Published on December 02, 2021 (Updated on January 22, 2022)

Basic UI V1

A texture pack that tries to make your game optimized and boost your fps a little bit. Hearts, hunger bar, hotbar, enchanting table UI, particles etc. has less pixels. Try the game with a "Basic UI".




Hotbar with Controller Hints:


Hotbar in water:


Clear water (Credits in the "license.txt" file):


Mouse Pointer:


Enchantment Table UI:


Mobile GUI:


Select version for changelog:


New Update!


  1. Made a new pack named BasicUI+
  2. Edited more UI elements.



Actually, the normal pack haven't less pixels. It has less "colors". If you want a little FPS change you need to install the "BasicUI+".


Installation Guides

I was planning to do an update but my phone got broken yesterday so it will take a while.
I was making a cartoon texture pack and the hearts looked the same lol,
On the other hand, the texture pack only changes the UI, but it's nice