Battle Penguins Addon

Since Mojang hasn’t added penguins to the game yet, and no one ever thought of making king penguins, I made one myself!

Not a super advanced addon, but good enough for a start I guess.

How to get them:

  • Use the command /summon king:penguin
  • Find the penguin egg in creative inventory
  • Find them in ice biomes

Penguins are utility mobs that throw snowballs at anything hostile and protect you and villagers. They will never attack you even if you attack them or villagers. You can breed them but you can’t tame them as pets. Don’t forget to turn on EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY.

Changelog View more
  • Minor fixes to animations file
  • Updated resource pack download link
  • Fixed missing textures in resource pack
  • Updated download links and text color


  • Download both packs
  • Click them and wait for Minecraft to open and install them automatically
  • If the above doesn't work, you can rename the .mcaddon to .zip and extract the packs. Then put them in the right folders manually
  • Don't use other links, only use the links provided in MCPEDL

I've only tested this on pocket edition, don't know if it'll work on console or pc but you can try. You can use this addon as you wish as long as you credit me. Other than that, have fun!


Supported Minecraft versions


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8 Responses

  1. Hi there! This acc isn’t used anymore. Visit King Creeper Studios for updates for 1.16 add-ons, thanks!

  2. Guest-8680678860 says:

    No seriously make an update where u can tame them

  3. Guest-3854240976 says:

    Can u ppl lzz tame them with cod id do anything even give u diamonds!

  4. Guest-7945704614 says:


  5. Textures and download links are now fixed. Sorry about that 😂

  6. Textures are glitched. For some reason the pack icon and textures disappear when i upload the files. But i fixed it already, just waiting for the admins to approve it

  7. Guest-3174643698 says:

    The resource pack is glitched it doesnt show up as the pic but black and purple squares

  8. Guest-8509818986 says:

    Funny addon I love it 😀😀

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