Beepers [Add-On]

Quite long time ago I made texture pack “Bees Like Creepers” and recently I made add-on with them! They spawn at night, fly fast, explode and drop loot. And there is no player.json.

They are small, but can show you how to fly! (Bubbles are drom resistance effect)

Some information:

Health: 14 (Players health is 20),

Flying speed: 0.1 (Players speed is o.1),

Fuse length: 0.6 (Creepers fuse length is 1),

Explosion power: 1 (Creepers explosion power is 3),

Loot: some gunpowder,

Size: as normal bee.

Spawn rules: spawn at 10 or lower light value, anywhere onthe surface in overworld.

Turn on experimental gameplay to let this add-on work.

If you are going to make a video, leave link to this page on

If you have problems with Linkvertise, join discord server, where you can download it without wathing any ads.

Changelog View more
  1. Now Beepers are slowlier.
  2. Fixed explosion power if you ignite Beeper using flint and steel.
  3. Removed some links...

Added link for admin,

Added description of loot.

Leave all bugs in the comments.


  1. Go to the link
  2. Wait about 10 sec.
  3. Click "Free access with ads"
  4. Discover some interesting articles
  5. Click "Continue"
  6. Download file

How to install:

  1. Open "Beepers addon.mcaddon" using minecraft
  2. Activate resource and behaviors packs

Experimental gameplay on.


Supported Minecraft versions


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6 Responses

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  1. wtf i downloaded this pack and when i spawned the beeper it looks angry red eyes

  2. zizzyzizzy says:

    Well done!

    There is one texture error if you enable debugging in your Windows 10 client.

    controller.render.bee texture.nectar not found in entity friendly name list.

    Seems to work fine regardless, but perhaps you were trying to do something and forget a texture?

  3. Deathstrike2345 says:

    why do things get worse

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