This addon allows you to create bedrock and bedrock weapons. To craft these items you will need a lot of cobblestone. You will have to compress thousands of cobblestone in order to get bedrock items.



  • Compressed Cobblestone = 9 Cobblestone
  • Double Compressed Cobblestone = 81 Cobblestone
  • Triple Compressed Cobblestone = 729 Cobblestone
  • Bedrockium = 6561 Cobblestone
  • Bedrockium Sword = 13122 Cobblestone
  • Craftable Bedrock = 59049 Cobblestone

Once you place any bedrock, it cannot be picked back up. Make sure you choose where you want to place your bedrock wisely!


This addon uses the player.json file so it wont be compatible with many other addons.


Supported Minecraft versions


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8 Responses

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  1. Guest-2870072783 says:

    this is cursed

  2. SwirlC says:

    This sounds like making stone tool but with extra steps

  3. LOLIMHUMAN says:

    Very good add-on man, but I’ll be very happy if you add the ability to brake (and get) bedrock with bedrock pickaxe 🙂

  4. Guest-2803440232 says:

    Can you make weapons and tools made of bedrock with this add-on??

  5. Eimrxn says:

    Like the idea, don’t like the crafting. Cobblestone is too cheap and why not use netherite?

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