Beautiful Simplicity Textures

This is my first pack on MCPEDL. I hope everyone likes it. This pack adds beautiful textures but simple textures to the bedrock edition of the game. Don’t like extra details? This pack is for you. Don’t like detailed stone? This is the one. If you need to tell me anything about this Texture Pack, contact me through the comment section or you can email me at [email protected] This pack works on android. Tell me in the comments if it works on win10, and iOS.

You cannot distribute it anywhere on the internet without my permission. You are not allowed to modify this pack and publish it. 

There are some bugs in the textures that Im trying to fix. Enjoy the textures!


Changelog View more

Added new textures to planks, dirt and cobblestone.Enjoy the textures!



Download the .mcpack file.

Tap on it and Minecraft will open automatically.

Import will start. 

Apply pack on world.


For zip file:

Download the zip file.

Extract it.

Go to storage/emulated/0/games/com.mojang/resource_packs

Paste the extracted file there.



Supported Minecraft versions




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23 Responses

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  1. If you want, GayPwner69 is my gt at xbl

  2. CallMehMiks says:

    It looks great, but you should but an “ore highlighter” or a border.

  3. Buoyy09 says:

    Does this work in iOS??

  4. Lewbug says:

    The texture pack is called simplicity but the side of the grass block is not simplified and neither are the leaves

  5. Buoyy09 says:

    Version 1.0.2 is almost complete! Keep an eye out for it!

  6. Buoyy09 says:

    I request another thing. See im lonely and have only one friend who is on Minecraft pe and he also doesn’t want to play multiplayer. So i want you guys to give your gamertag and your game version. Thank you!

  7. Buoyy09 says:

    Im working on the nether update version too. It would be hard for me to change the mob textures because im on android. Keep up with me and please tell me that it works on iOS and win10 or not. I will also give a console download for it if i can. Thank you!

  8. Buoyy09 says:

    If you guys want my Xbox gamertag, its “Buoyy09” without quotes.

  9. Hey! This is really a simple and beautiful pack. Great pack keep up the good work!

  10. Buoyy09 says:

    Someone please tell me if it works on iOS and windows 10!

  11. Buoyy09 says:

    I didn’t steal them. I have made them myself without even thinking about the barebones. This is my first pack, so please ignore flaws. Thank you. Although I am working on a map too.

  12. KOCreeper243 says:

    I think u stole some texture from barebones..

  13. KOCreeper243 says:

    Man isnt it illegal to post a texture pack that almost like plastic texture and barebones..

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