Bedrock Earth – Add-on

    Hello There!

    Bedrock Earth adds some o the features from the Minecraft Earth game, starting with some of the exclusives mobs and animals variants.

Hope y’all enjoy it!

Mob Variants:

  • Cows:

  • Pigs:

  • Chickens:

New Mobs:

  • Horned  a variante of the Sheep, but is neutral until atacked. Drops horns upon death

  • Moobloom: a cow variant that spawns on Flower Forests and leave a trail of yellow flowers where it goes, Drops meat upon death

  • Muddy Pig: a pig that took a mud bath, spawns in swamps. drpos raw porkchop upon death.

  • Glow Squid: a squid variant that has mysterious aqua glow, spawns in deep oceans and in swamps. drops ink sack and glowstone dust upon death

  • Cluckshroom: a new passive mob that spawns in mushroom islands, When fed with certain types of mushroom it changes its state, it can also be sheared to become a duck. Drops duck and feathers upon death

  • Jumbo Rabbt: a big rabbit, spawns in forests. drops raw rabbit and rabbit hide upon death

  • Furnace Golem: a new type of Iron Golem that attacks monsters by shooting fireballs at then. It is created by giving a blast furnace to a Iron Golem

  • Melon golem:  a new type of Snow Golem that is resistent to water and got more health. It is created by giving a watermelon to a Snow Golem (Sheared)

  • Jolly Llama: It’s a very rare a special llama variant, It spawns with other llamas, but if fed with cookies, it gives you presents 😀

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

More features to come…

Changelog View more


  • Added Jolly llama


  • Fixed Melon Golem texture
  • Fixed some text erros
  • Added Horned Sheep
  • Added Moobloom
  • Added Muddy Pig
  • Added Glow Squid
  • Added Cluckshroom
  • Added Jumbo Rabbit
  • Added Furnace Golem
  • Added Melon Golem
  • Added animals variants
  • Added Horned Sheep
  • Added Moobloom
  • Added Muddy Pig
  • Added Glow Squid
  • Added Cluckshroom
  • Added Jumbo Rabbit
  • Added Furnace Golem
  • Added Melon Golem
  • Added animals variants


  1. Choose the version of the addon
  2. Download the Addon
  3. Open the .mcaddon file
  4. Activate the Behaviors and Resourses in game
  5. Enjoy


Supported Minecraft versions


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39 Responses

4.43 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Guest-1296108235 says:

    This addon is amazing! One of the best I’ve seen, is to be congratulated. In the next update could be added:
    Skeleton wolf
    Skeleton spider
    Sheep Rainbow
    Wooly Cow
    Tropical Slime
    Variations of sheep and rabbits
    Ender Cat

  2. EmptyCoso says:

    For the next update can you add the wooly cow the rainbow sheep tropical slime and the purple cat?
    And asome items
    (Mud bucket)

  3. Linkvertise seriously? please add or mediafire just not linkvertise -_-

  4. Guest-4692605377 says:

    Not work in realm, please update 🙁

  5. EmptyCoso says:

    Hi for the new version of this cool addon
    Can you add:
    Tropical slime
    Woly cow
    Dyed cat (purple)
    And fix the glowing squid he is a baby not an adult squid XD
    And the veraion of the muddy pig but cleaned
    And add the bone spider
    Amd the skeleton wolf
    You have worked very well

  6. Guest-1337171505 says:

    in Linkvertise “Activate Notifications” is broken, its stuck there and made me wait 7 minutes for nothing, please use something else. like Adfly

  7. Guest-2225693282 says:

    Finaly melon golem! 😀

  8. Guest-1187541143 says:

    Hello, this is very great, me and my friends enjoy it, but we want to put it in our realm, but we can’t. It says the pack cannot be added. Can you make it realm compatible please? I don’t know if it’s possible but if it is please do it!

  9. Guest-9210810075 says:

    Yes a jolly Llama thank you for hearing me out creator 1 down 2 to go keep it up creator 😊😊

  10. ferchoPortal says:

    I forgot to give you a stars

  11. ferchoPortal says:

    This addon is really good for survival made I really like it

  12. Guest-4536793873 says:

    Ok so when I download it in minecraft it says the version is 1.0.3 but there is no jolly llama 🙁

  13. Swagboi7 says:

    Since you’re able to add variants of mobs that previously didn’t, can you add more variations to mobs that already have them?

    If so then is the purple variant of the cat, which was previously considered as an Ender variant of a normal cat, into this addon?

  14. Guest-5138878798 says:

    Pls add other variants of rabbit, tropical slime, skeleten spider, skeleton wolf, othee varoant of sheep and jolly the llama

  15. ZukeGG says:

    Your the same person who made the pokemon addon. this is totally going to be a good addon

  16. Guest-9491059502 says:

    I really love this addon it works really nice I’ve been waiting for this addon for too long and i finally got it thank you but there is missing mobs the jolly Llama, wolly cow, and ender cat is missing can you please add them for the next update please

  17. Guest-8703519118 says:

    It doesn’t work?

  18. Guest-4363475654 says:

    Plz add the other mobs

  19. Guest-3914922925 says:

    Ok, I really really really want to try this addon but whenever I hit download on mediafire it just opens a new tab…

    Plz help me

  20. I want minecraft earth cuz it doesnt work in samsung a10e so im downloading this

  21. Guest-3075301779 says:

    Will you add Merl and Peanut Butter next?

  22. Guest-2391975623 says:

    Experimental mode needed? Works in Realms?
    Great addon thanks 😀

  23. Guest-9700862469 says:

    Ender Cat next

  24. Hermit says:

    I am HermitMira,I can reprint your addons and translate it to China Minecraft Resource platform?
    It’s not for business or embezzlement,and i will give clear indication of with the author!

  25. Guest-5361936656 says:

    can we get a direct link to it, id love to actually be able to use this

  26. Guest-2833069723 says:

    Make a direct link to media fire

  27. Guest-3002119630 says:

    Please god don’t make this a replacement of Minecraft Menagerie

  28. Guest-6397148544 says:

    This looks really cool even though it came out about 15 minutes ago

  29. Guest-6397148544 says:

    This looks really cool even though it came out about 15 minutes ago

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