Better Ghasts

Improves upon vanilla Ghast textures in almost every way possible, radically changing your experience in the Nether. Your world will never be the same again.

I’m so sorry for what I’ve done.

Do the vanilla Ghasts look boring to you? Do you long for a reason to lose faith in humanity? This is the pack for you!

Simply improving on the vanilla aesthetic, these new Ghast textures make for much more intimidating engagements.

I’m so sorry.

Changelog View more

-Fixed .mcpack file contents, fixed in-game desc. and file name.


Double click downloaded .mcpack file, should just open it directly into Minecraft and start the import.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.7 1.8 1.9



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34 Responses

4.5 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. BenJamin9794 says:


  2. Jack123sd says:

    Ghast: OwO

    Also Ghast 🔴w🔴

  3. Guest-9556281181 says:

    Wait, why is the 1st screenshot had Nether Update

  4. E404NNF says:

    Let me get the bleach

  5. User-1861021745 says:

    thank you so so much

  6. User-8699989675 says:

    It´s perfect

  7. User-8977191287 says:

    Owo uWu

  8. User-4101324780 says:

    Bow when I see a ghast I see this thing you created LOL

  9. User-3093261315 says:

    The mouth should open when the ghast shoots a fireball.

  10. User-6019602718 says:

    how do i unsee this

  11. User-5064162848 says:

    Those are much worse tbh

  12. User-1827673547 says:

    Delete this

  13. User-3922984141 says:

    thoses scary red eyes…..

  14. User-8168429291 says:

    work in minecraft windows 10 ????

  15. User-5117954806 says:

    ghast when alone: UwU
    ghast when see players: 0w0

  16. User-5971860907 says:

    Ghast:omae wa munshinderiu



  17. User-3803079298 says:

    The background of the uwu ghast. Is the Nether in mcpe updated?!

    • User-1625158158 says:

      Probably a beta tester

      • User-1778422289 says:

        No the nether update for bedrock isn’t out on beta yet, I am a beta tester and I believe I know how the got it. #1 They may have a texture pack that changes the current nether. #2 They may just have have converted it to work with java and went in the snapshot. Sorry for making it so long.

        • User-4699379543 says:

          Nah it’s fine, I just searched and none of the betas have anything related to the nether update in it. Sorry about being dumb

        • User-3945222621 says:

          Exactly. I refused the java edition screenshots I took when uploading that one to display on this version, since Bedrock didn’t capture screenshots properly.

  18. User-1989423881 says:

    Mom come pick me up im scared

  19. User-7272231246 says:

    OwO what’s this?

  20. User-9985447230 says:

    Now add the UwU to every f♥️♥️♥️ing texture or I’ll find you

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