Better Drops Mod

In Minecraft PE it takes by default four seconds to drop a stack of items and there’s no possibility to decide how many of them you want to throw away.

The Better Drops Mod adds the possibility to throw one block at a time and if you continue to press the hotbar slot the items will be dropped at a much faster rate until all are dropped or you stop pressing the hotbar slot. It’s an extremely nifty addon if you more easily want to get rid of certain amount of one of your items.

Creator: Byteandahalf, Twitter Account


Press down the hotbar slot where the items are stored to start throwing away the items. If you want to get a more specific description how it works we recommend to watch the short video down below. It’s much easier described in a video.



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5 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does this work with Windows 10 edition?

  2. SaadOthmanIC says:

    I am using iOS but I don’t know how to extract .zip files

  3. Pat says:

    Hello, I’m currently using a iOS device to download this Mod, I’ve put it to my iCloud file but how am I to extract the .zip file? Please tell me, thank you ^_^

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