Bats Mod

This mod adds bats to the game which spawn randomly in the world. As well as the bat also comes six new items which can be obtained and crafted by killing bats. All of the items will add similar features to the abilities of a bat, such as with one item you will be able to fly.

Creator: UltraPeachMC

How does it work?

The bats randomly spawn in the world. They are quite dangerous so make sure you are well prepared before attacking one. If you do manage to kill it the bat will drop some fangs, claws or wings.

The things the bats drop can be used to craft other items such as the Bat Sword and the Bat Glider.

Bat Glider

When using the Bat Glider you will activate flying mode. To deactivate it you will have to fly down back to the ground again and tap on the ground.


Bat Sword

Every time you hit any mob or enemy with the sword you will deal 20 damage each hit and gain one hearth.

Bat Claws & Bat Fangs

Besides crafting items the dropped items can also be used for a various of different things. The fang can be used as a weapon and deals 5.5 damage every hit. And with the Bat Claws simply tap on the ground to teleport there while holding it.


Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Bat Spawn Egg (505)
  • Bat Fangs (506)
  • Bat Claws (507)
  • Bat Wings (508)
  • Bat Sword (510) – 6 bat fangs + 2 bat wings + 1 bat claw
  • Bat Glider (511) – 6 bat wings + 2 iron ingots



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