    Why do they explode when you open them up? They knock the ones next to them out of place and destroy blocks around them when they do. But still the best mod ever!

  4. Guest-3803875172 says:

    Recommend add in more machines like Auto mob killers or auto treecap cause i have like 2 stacks of diamond block and no bones or strings , anyway its the best addon i have seen and this is something i want

  5. Guest-8828041284 says:

    Invalid zip archive how do I fix this

  6. Guest-7059392496 says:

    The Link wont work.

  7. Guest-2324831884 says:

    How do you get uranium chunks? I have got lots of nuggets but can’t craft chunks/blocks

  8. Guest-7739168959 says:

    The download link wont work for me anyone else?

  9. Catomax26 says:

    Also, do you put it up-to date to the latest version of the Beta?

  10. Guest-8925453420 says:

    can the wire take from multiple energy sources?

  11. Guest-2033241604 says:

    The file appears to be missing when I try to download it. Adfly just says it doesn’t exist.

  12. Guest-6956565940 says:

    The recipe book doesn’t show anything of this add-on

  13. Guest-5227445436 says:

    This addon seriously lags out with other addons, please fix that, I’d love to be able to use this in my survival but it causes an awful large amount of lag in the world

  14. Guest-7782907716 says:

    nice add-on!

  15. Guest-9931059730 says:

    Hey bro emotinless Really like all of i ur addons they are amazing!

  16. Guest-4206061257 says:

    Emotionless you are creating one of the Best bedrock addons and I hope you keep on working on this.

  17. Korigang says:

    Hi Emotionless this is one of my favorite addons of yours and i have had a lot of fun doing survival with it. Overtime ive been able to collect my notes on it and what i feel should be changed. Everything is great and i dont think much more needs to be added but just needs to be tweaked.
    (I will update this after play time with the new Nuclear updates and such)

    1. 1. The conveyer belt is such a great idea and could be very useful but i think it should be changed from terracotta and use its own block or model instead. The Badlands is considered a rare biome therefore making a conveyer belt takes a lot of effort unless you already spawn near one.
    2. 2. The Crusher machine is also a great idea but it cannot be automated. This limits its uses because id like to go afk while getting rid of my cobblestone built up from my voidminers.

    • Korigang says:

      3. 3. The Combustion Generator also cannot be automated. I wish it could as it gives out more energy than a solar generator but it required constant attention to make sure it keeps running.

  18. Guest-5061185010 says:

    Best mod in Minecraft

  19. Guest-8131860745 says:

    The link doesn’t work update it ,so we can download the addon.

  20. Guest-1700963755 says:

    How do turrets work?

  21. Guest-8181397931 says:

    The Add-On Can Download!

  22. Guest-2895687925 says:

    Also link for update doesn’t work.

  23. Guest-2154820418 says:

    Please make compatible or combine it with tinkers so they both work together, plzplzplzplzplz plz

  24. Guest-8356957098 says:

    The new update is not downloading when I get through to media fire and download it please send help over I need it

  25. Guest-6992557388 says:

    The download doesn’t work. Please don’t use adfly

  26. Guest-6499158912 says:

    I can not get it to download from the adfly link. I click skip ad and it says the requested page was not found.

  27. Guest-8336085116 says:

    i would love to help
    can i do the textures and models?

  28. Anonymous says:

    I can\’t download. Please don’t use adfly.

  29. Guest-3408907766 says:

    Sounds good but can’t get to the download page 🙁

  30. Guest-3924692352 says:

    Wait so is it possible for you to combine your tinkers mod with this model that they are compatible? They are both so good I don’t want to choose one for my modded world

  31. DTechGamer says:

    Please make it compatible on Minecraft beta in the next update! It have bugs when I try it on Minecraft But, awesome add-on!

  32. Guest-5680275714 says:

    PLS add a block DUPLICATOR as a machine that would be soo cool and amazing

  33. Guest-5463450983 says:

    Hi Again I just remembered that the creator of expansion+ needs help making an electric system with pipes wight wanna check that out and I played with the mod for like an hour and had so much fun

  34. Guest-4389404711 says:

    This is Amazing I’ve been looking for a construction/electric mod and look what shows up on my doorstep!
    Btw it would be cool to make a light block or a way to convert it to redstone

  35. Guest-5774600313 says:

    Can you plz make it for 1.15 supported version?…

  36. Guest-2981759048 says:

    it dosent word i download it and uninstalled it and reinstalled it i enabled Experimental mod and i have 1.14

  37. Guest-3257758541 says:

    You should add a machine that breaks the block above it, so you can make wood/stone farms.

  38. Guest-3306784523 says:

    The combustion barrel does not work and I already uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still does not work

  39. Guest-5678355382 says:

    “Not a valid zip archive” when importing

    • Guest-6698690448 says:

      If you are using an iPad then it will not download properly. You have to download an another device and message yourself.

  40. Guest-4375388941 says:

    When I break the machine block, the machine does not appear, just an invisible item, fix it please. (PS: I activated the experimental gameplay

  41. Guest-2937206069 says:

    None of the craft recipies are working I cant even see the blocks so please fix it. Oh yeah if your gonna say “Did you turn on the experimental gameplay?” yes i did. now im dissapointed and bored so fix it please.

  42. Guest-4285367326 says:

    Bro plz plz plz make it compatible with your tinkers mod cause they both are sick and I want to use them both, ty.

  43. Guest-6192209704 says:


  44. Guest-6064381020 says:


  45. Guest-7315199070 says:

    Also, might I suggest a machine, a grinder, any mobs standing in the grinder will die or take lots of damage until they die, the crafting recipe could involve iron blocks 🙂

  46. Guest-8972683713 says:

    The recipe for the drill miner and the void miner aren’t working properly, you can only craft the drill miner with diamonds, and when you try to craft it like how it says to craft it it still makes a drill miner, so you can’t craft the void miner, other than that all the other recipes are right, but please fix both miner recipes

  47. Guest-9624386819 says:

    craftfing voidminer doesn’t working becous you craft drill barrel

  48. illurito xD says:

    Is the best in addons of machines and circuits.

  49. Anonymous says:

    The combustion thing doesn’t work.

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