Bedrock Expanded V2.5

Hi! This is my very first addon called Bedrock expanded basically this addon will be expand Minecraft bedrock with new things like ores, mobs, tools, blocks etc

This addon is still in beta so if you find a bug please report it on my Twitter @kiranaked or comment below.


First up is a new ore called

Zanite Ore:

This ore can be found under ground y 13

Zanite Recipe:

Tools not working as it should, will be fixed soon

Zanite Sword:

Has 7 attack damage

Zanite Shovel:

Zanite Axe

Zanite Pickaxe:

Zanite Hoe

Zanite Nugget 

Zanite Block

Zanite Dust NEW

Zanite Soup NEW

Zanite Rod NEW

Super Zanite Sword NEW

That’s all new recipes for zanite let’s move on to another new ore

Uranium Ore

This ore exclusive for mountain biome and very very rare ore easy way to get is using tnt like netherite

What’s the function of Uranium? 

If you found Uranium and you break the ore you will get the uranium ore and after that you will need furnace to get uranium scrap

After that you need stone cutter to make uranium shard

Next craft uranium shard to get uranium ingot like this

Uranium recipes

Uranium sword 

Has 7.5 attack damage and slowness effect when you hold the sword 

Uranium Block

New Mobs


Hog is new type of pig they spawn in jungle and taiga biome have 3 deferent variant 

Regular Hog he is pasive mob and attack chicken but if you attack him hog will turn into angry hog

Agresive Hog he is very aggressive and will try to kill you so be careful 

Angry Hog the regular hog will change into this if you attack him and try to ravange! 

Hog Drop:

Hog pork is new type of food

Hog Leather is same as regular Leather 

Hog Fang

This only drop by agresive Hog

New Weapons 

I also add new type of weapons 


Wooden:1.5 attack damage 

Stone/gold:2 attack damage

Iron: 3 attack damage

Zanite:3.5 attack damage

Diamond:5 attack damage

Netherite:6 attack damage


Before you make spears you need rope

Spear:4 attack damage

Diamond spear:7 attack damage

I hope you guys like it! 


The Addon is finally updated there’s many new staff i want to show first is

Platinum Ore

If you break the platinum ore you get the platinum ore just like iron you need to smelt the ore  into furance / blast furnace to get platinum it self can be found easily in y 38


Platinum Ingot

Platinum Sword

Has 6.5 attack damage

Platinum Dagger

Has 5 attack damage

Platinum Block

Topaz Ore


This is new  ore can be find easily in y30


You need stone cutter to make polished topaz

Topaz Block

Topaz Gem

Sapphire Ore

Sapphire has 2 variant the regular ore is very very rare in normal biome but the frozen variant can be found easily in ice/snow biome you need to smelt first like iron ore


Sapphire Block

Sapphire Gem

Ruby Ore

Ruby ore is very rare ore can be found in y 13


Polished ruby

Ruby Block

Ruby Gem


I also add new type of armor but is replace the helmet slot because in Bedrock we can’t add like special slot for custom thing

Ring has 2 variant gold and platinum

To make the ring you need gem

Topaz Ring

 + 4 hp 

+ 5hp

Sapphire Ring


 +7 hp

Ruby Ring

 +7 hp

 +9 hp

New Weapon 


Katana have better damage then regular sword but have less durability 

The katana is have better damge just like 3, Example wooden sword have 2 damage wooden katana have 2.3 damage all katana have sama improved 

New Mob

Pilager Miner

He spawn rarely underground


Spawn in plain biome

Fossil Stone

Can be found rarely underground drop bone and fossil fragment (doesn’t have function yet) 


Salt ore

Salt Ore can be found easyly on beach and sometimes in ocean biome

Prismarine Ore

Prisamrine ore is new ore that can be found in deep ocean biome there’s 2 options with this ore you can smelt it to get prismarine inggot or you can put this on stonecutter to get regular prismarine


All the damage is same like iron tools


Colored Planks

Is similar like regular plank but with color


This works with all type of dye


Marble is new type of block that can be found in y 46


Marble is just for decoration, more block coming soon

Fire Stone

Fire stone is new type of stonr that can be found in dessert biome this pretty much same as regular stone


Stone dirt

This new type of dirt this block is not generate naturaly but you can craft them


Diving Helmet

This new armor can help you to explore under water


Durability 300 (i forgot)

New Tools


Bone Club

5 Attack Damage


I was also add many new foods too maybe i forgot some im sorry but in Minecraft 16 beta you can see all the recipes easily



Duck can be found in river biomes

Pillager Hunter

New type of pillager can be found very rare on Forest Biomes.

Thank you i hope you enjoy the update sorry for bad English 

Changelog View more

Retexture Zanite block

Added salt

Added more foods

Added marble

Added colored planks

Added firestone

Added ducks

And More!

Removed wizard 

Bug fixed

Added Platinum,topaz,sapphire,ruby ore

Added Butterfly 

Added pillager miner

Added fossil stone

Added ring


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Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16.100

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30 Responses

4.69 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. NotGalaxee says:

    I cant smelt Platinum Ore and Mine Topaz Ore
    Which pickaxe do i need to mine Topaz Ore?

  2. Mr_Bones210 says:

    Your add-on is very incredible, one of the best I would say, it is very cool that you put variants of the illagers, but I don’t know why the illagers do not appear, neither in the creative, nor in the survival, in addition to activating the mode experimental to use the add-on …
    Is it a bug in the addon?
    And another thing, for suggestion, you can create an illusionist, it would be super father for this add-on, even so thanks for creating this add-on 😀

  3. SirMcMuffin says:

    There seems to be an issue where I spawn in a new world and I instantly get the diving helmet effects and it will not go away.

  4. YellowStagBeetle27 says:

    So I really want to download this mod… but I can’t because there is no media fire link. Please. Please. PLEASE. Add it, cuz I REALLY wanna download this because it looks amazing, thank you. (Plz add it)

  5. Vishal Gupta says:

    This is an awesome addon and can you add limestone also

  6. Can you just use or link vertise are too confusing for me 🙁

  7. Toxispice says:

    So, in short this what the cave update would be if the community created it. i m really excited to play this

  8. cAptive says:

    Very good but can you add armor because in 1.16.100 you can and maybe custom wood and trees

  9. Flaxers says:

    You Should Make A Discord Server I Would Love To Help With This Project My Discord Is Flaxers#2408

  10. EvMaster114 says:

    This pack is amazing! I have started to make packs, but I can’t find a good editor. What editor did you use to make this?

  11. xXWolfieNekooXx says:

    hey can you add the thick swords emerald swords and/or the demonic broadsword from java please and can u update frequently if at all possible

  12. HulkyThicc says:

    So, does this work on bedrock edition 1.16 as of 10/31/2020 or no?

  13. Beam006 says:

    Just add ways to clone dinosaurs by using these fossils

  14. EzequielYP says:

    Hola amigo buen complemento el primero pero es que este enlace no me deja instalar eso de movistar me dice disable podrias oasarme otro link porfavor o ayudarme qye hacer

  15. DarkHunterPlayer says:

    This addons is the best that i finded, but it don’t work for win10 edition;-;
    I give 10/10

  16. GygaZaid says:

    Well the addon seems to be very nice and all, but to download it I have to install an application! I would really appreciate it if you would fix that little inconvenience

  17. Kiranaked says:

    I have to remove wizard because there’s many bug and many people had the same model but don’t worries wizard will be added again in the future with much better and custom structure!

  18. Spottydiver says:

    That addon is REALLY GOOD but I suggest you 2 things first make uranium swords damage more cuz it is really hard to find but it is weaker than diamond and make diamond spear stronger cuz it is harder to make that diamond sword but it has less damage:///

  19. GristlyParrot89Playz says:

    Very good add-on, even if it is your first time.

  20. The Mysterious One says:

    This is very good

  21. SKRRT says:

    very amazing 10 / 10 by just looking at it, if it doesnt work, its still a 10 / 10

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