Bat Simulator Mod

By using The Bat Simulator Mod you can transform into a bat and fly. It’s an incredibly simple mod but nonetheless useful in certain situations. Basically it’s a creative flying switch but instead of flying as a normal human you can shapeshift into a bat.

Creator: QuantumPE

How to shapeshift into a bat?

It’s really simple. Once you’ve entered the game there will be an on/off button on the right side of the screen. Simply use the button to shapeshift into a bat and vice versa.


Here’s a short video to watch. On a few occasions where we believe a video is sufficient we provide it to give you a better understanding of the mod.


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12 Responses

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  1. plz says:

    plz do a dragon simulator

  2. CraftKids says:

    This did not work for us at all using the Windows 10 version of Minecraft. The only thing in the file we extracted was a java file. All other mods we have downloaded have .json and .png type files. We followed insructions from this site to put in the behaviors and resources folders, but the mod still did not show up in Minecraft.

  3. LylaDragon says:

    I’m on iPad and I can’t use Dropbox so how do I download the mod without blocklauncher or
    Dropbox? It’s a rlly cool mod!

  4. User says:

    Hi, I just downloaded the mod, and when I want to turn into a bat, I turn into a black thing that sort of looks like a bug. It work well an everything, but looks quite unusual. Could you please help?

  5. SilverTwilight says:

    Why is the file name zip? What should i do? I tried renaming it and changed it into .modpkg but it doesnt work

  6. GuatavMosander says:

    Pls make also a wolf simulator mod. Ty

  7. Alison says:

    Does it work for iPod touches?

  8. Imam says:

    does it work for mcpe 0.14.0

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