Bedrock inSanity – Steampunk Expansion

A Stand-Alone Add-On for your Survival World! We have everything! And so on….

Enjoy foods, items,… battle new mobs, bosses,….. just try it to feel it. And also, Experimental Gameplay is required.

This Add-On was created by me, with the help of HaxTheCharizard, maker of the Tinkers’ Legacy Add-On. And the cool people on my Discord.

Join my discord here.

Cool Features Added:

– Borderlined Ores! ( Ores now have borderlines so it is easier to recognize )

– Borderless Glasses! ( Everything looks cooler! Except for the defaut glasses, it looks like it is invisible )

– Sneaking under slabs!!!! ( Yes you can! )

Third Person Camera is buggy, and sometimes you will see through blocks when you are under slabs…

More Foods Added:

– Prawn! ( Obtain through fishing, simple :D. Gives 0,5 Hunger Points )

– Cooked Prawn! ( Cook the Prawn through Furnace, Smoker, Campfire to get it. Gives 1 Hunger Point )

– Slice of Bread! ( Craftable by putting a Bread in the Crafting Table. Gives 1 Hunger Point )

– Toast! ( Put Slice of Bread in the Furnace, Smoker. Gives 2 Hunger Points )

– Omelet! ( Put Eggs in Furnace or Smoker. Gives 1 Hunger Point )

– Toast and Egg! ( A Toast and an Omelet in the Crafting Table. Gives 3 Hunger Points )

– Sweetened Toast ( A Toast and Sugar in the Crafting Table. Gives 2 Hunger Points and maybe Haste 1 for 20 seconds )

– Enchanted Potato ( A Potato surrounded by Diamond Shards! Gives Overwhelming Powers )

– Banh Mi-s ( A Bread and any kind of Meats by animals. Fills more than half of your Hunger Bar )

– Bandages and Medkits ( Bandages heals, while Medkits give full health and immunity to almost everything for 20 seconds )

New Storage System:

– Diamond Shards! ( Put a Diamond in the Crafting Table to get 9 Shards, and vice versa! )

– Crate ( Put an planks into Stonecutter to get Crates. Future Update will be useful, but now it is just for decorating )

– Crate ( Medical ). Put into Stonecutter to get Medical Items!

– Compressed Blocks?! YES! 

More Recipes?!

– Carbon Fiber! ( A String surrounded by 4 Iron Nuggets in a + shape )

– Chainmail! ( 3 Carbon Fibers in the Crafting Table )

– Carbon Fiber Tape! ( A Slimeball surrounded by Carbon Fibers )

– Chainmail Armors now have recipes just like others, but can only be crafted by Chainmail.

– Smelt Diamond Tools and Armors into Shards!

– Smelt Flints to Gunpowders, Clay Ball to Bricks!

– Restore Chainmail Armors’ durability with Carbon Fiber Tapes! Just one is enough! But you will lose all enchantments though…

and more…. discover them yourself in Survival or by Creative! 

Use /give @s bs:(item_name) to find out 😀

New Mobs?!

– Snow Creeper! When it explodes, it fills the surroundings with SNOW BLOCKS! Free Snows am I right?

– Nether Creeper! Big explosion but with longer fuse. Only spawn in Nether.

– Toxic Waste Creeper! Extremely big explosion with even longer fuse. Spawn in forests.

– Clockwork Creeper! Same as Normal Creeper but tankier. Spawn in Mesa.

– Steampunk Skeleton! Tanky, high damage, melee attack. Spawn in Mesa.

– Steampunk Robot! Tanky mobs, low damage, melee attack. Spawn in Mesa.

– Steampunk Mecha! 160 HP, melee attack, but with extreme power! Server as a Mini-boss.

– Warrior Skeleton! Dangerous Skeletons that spawn everywhere at night. High damage and melee attack.

– Warrior Stray! Not really dangerous Strays that spawn in Frozen biomes. Low damages and melee attack.

– Spooky Skeleton? Doot-doot!!!

New Weapons?!

– The Broken Trident of Poseidon ( Crafted by 2 Sticks and 3 Poseidon Shards – only obtainable through killing the Elder Guardians. )

It also increase your speed. 7 Attack Damage.

– The Trident of Poseidon ( The Broken Trident of Poseidon and the Heart of the Sea in the Crafting Table! )

Increase your speed and swimming speed. 10 Attack Damage.

– Stray Sword ( drops by Warrior Strays ). 3 Attack Damage.

– Leather-Handled Steel Broadsword ( drops by Steampunk Skeletons ). 6 Attack Damage and reduce your speed by a little.

Don’t underestimate its power.

Screenshot of me and new mobs:

New UI:

New GUI:

More will comes! Thank you for downloading!

Changelog View more

- Added new Mobs

- Added link to Discord ( at the top by the way )

- More Texture Tweaks

- Changed Villager Trades

- More..... join the Discord for more details!


Xbox: To get through AdF.ly, open this file through your phone or tablet, get through AdF.ly, and to the MediaFire link. Copy that link to Xbox’s browser to download it. The file is in .mcpack and you may need to change it to .zip. This can also be done with your phone or tablet through some simple file manager.

Phone or Tablet ( iOS and Android ): Simple, simply get through AdF.ly, by waiting 5 seconds and tap “Skip Ads”, you will be taken to MediaFire. There, just download it and open it in Minecraft!



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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65 Responses

4.39 / 5 (38 votes)
  1. Seneca says:

    Hello am having problems with the crafting recipes such as the chain mail won’t work and neither will the diamond shards.

  2. CrazehIvan says:

    Wow I really like this mod it makes Minecraft more epic

  3. Anon says:

    I really want to get this mod, but I can’t get past the adfly. Cmon dude, Just add a mediafire link. You barely make any money off of it anyway. I would’ve gotten this mod but now I’m not because I keep getting innapropriate ads popping up on my screen every time I use the link.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey I love your mod but can you make the trumpet skeleton a seperate mod? The mods additional weapons cause the weapon mod I have on my pack to break. No one else has a trumpet skeleton mod.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey I love this mod but I can’t use it with the tinkerers mod. It breaks that mod, but I love the doot skeleton. Can you make a separate mod for the doot skeleton? One where the trumpet works of course.

  6. Akai says:

    How do u make medical crates VERY GOOD ADDON FOR SURVIVal

  7. pedrovasco1 says:

    i dont care i will use this on Windows, hope it Works ;c

  8. Kokonut Thụm says:

    How to get Bánh Mì S? I need the recipe.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wasnt able to get through adfly

  10. Thedirt says:

    Ad.fly is kinda sketchy thoguthtook like 4 minutes of ads to get through but like doesnt bug me to much

  11. Zikamiri says:

    great addon but when you put bread in crafting table it turns into a bahn mi not sliced bread

  12. donkey says:

    great addon
    i have an idea that you could add

    when you kill a whither skeleton it drops black bones and when you tame a dog using those bones it turns into a skeleton dog!!!

  13. whatsupupgaming says:

    can you get it on windows 10

  14. Anonymous says:

    hey, nice addon 🙂
    I have a few ideas for u too:
    1st, try allowing the new trident to have enchantments, like unbreaking 3 n stuff like that,
    2nd, give the tridents the abilities to be thrown
    3rd, maybe add ur own ores into the world to make better items than diamond gear, or just add obsidian:)

  15. https://discord.gg/t35Q8qP
    Join the Discord to help me with ideas and all, also be featured with your own items!
    Report bugs here also, we don’t wanted to flood the chat right?

  16. Vietnamese guy says:

    You are Vietnamese?

  17. Akai says:

    Sweet toast can’t craft also the different meats don’t work only does pork chicken and beef great addon

  18. Well, I received a lot of feedbacks about the Add-On’s problem. I will fix that on next update and add in some more mobs. As you may already see, my Add-On may have similars with others, as I only want this Add-On to have many features so I do took some ideas that people usually wanted, and put it here.
    Also please turn on Experimental Gameplay I forgot to say that. Sorry guys.

  19. Modded Survival Lover says:

    Amazing addon
    Some bugs: Broken trident doesn’t do any DMG (not sure about the fixed trident tho)
    1.5 height sneaking doesn’t work 🙁

    Some Ideas:
    Mini boss: Buffed Pillager (it’s a Pillager that has a hammer (35% chance of dropping) and he’s pretty big and has no shirt. HP: 100

    Miner Skeletons: they spawn in caves and have a golden helmet and an iron Pickaxe. They have a chance of dropping a Light Helmet Scroll which allows you to have the ability to craft a Light Helmet

    Water Blobs: they ofc spawn in oceans and are Basically the same as slimes but can breath underwater

    Hope some of my ideas help!

    • Thanks buddy. I hope I can add those soon, but some like Light Helmet isn’t possible for the modding script yet.
      And if the Trident doesn’t work, probably it is having conflicts with other packs. Also happens with the sneak under slabs, slabs like upper ones, does not works with lower ones.
      Once again thank you for the ideas and all.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Nothing works except the changes to the ore and glass textures

  21. depression says:

    I think you should know Adf.ly isnt reliable for stuff like this i clicked nothing but skip ad, (Get’s sent to a virus site) just add a MediaFire link on it’s own

    • I know, but I really needed some reliable sources to make some cashs on my own, and AdFly just came to me. I needed it to give me a “kinda” stable source of income for my studies. This paid my school fees.

  22. Fervid says:

    Good job man, the add-on is great, has a lot of possibilities and I can’t wait for further updates.

  23. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Only A Creeper as a Mob? Well i have an Idea The Theif it Looks Like A An illager wearing Assassin Style Clothes it Spawns Around on Dark OakWood Forests And it has chance to Drop its Weapon The Dagger it has 5 attack damage On its Death Or its mob loot could be Gold and Emeralds

  24. Thinh says:

    Ung ho vi la Viet Nam :))))

  25. BigBoofMan says:

    This is an amazing modpack, however, there are some problems. When I put bread in the crafting table, it crafts banh mi (with cooked mutton) instead of slices of bread. When i put cooked mutton and bread in the crafting table, nothing is crafted. When toast (alone) is put into the crafting table, sweetened toast is made, but toast and sugar doesn’t craft anything. When smelting diamond tools/armor for diamond shards i only got one shard per item which isn’t a fair trade and isn’t proportionally accurate with durability left on the item and/or amount of diamonds used to craft the item. Lastly, I couldn’t find any natural snow creepers. This mod has been such a fun experience and im looking forward to future development. I have retried installing the modpack several times. I’m also on PC. <3

    • Thanks for the reply, I will fix the bugs as soon as I am possible. And I will Snow Creeps spawn rule too.

    • Ben h the best says:

      My Ideas for this addon:Yeti.It Spawns rarely in snowy biomes at midnight.Attacks players iron golems and snow golems and villagers and zombies and snow creepers.Its damage is instant kill.Jungle Zombie.It spawns rarely at jungle biomes at midnight.Attacks players iron golems villagers.Its damage is 2 damage.The jungle zombies skin is yellow instead of green and has blue eyes.Mini-Boss:Ogre.This mini boss spawns rarely in Mesa biomes.It has a hammer.It drops Raw beef and a hammer when killed.Hammer.Its a mini boss loot dropped by the ogre.Damage Is 12 damage.Boss.Skeleton Boss.This boss spawns when a skeleton is struck by lightning.Attacks villagers iron golems and players.Shoots Fireballs and Shulker bullets.It Has 2 Fleshes on its body and has red eyes.2 Parrot Colours.Yellow and pink.Baby parrots.They spawn when a parrot is breeding and parrots have a %12 chance to spawn as babies.Illager Chef.This mob spawns in woodland mansions raids illager patrols and Pillager outposts.They Attack Villagers and iron golems and players with their frying pan.They have a white hat which is chef.Mini-Boss.Zombie Ravager.This mob spawns when a ravager is killed by a zombie.It attacks iron golems and players and villagers.Damage is 11 damage.Frying pan.Loot dropped by illager chefs Damage Is 7 damage.The Posidein Sword.Crafted from 2 posidein shards and 1 ender rod.Damage is 99 damage.Ender rod.Dropped by endermans and ender blazes.Can be used to craft posiedian sword.Ender blazes.It spawns at the end.Drops 1-2 ender rods.

      • Ben h the best says:

        Oh..Two More ideas to add in the next update.Nether Cow.It spawns in the nether.Drops 7 Iron nuggets or gold nuggets and rotten flesh when killed.Attacks nether mobs and zombies.Zombies Attacking Ravagers.Ok this mechanic added is Zombies chasing ravagers.Zombies try to kill ravagers.When a ravager is dead/eaten by a zombie it turns into a mini boss called the zombie ravager.Ok Three More Changes.Ravager.Now Turns into a zombie ravager if killed by a zombie.Sadly There is a glitch that when a ravager gets killed by a zombie it turns into a zombie.Skeleton.Now turns into skeleton boss if struck by lightning.Parrots.2 colours added for them and they are now breedable and now have a 12% chance to spawn as babies.See Thanks for my suggestions.Add them in next update

  26. Nice job!
    All the textures look great, and everything functions as intended. You even gave instructions on how to get through the AdFly sites! The only thing I would change is the Posidon Shards look like glowing tacos… XD
    Overall, you did a great job SoulKnight!

  27. Anti-Virus 2 says:


  28. Anti-Virus says:

    Also i Soul Sans-Creeper so i download

  29. Anti-Virus says:

    Your Addon Gives Me Anxiety

  30. mad says:

    why isnt there a mediafire link

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