Better Fishin’ Addon

The Better Fishin’ Addon was to created to bring some more luck to fishing in Minecraft. Your chances for catching a few different item types have been increased by enough to make the catches more frequent. There’s are also some new things which can be caught. Such items include diamond and iron armor items. But it’s still quite well balanced in a sense where the items are still rare enough to make them fun and surprising to catch.

Creator: Krish12003

How does it work?

It’s only the diamond and iron armors which are something new you can catch. All other items still remain the same, except that some of the catch rates for certain items have been increased.

  • 33% chance increasement of obtaining enchanted books
  • You will now be able to catch iron armor items (previously it was leather)
  • Small chance to catch diamond armor items
  • Luck of the Sea (Enchantment) (Level 3) gives a 50% chance of getting a treasure


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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32 Responses

3.89 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-1587023944 says:

    If you get an error when trying to import it, then you need to open the .mcpack file with something like winrar. Then open the manifest file and delete the last comma. Then it should work.

  2. Alora says:

    This mod is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but it no longer works with all the new updates.
    Any chance you can update it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can you please use media fire it never has viruses unlike ad-fly. Please

  4. Asriel says:

    reel-y nice addon👍

  5. Notch and drugz says:

    That fish brang me nostalgic

  6. BR says:

    Unable to parse pack manifest with stack: * Line 17, Column 1
    Missing ‘}’ or object member name

  7. Tk says:

    I get same error as James Hunter.

  8. James Hunter says:

    Unable to parse pack manifest with stack: * Line 17, Column 1
    Missing ‘}’ or object member name
    I’m getting this error

  9. icyfydude says:

    it doesn’t work nothing reels in

  10. GenArt says:

    Can’t reel in any loot.

  11. Funnylames says:

    Still show some error when you download the addon

  12. Glasman says:

    What version of minecraft pe is this foR?

  13. Endernbrine says:

    I always wanted an addon like this one. Can they have a catch rate for saddles? They would be awesome

  14. NetherExplorer78 says:

    Nice addon i like fishing in Minecraft for my survival world

  15. MasterCraft2410 says:

    Nice addon

  16. George says:

    It isn’t working. Loot tables are the same as default.

  17. Lime says:

    This is good

  18. Jetmaster231 says:

    Nice addon, hey creator, can you make a mortar/artillery addon, that would be cool, to blow up villages!


  19. Mathieu says:

    How to modify the treasure pourcentage?

  20. Mathieu says:


  21. Krish12003 says:

    Reply to report bugs if any.

  22. Mzhill says:

    Cool concept 🙂

  23. Craftmaster62 says:

    Yay first comment nice addon though

  24. Craftmaster62 says:

    Yay first Comment nice addon

  25. Xx1n5an3xX says:

    Nice! Got Some Amazing Things!

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