Behavior Editor V3 (Script) (1.12)

The script give you access to some of entities behaviors to edit them like name, health and size you can change your health and damage and name too and make giant zombies.

Credits to reimarPB for css file

To open UI:

First you must have permissions. the first one who join the world (the owner) get permissions to edit entities and he can give other players permissions.To open the UI craft (editor) item with 3 sticks

hold the item with you hand and click on any block to open the UI

You can give other players permissions by crafting menu item using 4 sticks

and use it as i mentioned then UI will appear with a list of players on the world press on the player you want to give permissions his name will become green(in ui) to inform you that its done (note:you must have “admin” tag to use “menu” item the owner gets it automatically but you can give it to some one manually)

other note:the UI you get when you use menu item show 11 players slots so if there are more than 11 players and not all of them appear in UI you can give them permission by this command /scoreboard players set admins 1

their score must be 1 and dont delete this scoreboard objective its made by the script

Options you have:

1-change name of entities

(identifier of entity) (number of entities that will get the change) name (always show the name:true or false) (the name)

example: minecraft:zombie 2 name true hello mcpedl

also you can add new lines with \n button in bottom right of keyboard in UI

2-you can add a text to the name without overwriting it for example of a zombie is named “hi” and you type

minecraft:zombie 1 addtoname true hi

his name will be hihi

3-health you can set to any value 

(identifier of entity) (number of entities) health (value)

example: minecraft:zombie 3 health 100

4-size (its fake size their hitbox doesnt change and it doesnt work on all entities this may be fixed in the future) you can make mobs larger or smaller(if you use values lower that 0 use -1 to make entity invisible)

(identifier) (number) size (value)

minecraft:zombie 2 size 5

5-myname: will change your name

myname (enter a name)

example: myname hello world

6-addtomyname will add text to your name without overwriting previous one

example: addtomyname §4owner

7-myhealth will change your health (note youe have to take damage to see your new health)

example: myhealth 50

8-mydamage changes you attack damage

example: mydamage 20

9-(identifier) (number of entities) inventory (true or false) to make entities with inventory able to take items from them by a hopper (example: minecraft:villager_v2 1 inventory true) (doesnt work on donkey not sure why)

you can find all these instructions in help menu

you can use my mob indicator script to see the new health of entities find it on mcpedl

Note:changing size with commands will not work on all mobs

watch tutorial (old)

Changelog View more
added tutorial link no thing else changed . . .

added new way to resize mobs with nametags it gives mobs real hitboxes but it work on limited mobs and you have 5 options size0 size1 size2 size3 size4. supported mobs:zombie,husk,armor stand,pig,drowned,witch,ghast,ender dragon,horse,donkey,blaze,creeper,iron golem,phantom,ravager,skeleton,slime,villager,wolf

  1. i recommend reading the description again because alot of stuff changed
  2. removed the way to resize entities with name tags (i will find a better way when developers fix the game)
  3. changed the way of opening ui see description
  4. added "mydamage" to change your damage
  5. added a command to make entities with inventory able to take items from them by a hopper (example: minecraft:villager_v2 1 inventory true)
  6. im aware of issue the UI become big or small depending on how much pixels your device has i will try to fix it


  1. press on mcaddon link and you will get to adfly site press skip add
  2. you may get directed to some pages asking to enable notifications just ignore them you will get directed to mediafire automatically
  3. when you download the file open it and the game will open and import them 
  4. enable the behavior pack and resource pack to a world (i recommend making a copy)


Supported Minecraft versions


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22 Responses

2.22 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Anth1121 says:

    cant craft it

  2. Emily says:

    I ended up in a death loop, bullshit.

  3. Emily says:

    How do I use it on mobs?

  4. Emily says:

    IDK how to use it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can’t play the world, can’t use it :/

  6. Diego Olvera says:

    I’ve been working at it for 30 minutes!!! Plz just give me the freaking file!

  7. kd gamer says:

    make it a direct media fire link adfly is crap

  8. WasatyCiastek says:

    It says my device doesn’t support scripting, what do I do so that it can support it?

  9. SpicyMemes says:

    The link to download this mod tried to give me a virus and steal my information! I would not recommend downloading this mod.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The link to download this mod tried to give me a virus and steal my data!! This is a scam I would not recommend clicking the link!

  11. TherealRedstoner says:

    Can confirm it is working on the latest beta on pc. You do have to have experimental gameplay active. Also make sure both the texture and behavior pack are active. This should be said in the description. I’ll change my rating when I see a better description. Shouldn’t take weeks to get it working. The amount of time that could of been saved bye simply adding a couple sentences to the description. Awesome script though.

  12. ItsGoldzzie says:

    This is really great! Now I can make a giant pig😂

    • Diego Olvera says:

      It won’t let me get to the download I’ve been working at it for about 30 minutes. How did you make it?

  13. mario says:

    doesn’t work

  14. LoLo qWaZZ says:

    Cool mod

  15. Richard says:


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