Bedrock Recrafted Add-on ( beta only)

If only survival mode would be more adventurous, here is the add-on that changes that! Adding over 50+ new blocks and items and numerous mobs to spice up your survival experience. you can find new naturally generated structures around the corner, including meteorites, new trees, crystal caves and more! New weapons are also a possibility so I added 10 more new weapons available in survival for you to use at your disposal.

Crafting recipes

New generated structures


  • a crash site powerful enough to destroy your peaceful plains


  • a deep slit in the ground, deep enough to kill any inattentive players

Wild fire

  • be careful where you settle. Sparks around forest floors spread about to burn a chunk off of a forest

Weather stone

  • landing to your world is an exclusive hybrid form of rock. Make sure to mine this as a storm comes along any landings

Taiga ruins

  • a small monument for 4 new blocks

Prismarine ruins

  • a small tower for a pillar of new ores

Crystal cave

  • fills an area of a cave below the surface for the rarest natural substance

Date tree

  • carries supplements vastly found in deserts

Coconut tree

  • has edibles at the top, a tree near the edges of salty water


Chameleon creeper

  • it can blend in the biome it sets its foot on
  • can kick you


  • beach zombie variant


  • nether zombie variant


  • End zombie variant


  • snow zombie variant


  • swamp zombie variant


  • jungle zombie variant


  • mesa zombie variant


  • mutated form of a blaze

Desert spider

  • quite self explanatory
  • can give you hunger

Swamp weaver

  • swamp spider variant
  • can throw webs and poisons you


  • spawns in the mesa, jungle, and roofed forests

River dolphin

  • homage to this endangered creature


Snow golem

  • 14 new faces


  • you can mutate it by using a chaos crystal


  • 4 more sizes, 4 more types of lives

Items (93)

  • Totem of the Undead
  • Black crystal pieces
  • Blue crystal pieces
  • Brown crystal pieces
  • Cyan crystal pieces
  • Gray crystal pieces
  • Green crystal pieces
  • Light blue crystal pieces
  • Lime crystal pieces
  • Magenta crystal pieces
  • Orange crystal pieces
  • Pink crystal pieces
  • Purple crystal pieces
  • Red crystal pieces
  • Silver crystal pieces
  • White crystal pieces
  • Yellow crystal pieces
  • Salt
  • Rock salt
  • Sand
  • Red sand
  • Coconut
  • Dates
  • Void shard piece
  • Black diamond
  • Amethyst
  • Storm crystal
  • Storm crystal fragment
  • Sapphire
  • Tide stone
  • Tide stone piece
  • Ruby
  • Meteor debris
  • Garnet
  • Exonite
  • Blizzard jewel
  • Blizzard shrapnel
  • White diamond
  • Blaze blade
  • Bone sword
  • Carrot sword
  • Chute sword
  • End crystal sword
  • Avian cutlass
  • Golden carrot sword
  • Prismarine sword
  • Sword of undying
  • Nether steel
  • Soul powder
  • Wither dagger
  • Ash
  • Bloody flesh
  • Broken bone
  • Buttons
  • Cartilage piece
  • Chaos crystal
  • Chaos crystal fragment
  • Cinder berries
  • Cookie crumbs
  • Cow horn
  • Dried rotten flesh
  • Elder guradian scales
  • Elder guardian spike
  • Ember
  • Emerald pieces
  • Ender dust
  • Enderman spine
  • Endermite endoskeleton
  • Fangs
  • Frigid garments §r§d§l§o::§r§b Loot
  • Frozen bone
  • Guardian scales
  • Guardian spike
  • Ink fluid
  • Llama fur
  • Magma scrap
  • Pathos core
  • Pearl
  • Poisonous agar
  • Rotten porkchop
  • Rusty exoskeleton
  • Shulker skull
  • Silverfish endoskeleton
  • Slimy bone
  • Slimy rotten flesh
  • Soggy rags
  • Soggy rotten flesh
  • Trigger fluid
  • Tusk
  • Void shard
  • Wing
  • Winter amulet
  • Withered bone
  • Wraith garment
  • Ash brick

Blocks (87)

  • Coconut
  • Black Crystal lantern
  • Blue Crystal lantern
  • Brown Crystal lantern
  • Cyan Crystal lantern
  • Gray Crystal lantern
  • Green Crystal lantern
  • Light blue Crystal lantern
  • Lime Crystal lantern
  • Magenta Crystal lantern
  • Orange Crystal lantern
  • Pink Crystal lantern
  • Purple Crystal lantern
  • Red Crystal lantern
  • Silver Crystal lantern
  • White Crystal lantern
  • Yellow Crystal lantern
  • Black Crystal
  • Blue Crystal
  • Brown Crystal
  • Cyan Crystal
  • Gray Crystal
  • Green Crystal
  • Light blue Crystal
  • Lime Crystal
  • Magenta Crystal
  • Orange Crystal
  • Pink Crystal
  • Purple Crystal
  • Red Crystal
  • Silver Crystal
  • White Crystal
  • Yellow Crystal
  • Nether steel block
  • Rock salt block
  • Salt block
  • Salt ore
  • Rock-salt ore
  • Date log
  • Coconut log
  • Date leaves
  • Coconut leaves
  • Date block
  • Void shard block
  • Crumbling bedrock
  • Black diamond block
  • Storm crystal block
  • Storm bricks
  • Amethyst block
  • Tide stone block
  • Sapphire block
  • Prismarine ruin
  • Ruby block
  • Meteorite
  • Exonite block
  • Molten magma
  • Garnet block
  • Chaos crystal block
  • White diamond block
  • Flowing ice ore
  • Blizzard jewel block
  • Weather stone
  • Ash block
  • Ash bricks
  • Blaze lantern
  • Blaze block
  • Acacia bookshelf
  • Dark oak bookshelf
  • Birch bookshelf
  • Jungle bookshelf
  • Spruce bookshelf
  • Black Shulker block
  • Blue Shulker block
  • Brown Shulker block
  • Cyan Shulker block
  • Gray Shulker block
  • Green Shulker block
  • Light blue Shulker block
  • Lime Shulker block
  • Magenta Shulker block
  • Orange Shulker block
  • Pink Shulker block
  • Purple Shulker block
  • Red Shulker block
  • Silver Shulker block
  • White Shulker block
  • Yellow Shulker block


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
  • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
  • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL


Supported Minecraft versions


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109 Responses

3.73 / 5 (59 votes)
  1. Guest-5721488694 says:

    Please update for 1.16.0 please I wanna use these blocks and the the nether update blocks together to make a awesome build

  2. Guest-8331073325 says:

    All my blocks are missing texture

  3. User-8547123358 says:

    It would be nice if u used the recipe book

  4. HiH says:

    Works in 1.13.0 ?

  5. S0uleater023456 says:

    You really need to throw in crafting recipes with the swords, both me and my friend don’t know how to make them.

  6. BulletsAndBlades says:

    Hey! I love this addon, but whenever I try to look at the crystal items, my game goes to a black screen and crashes.

  7. Zack Taylor says:

    It works for me so this addon is awsome i love it

  8. Reckapple says:

    Buggy and lot’s of items with no utility at all.
    1- Palm trees spawn on top of each other over and over, I’ve seen up to 8 trees on top of one another.
    2- The weather stone is the bane of my existence. They literally spawn at least once a day and are annoying as hell especially when I have to constantly toggle downfall every time it happens.
    3- I like the idea of the aggro mob variants but the swamp spider is op af, definitely needs a nerf.
    4- This is a real bother: you swim fast as hell, feels like a cheat.
    5- Like I said in the beginning, you added 93 new items and 87 blocks but for what purpose if most of them don’t do anything? They just fill your inventory with unnecessary stuff. Oh yes, and blocks have a very high contrasted touch to them.
    6- Tarantula has an abnormally small hitbox in opposite to its attack range, which means you have to be too close to it in order to attack it, and it is very hard to win a fight without taking a lot of damage due to its range.
    7- Crystal caves spawn way to much, every ocean with this addon is littered with them.

    Can’t say I’m very satisfied with this addon, I’d give it a 5/10 for the effort and ideas, and for bad execution and excess of bugs. Needs a lot of work.

  9. SolarLolbit says:

    Are those blocks can be crafted in survival?

  10. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I have a few bugs you need to fix: sometimes when I join a world with this on I go to the blocks and it crashes my game and sometimes I just go on it and it crashes my game. And the last thing make the spawn rate or the new trees and stuff not spawn SO MUCH CAUSE IT GETS SOOOOOOO LAGGY!!!!

  11. TooCoolForSchool says:

    My scene turned blue when I try to get the new blocks from the creative inventory someone HELP!!!

  12. SpelliCupnibba says:

    Nice mod but the earthquakes and the wilfires are annoying and happen to much but if you want this fixed go in the mod file using ES File Explorer and delete the earthquake files and the wildfire files and they will get removed and no it wont mess up the whole mod but other than that its a pretty good mod

  13. Brady says:

    I need help, i downloaded this on xbox 1 and whenever i open the inventory the game crashes!

  14. Corrupted Zak50 says:

    In my opinion this is a great add-on but I found a bug that may effect the overall quality of the add-on,
    So when I tried to give my self one of the items from the add-on via a /give command it crashed my game and I had to restart my device just to play Minecraft again

  15. Glocc5000 says:

    what do i do with the DAT folder? i know where to put the resource do i put it in behavior pack?

  16. Anonymous says:

    When will this become available for normal 1.12

  17. alohomora says:

    any tips to make this work on xbox?

  18. devin smith says:


  19. Jerry says:

    The character is weirdly fast and has 40hp with regeneration and not only that but for whatever reason I’m always on fire. If those things get fixed it could be a great addon

  20. Cthulhu Warrior says:


  21. Yeet says:

    I just use the addon as a stay underwater challenge. Same here.

  22. Wow thats cool this addons, i like it

  23. the french guy says:

    hello creator ,
    First great job because you made one of the big addons for bedrock edition and its very cool to see that the mods are comming more on bedrock . But is not perfect … i think its just a beta but i try a lot of think on this mod and i write this to help you uptade it so don’t take it like personnaly but you have maybe a lot to do hahah so i’m gonna list all the think i found that you can correct SO :

    1/the generation of the huge ravin i think that not a realy good idea beacause we already have ravin in minecraft and your’s are hummm a litte ugly they look like more bug that something else …

    2/the magma block that ou add they realy have a utility now that we have new directly in the vanilla minecraft ?? ( and they not making any dammage just the aspect of the block that made a little more liquide but i think its to much with lava in minecraft haha )

    3/ the coconut tree … hahahah that a realy good idea buutt the generation of them humm i got some with they spawn on others lol and the block of coconut just give 1block of jungle wood ? its can be cool but made the texture of the coconut more skinny to make it more real/logic.

    4/ the little ocean monument that you had good idee but the generation to is realy bad THE ARE TO MUCH i can send you screen if you want butt i was with all the edge of the ocean full of them lol and that just my view buutt if think made the minerais spwan directly in the cave like real saphire ( and with the aquatic uptade i don’t if its necesary add more structure in the ocean because we already got a lot ) . .

    5/ i don’t now from this come but in the water the speed of swiming is like real abuse in survival we can swim as the same speed than the creative mod ( maybe more )

    6/ the storm humm i think we got juste to much storm i 1h a was like 40min in the storm i don’t think player realy like play every time in the storm .. but the idea of the storm block is realy cool !!! but maybe made them more rare ? or in just i type of biome ? up to you ^^ !

    7/ the shulkers boxs ??? we already have them and they not working soo ….

    8/ the trantula’s itbox or her dammage distance is to big because we can’t it her she it us before that we realy are close to her … and the spawn rate is maybe to much to ( next to that i love the idea of add more spiders ! ^^ )
    9/ I don’t now if im right but can we realy found the ores in the map ? (out of the strom block of course) like the ruby the black and withe diamons the garnet the ash or in the nether the nether steel ??? Because if nott heuuu tha’t look realy hard to get them in survival mode 🙂 .

    we haven’t any website or video or nothing to find information for your mod ( or they are real poor) we just got video of little youtuber who they present 3 or 5 sword the mobs and that’s it ( just what we can find in the creative inventory ) not all the gems the craft of the swords etc .. so think about it i will be real cool to can have a something that we can look when we don’t find or don’t understand something ( and that can explain better your mod so make it more attractive because it will be show more of him and the think that we can do with ^^ )

    So that it your mod seem realy cool but you have just a few think to improve and that would be perfect !
    I now that can be realy hard and take a lot of time to doing mod so take your time to think the things better and that’s it ! so i’m waiting for any uptade !! ^^

    Ho and i’m was testing our mod in version with experimental gameplay actived ! ^^

  24. HopinDolphin15 says:

    I’m constantly on fire >~< the only things I see in the inventory are the eggs nothing else not the swords or the blocks fix plz I was really looking forward to using this even just the fire is a no go for me

    • Apple pen says:

      Same. Here but I think it’s a like a vampire thing because when it’s night or your in shade you don’t burn. I hope they remove it soon !

  25. Grumpycat says:

    I can’ download it when I get past adfly I go too a blank page

  26. Person says:

    Download link might be broken. Nothing loads for me. It just a blank page after the adfly.

  27. Chalms revenge says:

    None of the blocks have textures , none of the Items work,and the spawn eggs dont in 1.12 with experimental gameplay. Plz help..

  28. Chalms revenge says:

    None of the blocks have textures , none of the Items work,and the spawn eggs dont in 1.12 with experimental gameplay. Plz help

  29. Anonymous says:

    The coconut block is invisible

  30. Could you make a spear? I hate the trident. Make it 2d like a normal minecraft weapon. Base the design roughly on the one in the ancient egypt addon, and have a wooden shaft with an iron head. Just a resource, please. It makes sense because the durability is the same as an iron sword. After all, wouldn’t you rather want to finish the ender dragon with a spear through the heart than with a bright, ugly, turquoise, three-pronged, non-vanilla looking weapon? Btw, this is incredible. Closest addon we have to a mod so far. Technically, you could probably consider it one. You’re my favorite creator, and you should try to recreate some old mods. You might be the only one capable of redoing mods like orespawn.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I love this add on. Works amazingly, and no bugs, but one problem. I have regeneration infinitely and I’m constantly on fire.

  32. B0N says:

    events happen too often. Weather stones show up every few minutes while playing. Also please don’t use “adfly” its really annoying because I use an adblocker and I don’t want sketchy pop-ups.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Are coconut trees supposed to constantly spawn on top of each other over time?

  34. Will Riddick says:

    This addon is awesome, really cool what youve done but i think some of the features need to be toned down. im not sure what you did to the thunder storms but theyre way too common and way too loud and obnoxious, im also confused about any of the crafting recipes and i feel like the natural disasters are a little too common

  35. Nickolai says:

    I rate it 2 stars because sadly theres alot of problems i have with it, i love the mod, its just the natural disasters, the earthquates happen way too often, i survived about 5 days and theers like 10 cracks in the ground, and can you please remove or nerf the weather stone spawn rates, its ridiculous on how fast it respawns, evry 3 min at most it respawns so it rains constantly andits VERY annoyong,and i do mine it, but its no use because it spawn right after a few mins anyways, its really annoying and its usless to even try to stop it since it keeps respawning very quickly. So i do hope you nerf or even remove it from the mod or even post pone it untill you know what to do. Thanks if you do read this.

  36. Juan says:

    The damage of the Wither Sword is just bad (worst than the wood sword) And is uncraftable

  37. Ranger says:

    Some glitches are effecting the addon, I can’t see nor find the new blocks and the weapons, I only see the spawn eggs. Please fix this soon!

  38. truegamerxy says:

    This addon has many great ideas but not the best execution. My biggest issue is that the earth quakes and other disasters are to common. My second problem is that im a builder and most of the blocks that are added are almost unusable because there textures have way to much contrast. But I you are of to a great start! (hope this helps)

  39. Anonymous says:

    It just crashed every time I tried loading in sounds good addon but need better development I think or a update.

  40. Darknight says:

    What does the chaos crystal do

  41. TYberiusaurusRX says:

    May I use this in my CrazyBedrock 1.0 series?

  42. Mr Fricc says:

    Great add-on! Hope you update it in the future and make it even better

  43. Lincoln’s log says:

    This mod works but there are three main glitches. 1. It sets the player on fire 2. It gives you double
    Health and insane regeneration. 3. It crashes your game after about 10 mins every time. Not to mention most of the items listed are nowhere to be found

  44. Kempy Craft says:

    This is what I’m going to say you have made a mod I think it’s so majestic.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Can’t Download

  46. Fardo00 says:

    i love it😍😍😍😍

  47. Anonymous says:

    Where is the crafting repice?

  48. Zeo says:

    Are there Crafting Recipes? If so, can we get a file download for them?

  49. Frost says:

    i dont see any of the new weapons or blocks only the mob eggs , is it becas im in ceative or??

  50. PseJanz says:

    This addon is awesome I was looking for an addon like this great addon 5 star! But one question do swords work?

    • Zeo says:

      From what I have played with so far, the swords will do the right amount of damage. Another reason why I love this add-on!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Uh ust takes me to mother regarded page when I press Skip Ad.
    Nothing happens.

  52. Driftum says:

    Looks incredible, not played it for myself yet but looking at all the new features and pictures you have provided I can tell you have put a lot of time in to this. Goodluck my friend and I can’t wait to see what you make in the furture. Rating it 4 stars since I haven’t played it yet.

  53. JesHer says:

    Esta muy bien lo subiré a YouTube

  54. Anonymous says:

    Okay so this can work on 1.11.1 just the blocks new blocks don’t apear god I want 1.12 to come out soon

  55. Sr_ooflo97 says:

    I don’t even know what to say.

  56. Hi says:


  57. kd gamer says:

    us medie fire adfly is fake spam and hacks you

  58. Quesadilla carl says:

    Very fun! Good for a let’s play

  59. SukMasu says:

    It’s so cool man😃

  60. Noah Brazy says:

    Hello, i cant seem to get any of your addons to work on my realm server, are these not compatable with xbox or something?

  61. Utilemero_2 says:

    The link doesnt work

  62. Larry says:

    I’ve trying to download your mod but for some reason one I skip the ad fly advertisement, I just get stuck on a page that says “please click allow to continue” but there isn’t anything you can click on the page…

  63. Justin says:

    Plzz add zip file so I can play on xbox with behaviour pack and resource pack. All the good ones never add this please consider it it looks amazing.

  64. Erongiloo says:

    This is literally everything minecraft needs! i bookmarked this page so i can try it out when 1.12 comes out (i’m not a beta tester) i have one suggestion though. Would you be able to add a dungeon with a new boss? maybe a giant snake, lizard, or spider?

  65. Utilemer0_2 says:


  66. Elijah says:

    Now that I have updated to beta it works, but there’s nowhere near the items and describes here, for whatever reason, I cam only fond the construction labeled items and the spawn eggs

    • End Crafter 16 says:

      For now you can’t see items in your creativ inventory you can either find them by killing mobs or go exploring just wait for beta 1.13 then you can see the items

  67. Nobody says:

    UHHHH So, I do use IOS yes, but I use windows 10 sometimes. So if I would, I would get the beta and get this, but…….. ITS NOT CONFUSING, BUT MY MOM PROBABLY WONT ALLOW ME TO GET THE APP I NEED FOR IT… So I cant go and use it myself. But ANYWAYS……… Nice addon!

  68. Elijah says:

    It looks and sounds good, but whenever I load a world with it, I spawn on fire with a super long regen and some other effect and then crashes shortly after

  69. BaldBoihalo says:

    This is the best mod out there!

  70. Jeshiswesh2019 says:

    Cant get because of adfly

  71. Itrymybest says:

    To be honest, this was good. BUT, I try my best but I don’t succeed……

  72. icupXDISeeYouPee says:

    Wow, this add-on ( api ) is great! I love the new structures. What a fantastic idea. What about red prismarine which can make a red prismarine brick, stairs, and e.t.c . Also, what about crystallized flowers? You could use red prismarine ( what about more colours of prismarine?.? ) to make the crystallized flower. To make a crystallized flower, you need any colour of the prismarine, any flower and a new item called leaf ( a leaf is actually real, you obviously know ) . Maybe for the crystallized flower, you might need to add an element block. Thank you for listening.

  73. Yarikos gamer says:

    Fantastic codanraigen 21 you very good creator mods 👍👍👍🥳👏

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