Bedrock Tools And Armor Addon

Have you ever wanted bedrock armor/tools but there isn’t any or you can’t find one? Well then this addon is for you! This addon adds bedrock armor and tools to the game! btw I added craftable bedrock. this doesn’t retexture anything.

Bedrock Sword:
• 999 damage
• unbreakable
Bedrock Pickaxe:
• 999 mining speed
• unbreakable
Bedrock Axe:
• 999 mining speed
• unbreakable
Bedrock Shovel:
• 999 mining speed
• unbreakable
Bedrock Hoe: 
• unbreakable

I made this addon for fun, this addon was inspired by the java bedrock armor data pack

All the bedrock armor has 999 knockback resistance. I  tried making them have 999 protection but it did not work.

Images Of Crafting Recipes:

A video I made about this addon:

A video I made about this update and stuff:

Changelog View more

- Added Diamond Sticks

- Changed The Download Links

- Changes Some Images

Just changed the bedrock recipe and made it harder to craft.

Added craftable bedrock so you can craft bedrock tools/armor on survival


Don’t forget to turn on Holiday Creator Features and Additional Modding Capabilities on the world settings otherwise it won’t work! Activate both of the packs as well.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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34 Responses

3.67 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. LeoG2010 says:

    Seems a cool addon, just please change the download link, LikVertise doesn’t redirect me to mediafire and it says to I install a malicious .exe file.


    • BendyGamerYT15 says:

      How to get past Linkvertise:
      1. Press “Free access with ads”
      2. Press “Interesting articles from the web”
      3. Press the X above the screen
      4. Wait 11 seconds
      5. Press X again
      6. Press “Continue”
      7. Mediafire

  2. PTGamer666 says:

    armor only needs to have a max level instant healing effect

  3. TheGamingBoi says:

    This literally makes me download a .exe file and I don’t trust you enough to click it

  4. Lightn1ngTurtle says:

    can I use the sword texture and the diamond stick in one of my mods please? Btw take this 5.

  5. MrLenZo says:

    I have no problem with ad links because it’s the only way the for the creator to get money
    But at Least do a good links
    the links download an exe file and I will not open it Because, I can’t trust you

  6. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Dual wielding is available in your addon?

  7. Pokest45 says:

    bruhhhhhhh dumb and overused idea

    Like legit, how many times has this addon idea been posted? Its literally just ruining the point of the game with overpowered weapons and gear.

  8. Knight Of Kaiju says:

    Hey could you make a dragon scale items mod? They should be a little better then netherite in every aspect. When you kill the Ender dragon, you get enough dragon scales to create either full dragon scale armor or full dragon scale items. And they have a special ability called magic resistance. Which means that you take less potion damage.

  9. Vishal Gupta says:

    Behavior pack doesnt download

  10. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Why the other tools only have 1dmg please fix it only the sword got 999dmg and also make invisible thorns enchant in the armor……..

  11. change the sticks to diamonds

  12. Yes you can still use enchants

  13. Utility_Erick says:

    The bedrock is very cheap to make, if it were much more expensive it would be better

  14. PrinceMJ says:

    Awesome Add-on Blue! I Love The Textures And Just The Funny Concept XD, I Would Be Excited To See Craftable Bedrock Using This Or You Can Use Like A Netherite Pickaxe? I’m Excited To See More Add-ons From You, This Was A Fun Little Add-on To Review On My Channel Wish You Good Luck Dude! 😀

  15. Game Master 2.0 says:

    Can you still use enchants?

  16. Vishal Gupta says:

    please fix the both link

  17. I added a bedrock recipe, waiting for mcpedl to accept the update

    • RatedRemoDemo says:

      excuse me, i really want this mod, but it makes me download an exe file which my vpn deletes because it’s harmful! PUT THIS ON MEDIAFIRE OR SOMETHING PLEASE

  18. Lightn1ngTurtle says:

    add bedrock recipe

  19. Usernameee says:

    the thing is how to get bedrock

  20. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    This is epic!!!

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