Bedrock Ore

Bedrock Ore is a complement with which you can break all kinds of blocks, from stone to bedrock!

Also this addon brings a new ore and a new sword, and a new bedrock pickaxe

The first step we must do is find the new mineral called “Bedrock Ore”.

This mineral is generally found between layer 0 and layer 20 of the overworld.

We will be able to chop this mineral with any pick, both diamond, gold, stone, wood, iron …

Once we chop it, it will leave us a “bedrock ingot” with which we will be able to start making new weapons.

Once we have the “bedrock ingot” we will have to go to the craft table and we will have to craft a new stick called a “bedrock stick”.

Once we have the new stick called “bedrock stick” we will proceed to craft  the new bedrock tools.

The first tool is the “bedrock sword” which is made as follows:

Durability: 1000

Damage: 13

Also, to be able to chop the bedrock, it is necessary to craft this pick:

Durability: 1000

Damage: 5

If you want to upload this addon to your channel, or to other websites, by changing the download links, creating your own download links or not leaving credits, the following will happen:-Your video could be removed from Youtube.-We could report your website.So that none of this happens to you, you will have to leave the link of the McpeDL page or that of my blog.


Enable the experimental mode for a correct function of the addon


Supported Minecraft versions


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18 Responses

4.29 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. NovelPluto66 says:

    Can i use this on a YT vid? I will mention you as the creator

  2. MineRave says:

    Only problem I have is the ore not dropping the ingot and the pickaxe not able to mine stone faster than a wooden pickaxe

  3. Skaboom AB says:

    You must do the durability of the all the weapons and armors Unlimited.
    Because Bedrock is too strong about mining

  4. MariofanYT says:

    I can’t Download it! When I go to the website it is just an infinite loading screen after it loads the website

  5. Vortex mangle superior163 says:

    Bedrock ore
    Wait that’s illegal
    Btw nice addon

  6. Pokest45 says:

    bruhhhhhhhhhhhhh why bedrock? it’d be too heavy to even wearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. Leo312 says:

    Is the pickaxe and sword durability working in 1.16.100?

  8. FAB TRIGGER says:

    ore texture doesn’t
    look like bedrock

  9. Usernameee says:

    pls make the durability higher

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