Bedrock Plague (Beta / Add-On) [v1.14+]

Play Minecraft but as a Virus. Infect mobs, mutate and adapt to your environment or evolve to progress. A continuous and endless gameplay, until you lose. Crafted from various inspiration.

created by: r4isen1920 / Models by Wind_WL / Inspired from PheonixSC / Pack Icon by Řodrigues

pack version: v1.1

Starting a Virus

Infecting your first mob

Approach a mob to infect them. Infected mobs give off red particles, and may infect other mobs in their vicinity as well.

For each mob you infect, you’ll gain 2 [DNA Points] and 5 [Virulence] at a time. 

Infecting a Village

Villages are a good way to start your infection, as it has a good amount of Villagers you can infect and host on. Just approach the Villagers to infect them.

Typically, there can be up to 20 (more or less) mobs in a Village, including Cats, Iron Golems, and more. 

Infecting hostile mobs

Hostile mobs usually spawn at night and you can take advantage of this. It is also possible that you can infect certain hostile mobs at night, and kill them through sunlight! 

Mobs such as Zombies, and Skeletons are recommended to infect.

Raining and weather conditions

Infecting mobs underwater is almost the same as infecting them while raining! By infecting mobs while it’s raining, they can spread the virus further than usual!

Virus Components

Transmission (V)

Transmission determines how the Virus (you) can infect other mobs. By evolving this component, you can mutate certain abilities that allows you to progress even further!

  • LEVEL I: Increases the spread distance to 2 blocks. You can begin to approach mobs from this range and infect them.
  • LEVEL II: Mob transmission is mutated. Infected mobs can infect other mobs as well through direct skin contact.
  • LEVEL III: Water transmission is mutated. This allows for the pathogen to survive underwater, which allows you to infect mobs underwater as well.
  • LEVEL IV: Airbone transmission is mutated. Allowing the pathogen to move around air faster.
  • LEVEL V (MAX): Check it in-game!

Symptoms (X)

Symptoms promote virus infection. This determines the range of mob transmission on land and even underwater! By evolving this component, you allow for the virus to spread even further.

For every two evolutions, mobs can infect other mobs for up to one more blocks of range and two blocks while underwater or if it’s raining

There are ten evolutions for symptoms. Some levels have a requirement before you can unlock them.

Lethality (IV)

Enabling Lethality will begin to kill the infected mobs. The higher the lethality evolution, the more potent it is– killing even certain mobs in an instant.

Certain evolutions has to meet the requirements, before the virus can kill the infected mobs.

  • LEVEL I: Requires [Symptoms] at III. Increases max [Virulence] for to 125.
  • LEVEL II: Increases max [Virulence] for to 150.
  • LEVEL III: Requires [Symptoms] at VIII. Increases max [Virulence] for to 175.
  • LEVEL IV: Increases max [Virulence] to 200. Undead mobs are now affected in this stage.

Genetic Reshuffle

Genetic Reshuffling summons a swarm of Bats that carries the Virus with them. These Bats can infect other mobs, and ticks the world so that they can give a real-time statistic of infection.

Requires max evolution of [Symptoms] before it can be activated. Once activated, you will be temporarily blocked from mutating or evolving components for 60 seconds.

Java Edition Showcase

This add-on was originally inspired from PheonixSC! Please check the gameplay footage above where he showcase how to play the game. While being different from the original Java version, you can still use this as a basis for the add-on’s gameplay.


  • There are various scientific information about this add-on regarding pathogen. However, they are may or may not 100% accurate as I can find room for improvement. It is still better to do research on your own, and not using this as a basis for your knowledge. Thank you!
  • In this pandemic, I am not trying to promote the ‘current virus’, but all the virus in general. In this add-on, you can learn some of the information about viruses. As always, take care and stay safe!


  • Device RAM: the more RAM capacity you have, the better this add-on should run. This add-on runs multiple functions at a time both for the player and the infected mobs.


Supported Minecraft versions


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50 Responses

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  1. Leighgamer27 says:

    Pls add function commands to be not a virus

  2. Guest-4581665864 says:

    2020: CoronaVirus

    This Guy: hey Guys download this awesowme addon called virus addon become a virus and infect millions

  3. bunz432 says:

    This is working in my tab thx

  4. bunz432 says:

    I hope its work on my tab because my tab is low end device

  5. bunz432 says:

    Its good because im playing plague inc so i rated this 5star

  6. Guest-4915447024 says:

    How do i upgrade my virus?

  7. Guest-2387205544 says:

    Pls, Direct link, it always says subscribe, what do i do?

    • Guest-4440185344 says:

      You do the tasks like click the article link wait for like 15 to 16 seconds, sometimes it may ask to watch a video. Then after scroll down and click that link telling you to go to the link, you should be on adfly

    • r4isen1920 says:

      If it asks you to enable notifications, just click Deny or do nothing, and wait for 15-25 seconds. You should be redirected to a Mediafire page after.

      The download link for the add-on is ONLY hosted on Mediafire– do NOT download directly from any other sources.

  8. Guest-3550344331 says:

    CORONA TIME🦠🦠🦠🦠🤧🤧😷😷🤒🤒

  9. Guest-2686486770 says:

    This addon is so cool but could you some more like bacteria virus fungus and etc that would be so cool

  10. Guest-5582540858 says:

    ah yes phoenix SC mod

  11. Da3pikD3rpy says:

    Very great addon! Plague inc. In minecraft! AWESOME!
    But i have question, if some player join my world, they will be virus too?

  12. Eldeston says:

    This is amazing! This is the first Plague Inc. addon for Minecraft Bedrock!

  13. Guest-3294211064 says:

    How do you evolve your virus?

  14. Guest-8562003231 says:

    Stay at home

  15. Guest-5908044532 says:

    Controversy has entered the chat

  16. Guest-3917326868 says:

    Bruh thats illegal image

  17. Guest-2979099370 says:

    I used /function commands to upgrade my virus, is there an easier way/faster way?

  18. Guest-4188005934 says:

    How do you evolve it?

  19. Guest-6169119136 says:

    Do Not Be Afraid I Am The Cure.

  20. Guest-9833883222 says:

    How to infect?

  21. Arshle says:

    OMG Plague Inc. in Minecraft!!!
    imo this is a blessing to the bedrock community 😀

  22. Guest-1298046160 says:

    Is this not recommended for low-end devices?

  23. Guest-6596595104 says:

    I A M T H E C U R E

  24. -TGHQ- says:

    DUDE THIS IS INSANE!! EXCELLENT WORK MY FRIEND! I am hoping to see more addons like this one. This is great quality.

  25. Guest-5939460220 says:

    How to mutate the virus???

  26. Guest-6466887986 says:

    Hello, Nice work but we can play with a friend?

  27. Guest-4103850809 says:

    Hello, Nice work but de can play with a friend?

  28. Guest-2320296587 says:

    Nice, this is basically plague inc., nice work

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