Published on June 11, 2021 (Updated on June 16, 2021)

Bedrock Box Minigame (1.17)

If you're boring and looking for the unusual, I have a suggestion! Dynamic PvP with your friends will cheer you up! Mine cobblestone, upgrade your equipment, defence your bed and fight against other players. 


-From 2 to 8 players

-1.17 support

-Unique gameplay

-A lot of fun

You You and your friends (2-8 players) will spawn in the giant bedrock box, full of stone. Cobblestone is a main resource. Mine them and then trade with villager to get different items. 

  • Trading
  • Mining

The last survivor wins the game. But don't forget that to eliminate the player you need to destroy his bed. 

You can understand if a player has a bed by looking at the table on the right. 

  • Battle
  • Defence

If you want to play again just wait any seconds. 

If yoy have alredy started the game, don't leave it! This could lead to bugs! 

Select version for changelog:

  • 1.17 supported now
  • Added new game monitoring system 
  • Fixed bugs


If you want to share this map you have to credit me! 


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