Better Minecraft Mod (Food Update)

Have you ever thought yourself that Minecraft can get a bit boring after you had (couple of times) defeated a Dragon of End, collected a full house of emeralds, had won all social servers mini-games?

Or think that it all may get boring like hamster wheel in the end as you have never got any diamond? Then, please, enjoy! This add-on was made for you!

Dark vales of Herobrine lands

The High mountains biome. Forested foothills are also visible.

Castle counties generated as valley in high mountains.

The creeper lands biome with lot of creepers and generated structure zombie house.

The weird looking creeper hills. No structures and vegetation are there.

The grassy hills biome. You can find lot of sheeps there.

The valey in Epic mountains

One of “structures” appearing in Herobrine lands

Alps edge in middle, Alps on left, alps forests on right and high mountains in background.

Castle counties biome populated by villagers

Better sky.

Wasteland biome with lot of tallgrass and ruins

Lakeland Mountains biome. Lot of fir trees are there.

Clearing in lower woods biome.

High Mountains glacier biome.

Woodland Mountains Biome.

Fir forest. Fir is only tree generating there.

Pine taiga biome.

Another picture of High Mountains.

Subtropical plains biome with mangos, oranges and olives.

Hot lava pools in Volcano biome.

Highland biome. It is plateau-like version of plains.

“The better Minecraft” add-on is adding lot of new biomes and structures as you may see in the pictures above.

There are things for noobs as well as for pro-gamers. You can take a challenge and try to live in creeper lands or live in peace in castle counties guarded by villager warriors.

For the miners there are high mountains where they can find ores like gold and iron or search for diamonds above ground as well.

You can load structures from this mod by using structure block in load mode. To load the structure you have to write into loading window: “castleof” to load castle, “zombiehouse1” to load zombie house,”camp” to load traveling camp anh “hute(number from 1-4)” to load villager house, ruin(number from 1-5) to load ruin.

This add-on is adding several new biomes with their variants (see the list below) containing their unique structures and landscapes. Main and most noticeable of them are listed below.

Castle counties biome is very similar to vanilla plains, however containing more greenish grass and castles are being generated out there. No hostile mobs can surprise you and spawn there.

High Mountains is biome with very high peaks often higher than y-125  coordinates (highest peaks can be about y-200). To have a bit more smoother slopes foothills are added as sub-biome.

Herobrine land is hilly biome similar to foothills of the High Mountains, however with no trees. It is better to go here well prepared. Mysterious structures are from time to time appearing around the biome.

Creeper lands and their sub biomes of creeper hills are biomes mainly made from obsidian. Lot of creepers resides there. You can find some zombie dwellings there too.

Grassy hills biome is the perfect one for shepherds. Vegetation, mobs and animals are same there like in the vanilla plains, but more sheeps can be found there.

Epic Mountains are biome with extreme large mountains.. (Not as large as High Mountains but steeper) covered with thick snow.

List of biomes

  • Castle counties
  • High mountains
  • Herobrine lands
  • Creeper hills
  • Creeper lands
  • Epic mountains
  • Grassy hills
  • Alps
  • Marshland
  • Wasteland
  • Pine Taiga
  • Woodland hills
  • Lower Woods
  • Dense forest
  • Lakeland Mountains
  • Sick Enchanted Darkwood forest
  • Fir Forest
  • Woodland Mountains
  • Highland
  • Volcano
  • Subtropical plains

List of structures

  • Castle of king
  • Wandering camp
  • zombiehouse1
  • Herobrine builds- Tunnels, tnt mounds, dead trees.
  • Villager houses
  • Ruins
  • Herobrines tower

New trees and wood


Pines are new type of wood added in this mod. Pine trees are generating in taigas and high mountains. Pine wood is very resistant to fire but by hand you can destroy it very quickly. You can craft planks, bark, stairs, slabs, fences and fence gates. blocks from it. More features will be added in future.

Pine bark, leaves, wood and planks.

Naturally generated pine tree.


Fir is new type of wood found in fir forest and Lakeland Mountains. You can craft planks, bark, stairs, slabs, fences and fence gates from it. It has higher resistance from explosions than pines but fire can destroy it much faster.

Fir stairs, bark, log, planks, fence and fence gate.

Fir tree.

Fruit wood.

Fruit wood is used in every fruit tree in mod. You can craft planks, bark, stairs, slabs, fences and fence gates from it.

Fruit stairs, bark, log, planks, fence and fence gate.

New items


This mod adds lots of new food items. There are wines, cakes, fruits, meats and some vanilla foods have changed recipes.

Example of how to make salted meat.

Bacon is made from three salted porkchops.

Crafting recipe for flour.

Pastry. It is default ingredient for lot of baked stuff.

Bread is made from three pastries.

Recipe for Sachertorte.

Now you can cut bread into three loafs.


Steel can be crafted by putting iron into blast furnace. You can craft steel sword what is dealing +6 damage and have 500 durability or pickaxe what have almost infinite durability. Armor is planned to be added.


Villager warriors are peacefull mobs. They are guarding Castle counties biome in grups from 2-15. They have Iron helmet on their head and steel sword in their hands.( sometimes there is bug that sword in their hands is invisible ). You can hire them by giving them emeralds. If you right click on them they will halt and by another right click they will follow you (just like wolf). You can breed them by cooked meat.

One of them guarding small settlement in castle counties.

Food traders

Food traders are similar to wandering traders but instead of rubbish they are selling food to you. You can buy salt from them so, you do not need to mine for it, you can also buy uncraftable foods like enchanted golden apples, tomatos and wine.

New animals


Bears are very similar to polar bears. You can find them in forest caves at night. When you get too close to their children, every parent in range of 80 blocks will attack you.


Ducks are passive mobs found in rivers. When killed they will drop feathers and duck meat. They hate cods, so they are eating them.


Herobrine is boss similar to ender dragon or wither. He has 2500 hp and is invincible. He can be summoned in survival but i will not write about that cruel here.

Other info

  • This mod is mainly about exploration so thats why i did not wrote on this page everything.
  • Creeperlands are oldest biome added into this mod.
  • Armies are mob events similar to pillager patrols. They are spawning in creeperlands and herobrines lands. They are very destructive.
  • By applieing additional texture pack as global resource you can change panorama in main ui screen.There is tutorial how to do that:
  • 1.Go into global resources.
  • 2.Apply better minecraft additional texture pack an click on cogwheel button.
  • 3.Select your favourite panorama.
  • 4.Enjoy nostalgia by looking at old panoramas!

Known bugs

  • Duck legs are bit bugged.
  • Some wooden tools have bugged craftings from custom woods.
  • Villagebrine has bugged arms and do not attack you

If you will discover new bug or want to write a suggestion write it into comments or on email [email protected]If you have some idea what can be in the next update write it on email [email protected] Maybe your idea will be featured in the next update! If you have discovered easter egg write it also on better minecraft email!

Changelog View more
  • Added Highland biome
  • Added Volcano biome
  • Added Subtropical plains biome
  • Added muddy river biome
  • Added Waterfalls biome
  • Added Herobriens tower
  • Added 4 new fruits
  • Added 5 new fruit trees
  • Added Hrobrine
  • Added salt
  • Added salt ore
  • Added fruit wood
  • Added New foods
  • Added new food ingredients
  • Reworked Herobrines lands
  • Reworked High mountains
  • Reworked plains
  • Reworked Warriors
  • Reworked Alps
  • Fixed Warriors
  • Fixed block frictions
  • Fixed Herobrine stalker feature
  • Fixed crashes
  • Added Pine taiga.
  • Added Fir forest.
  • Added Woodland biome.
  • Added Dense Forest.
  • Added Fir trees.
  • Fixed Castle generation.
  • Fixed biome foiliages  (Not for Android).
  • Added Info function.
  • Added Sick darkwood forest.
  • Added Sick Darkwood wood.
  • Improved High mountains forests biome
  • Improved High Mountains Foothills
  • Added Herobrine brute
  • Added Battleground biome
  • Added Wasteland biome
  • Added Wasteland hills
  • Birch forest is now birch swamp-forest
  • Added ruins structure
  • Fixed Castle generation
  • Added Better Minecraft Skin Pack
  • Added Pine Stairs
  • Added Fir blocks(Not generate Naturally)
  • added villager warriors
  • added steel
  • added new structures into Castle counties
  • Added alps biome with its sub biomes
  • Added Marshland biome
  • added pine trees
  • added custom biome fogs
  • changed texture of sky, sun and moon.
  • Improved High Mountains biome terrain generation
  • Added Epic Mountains biome
  • Solved bug that structures arent generating
  • Herobrines Lands are cold wasteland whit spruce trees and yellow grass.
  • Grassy hills have darker grass
  • Creeper lands are much rarer
  • Deleted Volcanic Isles biome
  • Improved High Mountains biome terrain generation
  • Added Epic Mountains biome
  • Solved bug that structures arent generating
  • Herobrines Lands are cold wasteland whit spruce trees and yellow grass.
  • Grassy hills have darker grass
  • Creeper lands are much rarer
  • Deleted Volcanic Isles biome
  • Herobrine Lands are forested
  • This version of mod started solving bug that structures aren't naturally generating
  • Plains no longer generate as part of creeperlands
  • Volcanic Isles are much rarer


  1. Download add-on
  2. Delete any old version of add-on
  3. Import it into Minecraft 
  4. Create world and active resource, behaviour pack and additional texture pack EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY REQUIRED


Supported Minecraft versions


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4.39 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Mobs are great, but there is no structures, biomes, or food.

    • huntclan says:

      From what i’ve tried, I think the food can be obtained by commands/survival gameplay. For the biomes and structures (and maybe food too) you need Experimental Gameplay on.

  2. huntclan says:

    Great add-on! Would you mind if I use this for my YT? If so, just let me know how you want to be credited! 😀

  3. Just some random kid who likes minecraft says:

    Btw I play on IOS

  4. Just some random kid who likes minecraft says:

    Hey dude ever since 1.16 custom biomes don’t work for me including in your addon. If you can find a way to fix this I will be very proud and give you five stars.

  5. RatoPower says:

    Quando sai uma nova atualização?🤔

  6. skier0224 says:

    amazing addon! the biomes look amazing and make the game so much better!
    theres a few things with the new trees though-the logs don’t break faster with an axe and the leaves don’t break faster with a hoe or shears. also, the fences are completely broken, the lighting is messed up, they don’t connect, and the gates only place in one direction and can’t be opened.

  7. RatoPower says:

    Otimo addon, mas acho que poderia ter uma versão sem a melhoria no ceu

  8. Chris48332 says:

    Hey, you said armor will soon be added. I know how Mojang restricts mod creators to create new armor sets so is there any way you can replace the chain armor? Changing it to Steel armor and making it craftable out of steel as well.

  9. Omg how did you make to do stairs slabs fences and fence gates?

  10. xRandomyzxXD says:

    Good job man.I Appriciate it

  11. joe847802 says:

    Works well. I love it, it also works on realms. But warning, the high mountains crash the server. Sucks that realms servers cant handle it when it spawns. If your by yourself on realms, it works no problem even with the mountain. But when more than 2 people join the realms, expect crashes and rollbacks. besides that, great addon

  12. CSGOaway says:

    this is a great mod but the pickaxe does not work for me

  13. Guest-6886738316 says:

    Most recent and yes its on

  14. Guest-1027602369 says:

    Are the biomes rare cause all ive found were 2 little campsites

  15. Guest-7292571908 says:

    Good addon. I have some questions.
    1. How can i distinguish epic mountains from high mountains?
    2. Why is my computer crashing sometimes whit this mod?
    3. Is there a good seed for creeperlands? They are very rare.

    • MrMob757 says:

      1. Epic mountains is large plateau like biome whit many crags and caves. High mountains have dynamical shape and higher peaks.
      2. This is a minecraft bug.
      3. Try Desert village from seed picker.

  16. MrMob757 says:

    Snapshot 1.0.1 will be there within 48 hours

  17. Guest-6927417662 says:

    You writed in the text about castle counties that it is guarded by villager warriors but there arent any villager warriors. And structures arent generating.

  18. Guest-4223116641 says:

    Can you make a chanhelog where you will write features that will be in next update?

  19. MrMob757 says:

    Sorry I write there that update 1.0.1 will be released before 3rd of may but there are some problems so I can not release it yet.

  20. Guest-3464643273 says:

    Is this available on Xbox?

  21. Guest-4400911802 says:

    This is very good add-on.

  22. Guest-9681309957 says:

    These structures will not appear in 1.14。

  23. Guest-8884106120 says:

    Bruh the links are glitched they put the link but it got glitched

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