BeeConcept Addon (Bug Fixes)

In a recent snapshot of minecraft java edition the bees arrived! Cute and fun, and in this add-on you can meet a concept of this snapshot, has been prepared the same features in both, have fun !!

Creator Channel (Brasileiro): yBrothers

Twitter: @GabrielCas29007

Report bugs so the add-on gets better and better!

In case of recording, leave the credits!

If sharing the add-on shorten only the MCPEDL link, do not shorten the direct download link!

No caso de compartilhar o add-on encurte apenas o link do MCPEDL, nao encurte link direto do download!

What do we have here?

BEES! These cute animals that were recently added to minecraft java snapshot!

They can be found by your world naturally!

You can catch them with a rope!

They are neutral creatures, so don’t attack them!


This block also arrived with the bees, this is the block from which honey is taken, does not have the same functions, but you can use for decorations and more!


Also from snapshot, this is a block where spawn bees, for now does not have the same functions, is just an interesting concept !!

It has the variation of when it is full of honey !!


Uhmmm, comp is tasty, and how sweet it is! Honey! A new food for you, is made by the production of fluffy bees, has a great saturation and completes your hunger bar very well!


From this sweet item, you remove the delicious honey! It can be used to make your bee hive to produce a lot of honey !!


Nothing is so identical to the java edition snapshot, everything is just a concept, which will be improved soon! Enjoy the features and blocks for decoration !! And don’t forget … don’t attack bees!

Changelog View more

- Bees and hives have correct spawn.

- Flying bees no longer suffer fall damage.

- Bees now have their flight controlled, they are no longer clumsy.

- Bees fly lower and slower.

- Bees are called with flowers and can be curled up.

- The wings of the bees do not come loose from your body when they fly.

- Game does not crash on certain devices by spawning the bee.

- All Crafts match the minecraft java edition snapshot.

- Honey Bottle can now recover life!

- Several other bugs fixed!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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62 Responses

3.75 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. Alfie says:

    They do take fall damage…

  2. Jaden says:

    I really do not understand the video and I can’t translate the video , just make it easier to download if you can 👎

  3. TheTrader says:

    Dose this work for iOS? I can’t download it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Plz plz plz make it just the mediafire link and not all the captcha stuff plz

  5. Anonymous says:

    No me gusta esperar

  6. SoyLobitox says:

    Bro make a new link, i don’t download the mod

    • In case of installation problems by the link I recommend that you use the video showxo with the download, you’ll have a tutorial! The link is working correctly!
      there is no need for a new link, it works correctly, I should not change.

  7. SeranaXx says:

    The bees still take dmg when flying down. The only change you made is them spawning in flower areas.

    • There may be an error in your version, all changelog changes have been made! We had several tests and they did not take damage, something may have affected your game!

      • SeranaXx says:

        I’ll try again but if they still take dmg something is wrong and don’t say it’s me. I know what I’m doing. You honestly should put a video link in the description… It would be nice to check out this addon BEFORE downloading it. That way I can see that it works and I can see the difference between this and the other one. Just a suggestion.

  8. DanielleHssbbsj says:

    My link can’t use

  9. Jackplays130777 says:

    Please make a new link, please.

  10. Blaze Power says:

    I want the honey when the addon is updated! >:(

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t I find the bee nest I even wrote down bee on the search thing to find the block but couldn’t plz help ;-;

  12. itspc says:

    link doesn’t work


  13. dat boi says:

    Add the crystallised honey it was part of the update

  14. Chris says:

    How and where can I access the other items like hives and honecombs?

  15. nate says:

    Takes too long to respond >:(
    adding 2 stars for REFUSAL TO DOWNLOAD

  16. Two two says:

    Link doesn’t work..🙁

  17. AgentCPU0 says:

    This add-on apparently requires experimental gameplay if used in 1.12. Nowhere on this page does it say that. I had to figure that out the hard way. Please update the description and fix that

  18. Gameplays says:


  19. Anonymous says:

    There is a wired bug where the wings are not connected to the body can you fix this?

  20. beehoe says:

    I can not beelieve

  21. Not Markus Persson says:

    Yikes there is a huge bug! You need to fix this. Bees should bee small.

  22. LegitDragonb0y says:

    Cool I was going to make one like your but guess you beat me! Nice addon

  23. The truth says:

    All it dies is add the blocks and the mob nothing else 🙁 andvit dosent even have honey or honey combs

  24. PrimeMinus says:

    Its like I am playing beta!

  25. ERRORMC says:

    Mojang has adding stuff that might trigger BETA players. Such as the bee mob. I saw many comments about adding bees in minecraft pe on Twitter which is a another war on Mojang! They would spam and spam comments! Good addon! 10/10 hoping there will be more soon.

    • Zeyad981 says:

      The new mob was added in the beta for 1.15 and as you should know 1.15 isnt gonna released until after minecon at September 28 at September 28 In minecon they all talk all about the new stuff in 1.15 after that they will release some betas until they release 1.15 for both Java and Bedrock this is just a beta for Java players to test!

  26. Classic Steve m says:


  27. Mikail Afridi says:

    Yay beeeeeeees!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Bee Cool Bro But U Already Cool

  29. Anonymous says:

    Link doesn’t work! Please fix!

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