BEMZ’s Minigame Mashup

Welcome To BEMZ’s Minigame Mashup. This map is made up of 30-40 Different “mini-mini-games”. Average around length is 5-10 mins, as you can tell. These are very quick competitive and random game modes.

BEMZ’s Minigame Mashup

About the Mini-Minigames

There are 30-40 different minigames, these are specifically designed to be played quickly and because you play all of these so quickly, there are infact a mini-minigame. There are loads of challanges that happen randomly, some more rare then others, you could be shooting friends with snowballs or just testing your brain by compleating one of the numerous puzzles. It has it all!


The game-room

The lobby


What happens if something breaks?

If something breaks, try to re-download the world from here or message me on discord or twitter!

How many players do you need to play?

There is a limit of 6 people, but people can still join the game, when you start a new match, the game will choose 6 random people to play.

Who else helped make this map?

I had some help from friends from all over come and help. SUPERSLYMEBOI from SG helped, FunTimes come and built a little and also rabbitsgallore as well. They are all awsome people go give them some love below.


BEMZ – Programmer and Designer | Discord | Twitter

FunTimes – Designer | Discord FunTimes#4331 |

Rabitsgallore – Designer and Builds

SUPERSLYMEBOI – Designer and commands  | Twitter | Discord Slymeboii#5174 |


Supported Minecraft versions


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6 Responses

3.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Sienna says:

    It was fun helping u make this map I love it!!

  2. Stupid map says:

    This map is broken and nearly trash , none of these game are acctually fun and theres just 10 or below game

  3. Anonymous says:

    most of the levels are broken

  4. SmurfySameh says:

    An Amazing map if you ignore the issues. just disappointing it only has 9 map when it says on above ” This map is made up of 30-40 Different “mini-mini-games” ” The redstone puzzles are broken and not fun. the move the block puzzle : all you have to do is run to the end, extend the piston and your up. no blocks moving. and the redstone logic puzzle : just stand at one side and run in a line and hit every lever. still Great for a few seconds of fun if you download this map

    • BEMZ says:

      Thanks for the honest feedback! I was working on an update to this map, but unfortunatly my PC broke and i had to reset it. I am releasing a map very soon that will satisfy you!

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