Bendy Game Horror 2 [Adventure]

This is the second map in the Bendy Game Horror maps series. Similar to the previous one it’s based on a horror game called Bendy and the Ink Machine.  You’ll play as a character who has to find some bacon soup for a friend, but soon you’ll find yourself entangled in some other problems which you need to deal with first.

Creator: BendyTheDemonTwitter Account
Updated: 29 April, 2018 (read changelog)


  •  Added more tips
  • Added new Boris animation
  • Fixed spawn bug and gamemode bug
  • Added enable cheat options


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42 Responses

3.25 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. Wyattiscool says:


  2. bendy the demon 12 says:

    bendy the demon 18 this map is amazing:)

  3. Samthedj says:

    It’s not importing to minecraft

  4. Baby kittencute says:

    I can’t se the level on my screen it’s is standing downloaded but can’t find it plz fix it

  5. Anonymus says:

    All of your maps don’t work on my IPad, can you look into this?

  6. Brogyn Smith says:

    It Doesn’t Work For Windows 10 Edition

  7. What wrong with the world?

  8. Bob says:

    It spawns me in a random island

  9. Jimmy222 says:

    The worstes garbage I ever seeen

  10. Elijahdylan says:


  11. MrBendy says:

    Broken your over map is broken too fix it please but looks ?.

  12. IDK says:

    Can you put a link for the heads pack pls? I really want then in my world :V

  13. such a sad comment says:

    Please fix it!

  14. such a sad comment says:

    I spawned on this island in the middle of nowhere, is this fake because it didn’t even show anything

  15. such a sad comment says:

    I spawned on this island in the middle of nowhere, is this fake because it didn’t even show anything! I was so sad! Please fix this glitch, so I can play the game!

  16. Angela says:

    Bendythedemon i just downloaded the map for my video

  17. Potato says:

    How did you do to create this texture? It was very good!

  18. Brogyn Smith says:

    It’s Not There

  19. Cilly says:

    Why! Your map is broken . I spawned in an island
    I wanted to play it
    *note* I was playing in minecraft pe beta

  20. Derp says:

    It won’t download for me

  21. Shadow says:

    It won’t download for me anymore

  22. 09bendyboyy says:

    I would give five stars ⭐️ if it actually worked

  23. Freed says:

    Can you help me what command did you use when you die there will be a word popping in the screen?

  24. XtremeChargeGame says:


  25. PikachuBoi12 says:

    Awesome another bendy!

  26. Lammian says:

    It’s really one of the best maps iv’e ever played!

  27. Qwnmai says:

    I spawned in the middle of nowhere?

  28. Lamemin says:

    Oof.. I like it

  29. ABC says:

    It’s a really good game will there be 3?… c;

  30. Anonymous says:

    did not work on my computer and every other thing i downloaded worked your map is broken

  31. Shadow says:

    What command did you use for the music at the spawn area of the map?

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