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Published on June 13, 2015 (Updated on June 13, 2015)

Best Village Ever [Creation]

This village map is much different compared to the ordinary villages and cities usually created. Parts of movies and games have been implemented as structures in the map. Take as an example the house with a thousand ballons tied to its roof which was seen in the animated movie Up, that you can visit in the village.

Everything about the village looks different and interesting. No building is the same which leaves lots of things to explore and discover.

Creator: Miss Lala, Miss Boss

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Not the best. Definitely not the best.
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Plz do mcworld link because i cant download on zip
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Plz update to .mcworld map!!
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I can't download it
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Do an link plz!!
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Very creative! :3
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Add an link please
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I very very like this map! Zis is so Awesome!
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