Battle Brawl [Minigame]

Welcome To Battle Brawl!! Battle Brawl is a Kit PvP (and soon to be Kit PvE) World! Updates come out regularly so you’ll (almost) never get bored. I hope you enjoy Battle Brawl as much as I enjoyed making it!

Kits: Tank Kit Bunny Kit Bow Master Kit Shield Kit And More!

With Trees, Caves, Buildings, and more you’ll never get tired of the custom made map!

Update 1.2 Out Now!!

  • Added The Pyro and Shield Kits
  • Added a new location to the Kit Selection Room
  • Sneaky Kit is Temporarily Disabled due to an Effect Error

Change Log 1.2

  • Items no Longer drop on Death
  • Fixed Issues with Barrie Blocks in spawn
  • Gave the Bow Kit a Crossbow

Map Created By: TheGranite2 (DozenTech8294)

Custom Arena made by: TheGranite2 (DozenTech8294) AwesomeSauce403

*Thanks to all who helped with the testing of this map!! KIT PvE COMING SOON!!!!

When released, Kit PvE will be a zombie killing, fast pace game mode where the only way to survive is to FIGHT!

*More Images will be added soon!


I recommend you create a copy of the world... if you want to play the map again, it makes it easier in the long run.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.9

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