Bettafish Addon

This Addon adds betta fish that are available in 6 different colors these fish are very beautiful in real life and in Minecraft this Addon has hd textures in the fish so they will be very realistic in the game, these fish will give more aquatic life to The rivers of the game so you can observe or catch them to have them as a pet are quite beautiful fish so you will want to have one as a pet or decoration in your Minecraft worlds

Features of this Addon

  •   Health: 5
  •   Number of colors available: 6
  •   They are totally peaceful
  •   They appear naturally in the rivers of Minecraft They can be caught with a   bucket like any fish in Minecraft and it will have the name of another fish but it is the betta fish so you will not have any problem when catching it and putting it in your fish tank and decorating your house or your fish pond this Addon is perfect to be used in survival


Supported Minecraft versions


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12 Responses

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  1. Mom come pick me up im scared

  2. The great Q says:

    They look nice but bettas should attack each other like they do in real life

  3. ITS OVER 9000 says:

    These are beautiful. Can you make a texture pack that makes all vanilla things this beautiful?

  4. sorry for the problems, it was a error in the website, I solved

  5. Howulikethat says:

    Nice add-on but how can I download it?

  6. TheRubyRedLeviathan says:

    It says on the download that i’m not invited, what does it mean.

  7. E_Dude says:

    Nice mod though the beta fish can be smaller? Right?

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