Bedrock Gear Mod

The Bedrock Gear Mod makes it possible to mine bedrock with a special drill. The bedrocks can then be used to craft a very powerful armor and weapons.

Creator: UltraPeachMC

Mining Bedrock

Bedrock, is as you probably already know, a very hard stone which is hard to break through even with a diamond pickaxe.

So to mine a bedrock you will need the Super Sonic Drill (479) which can be crafted with 6 redstones, 2 iron ingots and 1 diamond block. It’s not a super fast drill, but have patience!


Getting the Gear

After you’ve gathered enough bedrocks it’s time to craft the gear. Wearing the entire armor set will give you much more protection than a full diamond armor set and the durability is set to 1000.

  • Bed Rock Helmet (471) – 5 bedrocks
  • Bed Rock Chestplate (472) – 8 bedrocks
  • Bed Rock Leggings (373) – 7 bedrocks
  • Bed Rock Boots (474) – 4 bedrocks

Crafting the Tools

The tools and weapons are also very powerful. For example, the shovel will dig any type of gravel, sand or similar block instantly.

  • Bed Rock Sword (475) – 1 stick + 2 bedrocks
  • Bed Rock Pickaxe (476) – 2 sticks + 3 bedrocks
  • Bed Rock Axe (477) – 2 sticks + 3 bedrocks
  • Bed Rock Shovel (478) – 2 sticks + 1 bedrock

Important Install Note

Download and install the latest BlockLauncher BETA for the mod to work:



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  1. SeranaXx says:

    Please make this for Bedrock! I so want this!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work -_-

  3. Rishaan says:

    Useless addon I’ve seen better

  4. Jeff666 says:

    works on WIndows 10 edition?

  5. TechnicGamingYT says:

    Can u Make A .mcaddon version of this please?…😿

  6. Editor says:

    doods srry its down

  7. MinecrafFt man says:

    I cant I down loaded everything I’m on iPad iOS 11

  8. I like minecraft says:

    I’m on iOS and I did plow load I fun box even more chairs Addon and I’m on ios I still didn’t get it

  9. EchoOfDawn266 says:

    No bedrock hoe? The farmers feel rejected. 😢

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    i hate bedrock when i see it it makes my head hurt

  12. Jefferson says:


  13. Minecrafty says:

    I can’t get the mod to work on blocklauncher how do I get this to work

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