Published on July 17, 2022

Best Speedrun Seed 1.19

A speedrun seed has to contain everything you need in a very small area to pass the game in a very short time.In this seed you will appear in a village with 4 blacksmiths, and then I will give you the coordinates of the places you need.-Ruined portal-Bastion-Nether Fortresses-End portal

Seed ID


seems legit,ill see if it works for 1.20
I spent like an hour logging in to MCPEDL just so that I could tell you how great this seed is! I have constantly been wanting to beat the game in Minecraft survival but not over the course of like three years so I think this seed will be perfect! I didn't get the exact loot in the chests as shown in the pics, but it was very similar, and by the first night I had almost a full set of armor! Thank you billions of times and please keep up the good work!