BeatBox (Drum & Bass) [Redstone]

BeatBox (Drum & Bass) is a redstone powered beatboxing map. It comes with a preset song which plays on repeat. It can be customized using levers which are connected to 128 different noteblocks. Before entering the actual beatboxing room there’s a thorough tutorial taking you through all the steps required to understand how it works in its entirety.

We’ve included a short video preview in the bottom of this post.

Creator: User no longer exists


Video Preview

The sound in this demonstration video is far from perfect because we don’t have any expensive sound equipment. The primary reason for the video is to give you an idea how it works and see what types of beats are possible.


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10 Responses

  1. lisa says:

    I love this map

  2. flaminglead says:

    Thanks again for the great review!(and moderating the q&a:) And thanks for the positive feedback everyone!

    Anything you would want to see or change in the update?


    are u joking???the dropbox link is working 🙂

  4. Ragemachine says:

    Hey just wondering how do you open it?

  5. Phantom_x100 says:

    Amazing!!!,i would recommend this to my friends… 😀

  6. wofulmoss says:

    Ok great map! But nvm my other comment!

  7. wofulmoss says:

    Can you make a MediaFire link,because the Dropbox link doesn’t work ,but good work MCPE DL ?

    • Editor says:

      I took the liberty of uploading the map to MCPEDL.com. If the creator (FlamingLead) sees this and want only the Dropbox link then just let us know and we’ll delete it.

      Anyways, yeah, it’s a really cool map! 😀

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