BelyDoors – 3×3 Doors!

Tired of having those boring little doors?? Well, here comes BelyDoors that adds 6 new doors, but not normal doors, if not 3×3 doors ANIMATED!!!! Watch out for the metal door can kill you if it falls on you 😮

This addon will add 6 animated doors these are …

1- Dark Oak Door 3×3

2- Birch Door 3×3

3- Jungle Door 3×3

4- Glass Door 3×3

5- Iron Bars Door 3×3

6- Bookshelf Door 3×3

Also 2 objects that will serve to rotate and move doors…

7- Door Remover

8- Door Rotator

and finally an iron stick that is used to make doors and door remover…

9- Iron Stick

# How to use the remover?

to remove a door just interact with the door holding the object in hand and the door will be removed from where it was and give you the object.

# How to rotate?

If you want to rotate a door just use the door rotator the same as the remover, the door will rotate successfully.

# How to put the door in Survival mode?

To place it in survival, make it and with the door in hand simply bend down and the door will be placed!

how to make the objects?:

Make your house have a nice entrance and with animation!


Supported Minecraft versions


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43 Responses

4 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Guest-8113155992 says:

    Great, adfly link then it just send you to another ad that does nothing it won’t let me download!

  2. Please update it for 1.16

  3. SMUDGE says:

    can you pls add japan doors

  4. Guest-1571142366 says:

    Esta muy bueno el mod o es lo que veo me encantó pero solo puedo poner las puertas si uso creativo no puedo craftearlas solo me deja craftear todo lo demás menos las puertas nose porque

  5. Guest-1628019895 says:

    Hi! I add this addon to my minecraft realm and doesen’t work the crafts, bt I can use it from creative, but I want to know what is the name of the ítems for use with the command /give. Please, thanks!

  6. Guest-6773559573 says:

    En las betas que an salido el addon se buguea

    Las animaciones de las puertas se volvieron algo erráticas o rapidas

  7. Famisher says:

    Very nice! Good job =D

  8. Guest-3515679994 says:

    No puedo hacer ningún crafteo y en creativo no me aparece el Door Remove ni el Door rotation, ayuda

  9. Guest-3868221991 says:

    make it so that you can open the doors and it doesn’t close itself, so that later you can close them yourself. Also make this add-on work with the add-on with city live

  10. Guest-6414696092 says:

    Best freaking addon. 5 Stars! <3

  11. Guest-6156849342 says:

    guys stop attacking him/or her because barrier blocks are left behind, its not their fault, there may be a glitch or he/or she may have forgotten, calm down, this is a very amazing mod, perfect for prisons and horror maps

  12. Guest-9462357451 says:

    Really cool addon! The problem is that it doesnt work with other addons, example: I use furnicraft addon and this one at the same time, but the spawn eggs look different and the doors are invisible, it will only work if theres only that addon, so if you can, please fix it, I really want to use it with my other addons :<

  13. Guest-3664675209 says:

    could you use a website that isnt known for stealing information? my anti virus goes haywire from this website…..

  14. Guest-8946938274 says:

    Crafting iron sticks isn’t working?

  15. Guest-1950429880 says:

    No me aparecen los crafteos no puedo craftear ningun objeto del mod

  16. Novanes says:

    Amazing! Love the Iron-bar door and the book-shelve door. Maybe add more custom doors?

  17. Guest-1099222128 says:

    what about the proximity module ???

  18. Guest-4953950997 says:


  19. Guest-2926906818 says:

    Can you do a Realms version? You’d just have to change the objects that rotate and remove the doors

  20. FrostGamerYT says:

    Will you add more doors like garage doors facility type doors?

  21. PoweredGod says:

    This addon is a joke. In survival, if you plant these doors and then break them BARRIER blocks are left behind above and sides of the doors.

    A Terrible Execution tbh. At least run a /air command in the vicinity of the door when it’s destroyed so these stupid blocks are not left behind. SMH

    I will remove my review and give you 5 stars if you fix this joke of a mod.

  22. Astrokylo1 says:

    Finaly uniqe addon but Can you make security door that slide up like on fnaf thank you😊

  23. Can you please make a 3×2 or 3×1 door for factory maps or horror maps? I’m making an horror factory map and it needs a door for the 3 block high mobs to go through.

  24. Guest-6462157919 says:

    I cant put it in the floor

  25. Guest-9043836579 says:

    Good, but it ‘ll be better if it has more blocks to doors

  26. Sufs gaming says:

    I can’t craft iron sticks 🙁

  27. Guest-7732696910 says:

    you can add two types of garage doors to the addon if you add then thanks

  28. Sufs gaming says:

    Uhh I always wanted bigger doors. Thank you so much

  29. Guest-6256065695 says:


  30. Guest-1070620358 says:

    Good mod but you can do the same with the hatches

  31. Kirby420 says:

    Haven’t downloaded it, how do you open it?

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