Bee Addon

This addon adds the new bees that has just been added in the latest snapshot of Minecraft Java Edition now come to the Bedrock Edition bees are very cute animals.

This addon adds bees but they are somewhat different from those of java edition, the bees are somewhat aggressive and they also have poison in their attack if you kill a bee it will release some honey but it is very rare that they release honey

Characteristics of the bees

• They are neutral

• When they die they release honey

• Attack damage: 3

• They’re poisonous

• Health: 10

• If the bees are angry they will attack if you are too close to them and will give you some poison

New items

  • Honey (achieved by killing a bee)
  • Bottle of honey (it is achieved by crafting it)


• Now the bees are totally neutral

• Bees now have normal and angry mode

• New Blocks are added: honey nest and honey hive

• Support for version 1.12

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• Now the bees are totally neutral

• Bees now have normal and angry mode

• New Blocks are added: honey nest and honey hive

• Support for version 1.12


Supported Minecraft versions


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30 Responses

4.55 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-1340380802 says:

    Hang on bees are already on mcpe

  2. mady says:

    i havent got the bee update yet ive seen everyone with bees and just been wondering when ill get them 🙁

    • That’s because they are part of the beta testers for the minecraft update, I don’t install the beta for a few reasons:

      -many people on xbox or other consoles play in the normal version which you cannot join if you are in the beta

      -Realms are unaccessesible

      -I want to wait till the features officially come out

  3. Zenon Montinola says:

    I tried to search honey Nest but it dosent appear

  4. Lee Germundson says:

    You should make a indominus rex addon

  5. Brandon K says:

    Do the beehives spawn/generate randomly throughout the world?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think bees can fertilize crops as a feature is that possible to add to the bees?

  7. big brainer says:

    i got a big brainer idea: cave update addon pls

  8. M.D.A.N says:

    Oh my God thank you so much bro for your awesome work ??

  9. EAlters says:

    The amount of time and effort you did to make this , does put a smile on my face,

  10. hanxo says:

    Bee add on says failed to import check log

  11. Anonymous says:

    The bee addon Its not going on asking to check log file

  12. Дима says:

    Where are the hives, the honey in the bottle and the combs? And why I do not download the addon for minecraft version 1.13?

  13. Hanas says:

    Ehh, we asked for cave update…..

  14. Namvnx says:

    You can create mod Pocket Creatures addon, it very good

  15. ALGSonic says:

    Lol i just made a video about that and said that it doesn’t support 1.12.0 version, and now it’s updated. Cool!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’ll bee awesome

  17. Mikail Afridi says:

    Honey Nest and Honey Hive, you mean Bee Nest and Bee Hive? Bees die when they release honey, you mean they drop honeycombs when they die? Team Infinite Minds why do you have bad spelling.

  18. Ung says:

    I like food 😀

  19. Tamara Cobham says:

    cant seem to find the eggs

  20. Ronan says:

    When are bees coming for minecraft pe ?

  21. Runny says:

    You are my life and savior

  22. EmeraldMC says:

    This will trigger BETA players cuz of the bee update on java. 10/10 addon!

  23. Mikail Afridi says:

    First, bees are not aggressive, they are neutral mobs.

    Second, bees actually don’t drop anything.

  24. robloxgamer 19192 says:

    Umm hey could you change some features in the bee concepts they arent gonna kill you theire friendly unless you take their hive

  25. MinecraftLovers says:

    I know when Bees added in 1.15 MCPC, but this addon will to help you. Bees coming soon on Minecraft Bedrock Edition in Early 2020.

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