Bedrock Animal Morph System!

Hey there! Have you ever wondered if you can become a mob? Well, now you can! Using this new system, you can transform into any mob that you can summon! Even an armor stand! Go get it now!

How does this work?

It’s quite simple! 

I use a simple tagging system to help empower this addon or system. After you spawn in a mob and tag it using the provided command block, you’ll be able to take control of it! Once you turn on the TP Scoreboard, once again using the functions, the morph will come to you and you will be invisible to other players! Therefore, it looks like a normal mob but in reality, your controlling it. It will always be tping to you so if you move, the mob does too. You will also be able to do what you do in Minecraft even with the mob, it will hopefully not interfere with anything you do. 

Controlling the mob!

Controlling the mob has never been easier! There are built-in functions that come with the addon to help you do so. (13 to be exact). There will be more functions to help you control your mob even more! Currently, this addon does not support multi-user! But this will feature will hopefully come out soon! 

Examples of this Addon:

First brief GIF

These screenshots below will show what gets loaded in!

Changelog View more

- Fixed Function MorphSetup! 

Enjoy! Sorry for any inconveniences!

- Space

-Added changes to the update section

- Fixing the /function MorphSetup function. (Not fixed yet)


If you haven't already have noticed, this isn't a world. This is a .mcpack or a combination of a structure file and a bunch of functions. 

Steps to install it:

  1. Download the .mcpack
  2. Apply it to your world
  4. Once you are in your world, run: /give @s structure_block
  5. Place it where you want the system to be.
  6. Click the structure block, switch it to load mode.
  7. In the name field, enter "MorphSystem".
  8. Then click load!
  9. After the Building is in, run /function MorphSetup.
  10. Then go inside and read the lecterns near the cage (other side of entry) to see how you can become a morph!
  11. Done!

Once you have tagged the morph, run /function MorphInvis to make yourself go into invis. Then run /function MorphTPON to make the mob come to you! 

UPDATE: Fixed Setup Function!

Please delete any old versions of the addon!

If you have any questions, DM me on discord! My username is Space#1613 !


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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19 Responses

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  1. Guest-1325110244 says:

    Unable to download

  2. FlamingArrow3567 says:

    Hey! Can you add like, effects? Like for example: chicken can give you feather falling and husk can give you speed?

  3. Guest-8177966191 says:

    Please contact Space on discord for any questions! Thats the best way for me to respond faster!

  4. Guest-3159416315 says:

    It dosn’t tp the morph it just makes it fly please fix 🙁

  5. SpaceTurtle says:

    I made this into an addon so you can load this in any of your worlds! But it also had to be one because it contains functions to make your lives easier when trying to change some aspects of your morph!

  6. Guest-5237601369 says:

    This is an addon, it has command blocks and functions inside the addon. It also has a structure file inside too. Lol you are a idiot

  7. Guest-5235616891 says:


  8. Guest-2023645297 says:

    you can morph into mobs using command blocks

  9. Guest-5918457672 says:

    Hey guys! Space here (creator) I just published a change to it! I have to wait for the MCPEDL team to update it! Thanks for waiting!

  10. Guest-7559265095 says:

    Thank you so much! This is super good! I need this for my realm!

  11. Guest-1420975408 says:


  12. Guest-8024871723 says:


  13. zHulvic says:

    i. have. been. waiting.

  14. Guest-9119805535 says:

    dude there isnt even a morph setup function make your addon right before uploading it

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