Beginner Parkour!

Are you a beginner? Wanna upgrade your parkour skills? Download my map! It has six reasonably easy levels that get harder as you progress. I hope you download my map?.

Here are the levels:

Level One. Nature. Easy.

Level Two. New Nether. Slightly Harder.

Level Three. Beach. Medium

Level Four. Mini city. Slightly Harder Than Medium.

Level Five. Cake. Hard.

Level Six. Snow. Hardest.

There is parkour such as:

  • cake
  • iron bars
  • slime
  • ladder

Please download my map! I would really appreciate it🙂

Changelog View more
- I just changed the version because i think that was the issue 
  • You can now look at individual levels after you’ve finished the map.
  • Default gamemode is Adventure.

I added an installation description which explains how to download the map - using the ‘Documents by Readdle’ app.

  • Added new links - .mcworld and .zip
  • .mcworld is recommended


  • added .mcworld link
  • change intro a little bit

Hope the .mcworld works??


If you are having trouble downloading the map. I highly recommend the app: Documents by Readdle.

  1. Try to download the map.
  2. If it doesn’t work, go to the app above.
  3. Click on files, on the left.
  4. Find the ‘Beginner Parkour’ Map file.
  5. Click on it.
  6. Click on ‘open in another app’.
  7. Click ‘copy to minecraft’.
  8. Done! It should be there?.


Supported Minecraft versions


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19 Responses

4.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. ItzYash says:

    Really nice map helped me a improving my parkour skills a lot 🙂

  2. Guest-1159422767 says:

    Real fun map I got a lot better (I just got minecraft lol)

  3. ryxtell says:

    nice but the stage 2 have bug for jump

  4. SavagePanda47 says:

    Fun map.

  5. Thank you, for all the shares! (๑>◡<๑)

  6. Guest-8704354899 says:

    As someone who doesn’t usually like parkour, I have to say I had a lot of fun with this.

    Every level had some level of personality which I liked, especially in level 4, and all of them felt very unique from one another, fair and overall fun. It’d have been nice to be able to re-visit them after beating the map without having to play through the whole thing again, if that’s possible.

    The only real problem I can think of is that in the start the game is set to creative mode when the rules say to play in adventure mode, but it’s pretty easy to fix so it’s not a huge deal.

    By the end of it, I’d learned a few things that’ll I’m sure will help me out in future with parkour, and at the same time managed to have some fun. Not sure what the best way to end this off would be, but to be brief, overall I liked this map a lot. Good job 🙂

    • Guest-3402120595 says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it! I will definitely be having a look at being able re-visit the individual levels. Also I will set the default gamemode to adventure. I am so happy that you learned something from my map, and that you liked it. Thank you?

  7. Scio says:

    Ah yes, the beginner parkour, thx man

  8. Guest-4267053756 says:

    Thx I am terrible at parkour

    • LightApp says:

      The map is super fun but there is a lots of bugs, in level 4, the top barrier block just make the one block jump super impossible, in level 5(city) you can just go to the second checkpoint (maybe put barrier on it). In level 6, you can eat the cake so sometime you click it by mistake, you can’t do it

      • Firstly, thank you so much for your feedback! Also all the levels are possible, with a bit or determination and maybe even luck. I am not completely sure what levels you mean. But in level 4(city, and in all levels) the barrier blocks are meant to be there and help you get to the next block. I also don’t expect players to cheat as the map is meant to help you and make you better, so if you do cheat you are not helping yourself at all. With the cake level I will keep that in mind for future maps. Thank you!

  9. Adding .mcworld download soon.

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