Better NPC Addon

Introducing Better NPC Add-on !

A new feature to play Minecraft NPC.

Hello! Minecraft friends, this Add-on is very useful for completing your Minecraft Projects , like adventure maps and etc. Using this add-on , will make your world more fantastic! Better NPC add-on introduce different kinds of NPC with different animation and model. Don’t wory cause this NPC are editable like the original Minecraft NPC , you can add text , command , change their skin and name , with 201 different skins to play!

Welcome to Better NPC !

Introducing New NPC that will help you a lot, to develop & improved your Minecraft World Story.
Create more detailed world using Better NPC.
This Add-On created by: Rio Nakamura Nishida Eyo from Philippines.
Better NPC,s create to use in Roleplay’s idea, for Minecraft .
This Add-On only work’s in Minecraft BETA for Android.
supported minecraft version:
1.15 to 1.16 higher+++.

NPC’s  List:

1: NPC Villager Shape
2: NPC Pig
3: NPC Walk
4: NPC Player 3×3 Arm
5: NPC Dance
6: NPC Model
7: NPC Skeleton
8: NPC Summoner
9: NPC Base Model
10: NPC Player 4×4 Arm
11: NPC Golem
12: NPC Clap
13: NPC Looser
15: NPC Yes!
16: NPC No!
17: NPC Sitting Model 1
18: NPC Sitting Model 2
19: NPC Jack & Poy!
20: NPC Bubble Head
21: NPC Laying
22: NPC Swimmer
23: NPC Pose
24: NPC Fight
25: NPC Playing Computer
26: NPC Laying under the Tree
27: NPC Laying Side
28: NPC Snow Angel
29: NPC Pee
30: NPC Excercise
31: NPC Sleep
32: NPC Raise Hand
33: NPC Cried
34: NPC Magician
35: NPC Move
36: NPC Look at Wrist Watch
37: NPC Baby
38: NPC Chubby Not Walking
39: NPC Chubby Walking
40: NPC 1 yrs Old
41: NPC 2 yrs Old
42: NPC 3yrs Old
43: NPC College Student
44: NPC Day Care Student
45: NPC Elementary Student
46: NPC Grade 6 Student
47: NPC High School Student
48: NPC Kinder
49: NPC Cute Kid
50: NPC Slim
51: NPC Baby Head Bang
52: NPC Kid
53: NPC Cutie
54: NPC Minion

A Total of:    54 Different NPC’s.

NPC Skin Information:

NPC Golem   –  10 Skins.
NPC Pig         –   20 Skins
NPC  Skeleton –  40 Skins
NPC Player       – 201 Skins

The rest are using 201 Minecraft Story Mode Skin’s.

Better NPC Data Information:

The following List are itemName and inventoryName. This are usefull for those new users of this Add-On.

Row:   A  –  This are the list of itemName’s we use to add in ” Summon Command “.
            Example:   /summon md:npc_deco   .

Row:    B    –    This are the list of inventoryName’s  we use to type in Creative Inventory.

Note!:  (  Save a copy of  A & B list, it will help you a lot when your offline. )

       A.                          B.

md:npc_deco                   NPC Villager Shape
md:npc_pig                       NPC Pig
md:npc_wn                       NPC Walk
md:npc_player                 NPC Player 3×3 Arm
md:npc_nw                         NPC Dance
md:npc_do                          NPC Model
md:npc_sklt                        NPC Skeleton
md:npc_jesse                     NPC Summoner
md:npc_na                          NPC Base Model
md:npc_ply                         NPC Player 4×4 Arm
md:npc_gm                          NPC Golem
md:npc_clap                        NPC Clap
md:npc_cry                           NPC Looser
md:npc_da                            NPC LOL
md:npc_yes                          NPC Yes!
md:npc_no                            NPC No!
md:npc_sit_1                         NPC Sitting Model 1
md:npc_sit_2                          NPC Sitting Model 2
md:npc_play                           NPC Jack & Poy!
md:npc_bob                            NPC Bubble Head
md:npc_lay                               NPC Laying
md:npc_swim                            NPC Swimmer
md:npc_pose                             NPC Pose
md:npc_fight                              NPC Fight
md:npc_com                       NPC Playing Computer
md:npc_ut                       NPC Laying under the Tree
md:npc_sl                                     NPC Laying Side
md:npc_sa                                    NPC Snow Angel
md:npc_pee                                  NPC Pee
md:npc_ex                                     NPC Excercise
md:npc_sleep                                NPC Sleep
md:npc_ako                                    NPC Raise Hand
md:npc_crd                                      NPC Cried
md:npc_mgc                                   NPC Magician
md:npc_mv                                     NPC Move
md:npc_watch                  NPC Look at Wrist Watch
md:npc_baby                                   NPC Baby
md:npc_chibi                     NPC Chubby Not Walking
md:npc_fat                               NPC Chubby Walking
md:npc_1old                                      NPC 1 yrs Old
md:npc_2old                                       NPC 2 yrs Old
md:npc_3old                                 NPC 3yrs Old
md:npc_cb                               NPC College Student
md:npc_dc                              NPC Day Care Student
md:npc_elem                      NPC Elementary Student
md:npc_gd1                          NPC Grade 6 Student
md:npc_hs                          NPC High School Student
md:npc_kinder                         NPC Kinder
md:npc_mini                             NPC Cute Kid
md:npc_slim                             NPC Slim
md:npc_bhb                             NPC Baby Head Bang
md:npc_kiddo                           NPC Kid
md:npc_plushie                        NPC Cutie
md:npc_todo                             NPC Minion

NPC Characteristics:

1: NPC Villager Shape   –  just a copy of the original Minecraft NPC , the difference are the obtaining option.
2: NPC Pig   –  just a pig , doesn’t move.
3: NPC Walk    – the one who can walk & fight mobs.
4: NPC Player 3×3 Arm – no animation.
5: NPC Dance   –  not walking but can dance.
6: NPC Model   –  nothing speacial but usefull.
7: NPC Skeleton – walking , fighting mobs.
8: NPC Summoner  –  walking , fighting can summon NPC Skeleton to help player fight mobs.
9: NPC Base Model   – nothing speacial but usefull ( different animation ).
10: NPC Player 4×4 Arm – no animation.
11: NPC Golem  – a NPC version of Iron Golem but same of Iron Golem can do.
12: NPC Clap  –  just calpping its hands while staying.
13: NPC Looser   –  Secret! check in Game 😉
14: NPC LOL         –  Secret!  check in Game 😉
15: NPC Yes!         –  Shaking its head from up and down.
16: NPC No!           –  Shaking its head from left & right.
17: NPC Sitting Model 1 – just sitting .
18: NPC Sitting Model 2 – just sitting while shaking its head.
19: NPC Jack & Poy!   – just playing the stone and paper game.
20: NPC Bubble Head – Secret! check in Game 😉
21: NPC Laying   –  Laying in Bed position.
23: NPC Pose   –  nothin speacial.
24: NPC Fight   –  fighting animation.
25: NPC Playing Computer – playing computer animation.
26: NPC Laying under the Tree – laying under the tree position.
27: NPC Laying Side – Secret! check in Game 😉.
28: NPC Snow Angel  – playing in snow animation .
29: NPC Pee             – Peeing animation.
30: NPC Excercise   – Workout animation.
31: NPC Sleep          –   sleeping Only.
32: NPC Raise Hand  – Raising its hand animation.
33: NPC Cried            –  Crying animation.
34: NPC Magician      – Floating like a magician . ( same animation of the Better Herobrine i created ).
35: NPC Move       –   Secret! Check in Game 😉.
36: NPC Look at Wrist Watch – Looking at his wrist watch.
37: NPC Baby  –   Baby version , walking and fighting.
38: NPC Chubby Not Walking – Not walking. Chubby Model.
39: NPC Chubby Walking – Chubby Model Walking and Fighting!
40: NPC 1 yrs Old  – xs  small size
41: NPC 2 yrs Old   – xs  medium size
42: NPC 3yrs Old    – xs  large size
43: NPC College Student    –  xm large size
44: NPC Day Care Student  –  xs   small size.
45: NPC Elementary Student – xs medium size.
46: NPC Grade 6 Student – small size. level 2
47: NPC High School Student – medium size
48: NPC Kinder   –  small size level 1
49: NPC Cute Kid – super small sizd
50: NPC Slim          –  slim size.
51: NPC Baby Head Bang  – chibi version sitting while shaking its head.
52: NPC Kid  – medium small size.
53: NPC Cutie  – Chibi version not walking.
54: NPC Minion – Chibi version walking , fighting , can summon troops, tameable can follow owner anywhere he go.


How to kill NPC?

Since i removed the function that can cause npc killed when hitted by player due to some request that their NPC data was lost when the npc hitted by a monster or another player, the only way’s to kill or delete the NPC is using the following options.

2 Ways to remove NPC:

( This is very hastle but usefull , for the meantime only , while im finding a way to add a delete option ).

Option 1:

  1. Edit – click edit button in the NPC you want to remove
  1. Click additional settings , then add command and type this  (    kill @s  ) .

        “/” is not needed when adding commands in the npc.

Option 2:

          In your chat bar enter this command.
/kill @e ( your npc name )
             /kill @e rio
If the option 2 didn’t work you can add this command  in the NPC Command settings by doing the method like Option 1. dont add button option.
tp 000 0 000 
and change your game mode to survival and talk the npc , after closing npc message , npc will be gone and teleported to 0 location under the bedrock.

Is this work in Bedrock

A:   No ,  cause NPC is not Added in 1.14.

The original NPC was introduce in the old version of minecraft year’s  ago, then they decided to bring it back and added in the 1.15 Beta Version.

When the npc bring back, i decided to make a modification on it then it happens, the Better NPC was Born.

Can you make for I.O.S?

I am very sorry that i can’t make an I.O.S version of this since i don’t have I.O.S device.

Is this work in Java and Windows?

I don’t know yet because i made this in minecraft android version base.

Granted Users Request’s/Suggestion’s/Idea’s from the comment:

  1. Tameable NPC that can follow owner and can feed too. 

           Granted Response:

                     NPC Name:    NPC Minion
                     itemName:     md:npc_todo
                     tameWith:       Diamond
                     feedWith:        Apple /Cookie,s
                      healWith:  Diamond/Cookie,s.


                   You can only change it’s skin once you tamed it. Edit button will show up once you tamed it. Feed button will show up when it,s hungry.



Summonable Mob:  Minecraft Dungeon’s Player.

Summonable Data:

                    canSpawn:    No.

                    canSummon:  Yes.

                    naturalSpawn:  Yes  ( in  Grass )

                    summonableFamilyName:      Troops.

            Troop’s Data:

  1. npc:md1
  2. npc:md2
  3. npc:md3
  4. npc:md4
  5. npc:md5
  6. npc:md6
  7. npc:md7
  8. npc:md8
  9. npc:md9
  10. npc:md10
  11. npc:md11
  12. npc:md12
  13. npc:md13
  14. npc:md14
  15. npc:md15

Troops Health:    15

Attack:                  5

Defense:               2

Weakness:            N/A.

Additionall Summonable:


  1.           minecraft:lightning_bolt
  2.           minecraft:fire_ball


More feature’s will come.
Was you’r request/idea/suggestion granted? if is , comment down below and rate stars .

Better NPC Screenshots:



The Chibi Update.


The Size Update.

The Tameable Update.

v1.1.1  Player & Chibi Player Update

 Chibi Player & Player Skin’s:  280 Different Skins.

       A                       B

md:npc_pv2           NPC Chibi Player
md:npc_pv1           NPC Player Walking
md:npc_mime       NPC Chibi Player Villager
md:npc_plus          NPC Chibi Player Not Moving
md:npc_pv3           NPC Tameable Player

NPC Chibi Player    Walking/Fight/Tameable

NPC Player Walking   Walking / Fighting 

NPC Chibi Player Villager   –  Not Fighting but walking.

NPC Chibi Player Not Moving  – just display Only.

 NPC Tameable Player  – Tameable/Can Fight/ Walk.

More Info?
Further Help?
Suggestions & Idea’s?
Report Bugs and Error?
Contact Me in any of the following . ( im always online in facebook ).

FB Page:
Twitter: @RioEyo23
Discord: rioeyo23 #5405
YouTube: rioeyo23
Just Contact me Asap if you need a further help or question about the addon.
I want to thank,s the skin maker’s of the better npc. I am very sorry that i forgot to include your name here, cause i dont know your names.
Please message me your name in my facebook so i can include your name here in the next update πŸ™‚ .
Note: Users are allowed to share the Add-on , except selling this from different organization,page or person wich is Illegal.

Animations: For those who are going to use Better NPC animation , always put my name , as credit’s to me.
For Map Makers , yes your allowed  to use this and add it to your map or server , just dont forget to give credits to me and to the skin makers of the Better NPC.

I allowed users to change the skins in Resource folder if personal use only.

For Vloggers/Bloggers please always put my name in your post. as credit to me.
This Is: v1.0.9 Stable Version and tested 30x so no worries , you won’t get any errors or bugs again .
This Add-on work’s in Minecraft Beta ( Android ) .
1.15 to ++
Thank You for using my work’s Dont forget to Like,  Vote, Subscribe and Share. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I love you Guys 😘😘😘.


Changelog View more
  1. Fixed Some Bugs
  2. Added New Features
  3. Introducing Chibi Player and Chibi Player
  1. Fixed Bugs and Issues.
  2. Fixed some detail,s.
  3. I just fixed some content's.
  4. Added important details.
  1. Fixed mcaddon file Error when installing.
  2. Fixed walking NPC ( i remove the shake heads animation.
  3. Granted some request and idea.
  4. Fixed Bugs.
  5. Fixed Crushes.

What's New?

24 New NPC!

NPC Emotes!

NPC Golem

NPC Skeleton.


Activity Log:

  1. Bug Fixes.
  2. No more Errors
  3. Remove NPC Player movement.
  4. Added more detailed Names.
  5. Fixed NPC Pig that makes game Crashes.

  1. Remove Sounds
  2. Remove Nude Skins.
  3. Fixed Walking NPC
  4. Fixed NPC Pig
  5. Fixed minor Bugs.
  6. Fixed NPC Player.
  1. Fixed NPC Pig - fly when hitted after spawn
  2. Fixed some Issues
  3. Sounds Remove.
  1. Added 2 NPC ( Villager NPC and NPC Pig )
  2. Remove Sounds.
  3. Annoying Player Action Sounds Removed.
  4. Fixed some issues.
  1. Fixed Onformation
  2. Added 6 New Skins, a total of 199 skins to play.
  • Now you Can Enjoy 193 SkinsΒ 
  • Fixed NPC HP
  • Fixed Error about the File Duplication.
  • UUID Change.

Here are the Few Screenshot on some Skins.

  • Fixed File Format , when minecraft starting to import the .mcaddon file.
  1. Update some information for a detailed reference.

2. Added Some Screen Shots of Fight Scene!


Installing Instruction's:


Tap this file and open with Minecraft, it will install Automatically.


This is for user's who use manual installing.

/   is for folder.

0   is  your Phone Storage or called Internal Storage.

Installation Address:





Activation Instructions: ( For new Users ).

Go to world Settings , world settings is different from Global Settings.

World Settings can find in the right side button of your world name in Worlds Screen List.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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4.31 / 5 (124 votes)
  1. Guest-6050826213 says:

    Hey am i able to change the skin files? Like remove some of the preset skins to my own? Because that will be so cool. But i just don’t know how to :/ if i can change the skin to my own can you tell m how do i do it?

  2. Guest-3252603766 says:

    Hey, uhm! Can you make an update where you can change the NPC’s skin to a custom skin? BTW, I’m also from the Philippines!! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Sobrang galing ng addon na to!

  3. Guest-2395686668 says:

    Can you pls make a follow npc?

  4. Guest-2464783424 says:

    is there any other way to edit the npc

  5. Guest-3535345796 says:

    Some of my Requests–

    You can make player npc Sit.

    Make the moving npc’s like fighting, swimming and others. Not story mode skins. Player skins are more pretty.

    Make it wear armor

    Collect items on the ground

    A fairy npc

    the chibi villager is Glitching. it started levitating.

    Fix some glitches.

    Attack mobs like the old update.

    Remove the shake head and up arms thingy.

  6. Guest-1787862461 says:

    I like this add-on, but do you have to wait until it’s hungry then tame it? And what do you tame it with? Because I want to test if you can put custom skin on.

  7. Guest-5645748505 says:

    Do you take NPCs with diamonds? Idk, also, can we change their skins to custom skins? Or in-game (the mod) skins?

  8. Pv says:

    Nice addon, but can i replace some skins with custom skin?

    Im on beta

  9. Guest-8333901513 says:

    Is it possible to add more than just 201 skin variants? if yes pls add the npc player skin to the npcs that only have minecraft story mode skins, thanks

  10. Guest-2830885827 says:

    I loveyou and this addon, Keep up the good work pal!!

  11. Guest-9238975172 says:

    why did you put graphic content in it lol

  12. Guest-5868210765 says:

    Hey, this addon looks something like Custom NPCs. I’m gonna try it out, thanks!

  13. Guest-7679499414 says:

    The mod looks great but I already tamed the npc abut still there’s no edit button!

  14. Guest-2880017911 says:

    And this is such a cool mod!! I love it πŸ˜€
    But Could you please have the mod work in not beta version if possible? Thank you!

    • Guest-1607777963 says:

      That will not work. The NPC was added again in 1.15 and 1.16. 1.14 has no NPC meaning it cannot be updated for 1.14.
      (Read desc of addon)
      Note: Im not the addon owner. Im just telling you this.

  15. Guest-3788781426 says:

    Does it work for Windows 10? How do you tame any npc? Or edit them?

  16. Bendyboi9128 says:

    Can you change the Npc skins with using custom skins, or do you have to use the skins the addon gives you?

    • Omar345 says:

      You Can But Not Normal Player Skins, You Can For Example Use BlockBench To Edit The Texture Then You Put It In The Files With The Name Of The Edited Skin. Your Welcome! 😊

    • Guest-9010385438 says:

      You can change the skin. Just move the custom skin on the minecraft file. It worked for me. PS. I would use zip file if i were you.

  17. DuztierBladeYT says:

    How come this only works in beta?

  18. Guest-4331035321 says:

    Would it be possible to add that when responding to npc or running a command they automatically run another or follow the conversation?

  19. Guest-4124526047 says:

    Change the Skins please.. I hate a little bit the Stort mode skins

  20. Guest-5212608713 says:

    Please Bring back the Player Npc.
    The 3×3 Player and Slim are not moving and i hate that. player Npc are my most favorite and it was removed.. I was so happy because it has a new update. But when i downloaded it, I Tried the new Player Npc and its not moving.. Please can you fix it?

  21. Guest-9439637330 says:

    How do I tame/edit npcs

  22. Guest-3163862860 says:

    What exactly is the command section once I edit the NPC?

  23. Guest-2422873120 says:

    how to summon?

  24. Guest-6958722402 says:

    Can I change the skin of NPC for my City?

  25. Guest-1320995295 says:

    Awesome! Love it! But one problem.
    It’s too much information that I can’t keep up with XD (I tried to remember each of the things but I always end up just coming back to reading the instructions although it took a while to find the information I needed. So would you mind making it a bit easier for folks like me please.)
    Also this is only supported for Beta Players correct?

  26. Guest-3506510590 says:

    How can you change skin of npc

    • Guest-4010079575 says:

      You need 1.15 beta or 1.16!

      Also, I do not have beta but I was able to make this suitable for IOS!!!

      I am waiting for 1.15 so I can use this and have the edit button!

      I luvvvv this
      I am on IOS sooo

  27. Guest-8374054945 says:

    How to spawn the Npc without using summon in mcpe 1.16

  28. Guest-4060626051 says:

    Npc pig crashes the game ???? cant even join again and fly away?? Wont let anyone near without crashing??

  29. Guest-1409388533 says:

    Plus help I can’t change the Npc skin,, it always show the default skin

  30. Guest-8545803959 says:

    Hey Creator can you also add the Monster School Characters like Herobrine, Enderman, Ghast, etc.?

    • rioeyo23 says:

      uhmm… i think i already add the herobrine skin in NPC that uses minecraft storymode skins. check it and you will find herobrine skin there πŸ™‚ , and the monster school characters , will try it maybe in the next update after 1.1.1 The player and Trade Update wich will be the next update this nexy week.

  31. Guest-6365288306 says:

    Can they fight??? and just asking if ypu can make them have armor and weapons

  32. Guest-3079216686 says:

    aggressive NPC is missing

  33. Guest-7138482106 says:

    wow i really like it

  34. Guest-7710558963 says:


  35. Guest-2748962107 says:

    The addon is great but dude, improve your grammar

  36. Guest-6610281051 says:

    I have a suggestion there are some npc that move and attack that I like but it would be better if they also were tamed as well as the little ones that would make the addon even more cool

  37. Guest-1753452809 says:

    Please add custom npc for example the peoples add skin of freddy of fnaf

  38. Guest-1959922582 says:

    How do u change the skin? Into the earth skin

  39. rioeyo23 says:

    v1.0.9 is on Submission .

    Update your Better NPC once my submissio approved πŸ™‚ .

  40. Guest-3542955801 says:

    I really love this addon. It perfect for roleplays, however I have one request that I would much appreciate you add. My request is that you add a way to get rid of the npcs. I am not sure if you have already added that feature, but if you have added it, could you please tell me how. Thank you.

  41. Guest-2256790126 says:

    Can you make it for iOS too

  42. I am disappointed with the NPC player being deleted, for me it’s good because like there are other people, can you make the NPC walk like normal without shaking its head?, and also the animation for the npc sit has a little to change, he sits but at the moment he stands up again, i hope you can fix this πŸ™‚

  43. Guest-3807023406 says:

    Addon didnt work, “Not a valid zip archive” ):

  44. Guest-6993731646 says:

    Good add-on

  45. Guest-2903369478 says:

    DO you have biomes o plenty mod on.

  46. Guest-1959585110 says:

    The best way to kill npc is go to edit and then go to the command, type “/kill @s”, so it will die

    • Guest-2688833673 says:

      Can someone help me?

      I am on IOS and I clicked Experimental Gameplay when I got this.
      But I cannot see an edit button.
      Experimental Gameplay unlocks Beta though…
      Can somebody help?

      • Guest-3448189601 says:

        The edit button doesn’t show up in 1.14 (I’m not complaining just trying to inform people) however it should work in the 1.15 and 1.16 betas (as it says at the bottom of the page under the title Supported Minecraft versions) I would reccomend reading that section (if it’s there) when you download addons in the future. Sorry if you’ve done all this and this reply comes off as rude (It is not my intention for it to be rude or offend you) have a lovely day and be safe and although this is a late reply I hope it somewhat helped you and informs others. Stay safe and healthy.

    • The add-on works well on me, don’t use mcpack, change the name first to zip, then extract it to your minecraft world, not the global resource, I think this version should be fixed a little, I hope the creator will fix this soon.

  47. Guest-8275940330 says:

    Can they walk?

  48. Guest-7863569612 says:

    Hey is there way to kill NPCs you have summoned?

  49. DuztierBladeYT says:

    Can you make more Not silm skins

  50. Guest-4490136319 says:

    What are the textures your using.I want to get the textures.πŸ˜ƒ

  51. Guest-9878832896 says:

    Can make for NOT BETA PLSπŸ₯Ί
    And this addon is very cool

  52. Guest-7137461249 says:

    Can anyone help me? Cause I can’t editing the NPC?!

  53. Guest-9435000562 says:

    I love this mod! I love the NPC customization features very much! There’s a lot of skins to choose from! If I may suggest an additional feature, maybe add an npc type that’s designed to follow you around to adventure with (like how pets work in vanilla minecraft)? Thanks for making this!

  54. Guest-6301453420 says:

    please considerably reduce the damage of these npcs

    • Guest-4620751240 says:

      If you use a file manager app, you can go to the games/com.mojang/behavior_packs/entities folder and open the file that corresponds to the egg npc you want to change. Npc_wn is for the wandering npcs.

      Scroll down and find the line that says:

      “minecraft:attack”: {
      “damage”: 9999

      and adjust it how you’d like.

      The best thing about this mod is how easy it is to customize everything to your liking it you put in a little effort.

      ~Guest of many numbers~

  55. Local The E-Girl says:

    When i place the pig my game crashes can you fix that?

  56. Guest-4166452947 says:

    i have a problem with the pig npc when i put it my minecraft crashes

  57. Guest-6843893548 says:

    Could you in a future update add npc that are like the npc player but that do not move or instead put an option to disable the movement of the npc

    • Guest-6426900977 says:

      The villager npc doesn’t move around. If you follow my instruction a few comments below you, you can make them look like a normal npc and not an ugly Squidward villager. lol

      ~Guest of many numbers~

  58. Guest-7622915696 says:

    Hello! How can you remove the npc? And also can you make the npc follow the player (you)

  59. Guest-9945466914 says:

    Umm can u put this on IOS……… i want to play it…………

  60. Guest-6000910596 says:

    Hello Parden me I Was Trying To Put My Minecraft Skin To The Npc

  61. Guest-5990139947 says:

    Do you know when the Windows 10 edition will come out

  62. Guest-1004474720 says:

    Can you make the Npc’s sit? and make it your friend?…
    By the way i love this addon i am so happy when it doesn’t need experiemental gameplay..Thank you for publishing this addon..

  63. Guest-2713343922 says:

    How do you access the resource folder to change npc skin custom skins?

    • Guest-1163616610 says:

      Ok, first you need an app like es file explorer or any other file manager, than find the com.mojang folder. Mine was in sdcard/games/com.mojang but if you don’t have an sd card it will just be in internal storage.

      Next, find the resource_packs folder than the better npcs folder. Now the files you want to replace are in textures/entity and than npc_deco and npc_wn, though you can change the player and pig ones too if you want. Deco is the villager npc I believe and wn is the wandering or animated and moving npcs. Rename your new skins the same as the ones you want to replace.

      If you didn’t want to replace but add extras instead like I did, it’s a lot more work but I’ll explain if you want. Let me know.

      ~Guest-7394260801 + 2060368234 + 1163616610 (I don’t feel like making an account. Maybe later lol)

      • Guest-5404601599 says:

        so I’ve successfully changed the skin but there is a problem. the skin takes the shape of a villager which has enabled it to be incredibly glitchy, even with an optimizer on. is there a way to fix this? to stop the glitching and to have the shape as a regular NPC?

        also, I do want to know how to add extras.

        please help me out! thank you!

        • Guest-9395950612 says:

          ^same person as before

          the overlays do not work either! is there a way to fix that?

          please reply! Thank you!!

          • Guest-6588069674 says:

            Sorry, forgot that part. Go into model/entity and copy everything in npc_wn and paste it into npc_deco under the format version line. Lastly, edit geometry.npc_wn to geometry.npc_deco.

            ~ Guest of many numbers ~

        • Guest-5497733240 says:

          To add extras, first rename them to something simple. Put the file into textures/entity/ whichever you want to add to. Remember npc_deco is villager. Next, go into the entity folder in the main mod folder, not textures, open whichever file corresponds to the egg you wanted to add to, and add the line to match the name of your file.

          If you named your file, say, 000 add:

          “000”: “textures/entity/npc_deco/000” ,

          Don’t forget the comma unless you put it last. Make your life easier and just add it somewhere in the middle of the others.

          Now go to the render_controllers folder and whichever file you’ve been editing. In this examples case it’s npc_deco.render_controllers. Now add your line under Arrays.skins. In this example it would be:


          And that’s the last thing to change in BetterNPC – Resources but now you need to change one thing in the BetterNPC – Behaviors folder or your new skin won’t show up.

          Goto com.mojang/behavior_packs/entities/whichever file. Again, in this examples it’s npc_deco. Still down until you see “skin_list”:[ and the varient numbers beneath it.

          Now add a line with whatever number comes next, should be 21 so it will look like:

          “variant”: 21

          Since your putting it at the end, no comma but you need to add a comma after 20. If you’re scared to mess with any of the commas, just add a line in the middle to match the pattern and edit the numbers after.

          Hope this makes sense for you.

          ~Guest of many numbers~

  64. Guest-2060368234 says:

    Sorry, forgot to rate my comment.

    ~Guest-7394260801 + 2060368234 XD

  65. Guest-7394260801 says:

    I added some skins for personal use and they worked but none of the hair overlays were showing; they were just “flat”. Does this mod only use older style skins? If so, would you be able to update that?

  66. Guest-4581594714 says:

    hi, would you like to add a sheep npc

  67. AggelSparda says:

    Waiting for Win10. Nice work, keep it up.

  68. Guest-1834787742 says:

    When I spawn the NPC, it doesnt give me an option to edit. Can you help?

    • Guest-3155229014 says:

      What version of Minecraft do you use. If your using 1.14 addon wil not work. You can get the entity but settings are not available.

  69. Guest-9062399313 says:

    Stable Update πŸ™‚

  70. Guest-9181207636 says:

    I hope you could read this
    What Shader are you using
    Btw I reaally love your addon
    Can you make all villager proffessions
    And all biome types
    Sorry for my grammar

  71. Guest-4165628034 says:

    How to you go the settings to change the skins (in game)?

  72. Guest-8038216501 says:

    for some reason i cant spawn or give the huminoid npc help me it wont let me spawn them

  73. why only 20 npc skins can be used, where are the other 180 skins?

  74. Guest-6668511100 says:

    I am very sorry for the nudr skin in the walking NPC and some errors , i will Upload a Final version of this with in this day . About the nude npc i didnt notice that i add skins like that since they are about 200 skins , i will fixed this today , and thank you for reporting some errors

  75. How to kill npc pig and old npc (not walking)?

  76. BlueWolf2006445 says:

    Amazing! What commands can you use in the Advanced Settings?

  77. Ziplashsivery says:

    Nice addon although the grammar of the page needs a little work, to say the least

  78. Guest-9697018264 says:

    Can you make like every npc with like a walking version and a not walking one because i like thr skins but i like them not walking

  79. Guest-3756857900 says:

    What about iOS

  80. Guest-1989031708 says:

    The pig doesn’t work at all. it floats when you punch it and you cant open npc settings

  81. Guest-2532966245 says:

    there are two naked skins on the npc

  82. Guest-2748980878 says:

    npc_pu4 and npc_pu5 are both very innapropriate skins and need to be removed. i will be reporting this

    • Ziplashsivery says:

      at least it doesn’t show on the addons page but i dont why you wanna report it since you can chnage if you wish but understandable

    • rioeyo23 says:

      Nothing to worry i will upload a new version again later and im very sure you wont get the nude skins again. thank you and im very sory for this , i did not notice that theres a nude skin in the encoding process.

    • Guest-6629363954 says:

      Nude skin is already Removed , Update your better NPC now

  83. Guest-1519449086 says:

    Why i can’t change the skin of NPC
    Please help me

  84. Guest-5907269952 says:

    There were 2 inappropriate skins that I had to remove as well as the unneeded 100 other skins that didn’t fit. I had to fix the pig because it wouldn’t allow me to change the skin and it would float when hit.
    I was able to make the Story Mode npc accessible through the creative inventory. The only thing I wasn’t able to do was make each mob a 1 hit death.

  85. BlueWolf2006445 says:

    Does it work with Minecraft 1.14.30?

  86. Guest-7754891624 says:

    Does this work for ios devices bc it’s not working for me
    It seems pretty cool tho!

  87. Guest-8916324614 says:

    Can you please make this for iOS (thetigerking)

  88. rioeyo23 says:

    Please Read Me Commentors:

    I Will Upload A Clean Update of this Tommorow, so while using the latest version if you found some bugs and errors please contact me in facebook with a screenshot . thank you πŸ™‚ .

  89. Guest-4593781762 says:

    I want to change all the skin of NPC But there are are too much…about 200
    And how should I do?thx

  90. I will wait until that happens, btw can I use your npc for the world that I’m making now?

  91. rioeyo23 says:

    Dear Users.

    I am very for those Bugs and issues you are experiencing , an asap update will be uploaded. Thank you for understanding and i am very sorry for the inconvinience.

  92. ShowTime Freddy CZ says:

    I saw Doki doki! Plz add the real charaters! plz i’d love that and maybe the DDLC fans.

  93. Liam TDP says:

    Hey mr creator thanks for making this addon Its working and its very helpful for making maps This addon is amazing not only you can change the skin but You can also change the skins by your own skins

  94. Guest-8464652497 says:

    When i spawn the npc pig it spawn a ender pig and when i hit it it just float endlessly above

  95. the addon is good but the npc once press is gone, so all the commands and dialogs that have been prepared are gone πŸ™

  96. Dj playz yt says:

    Is It Possible To Customize The NPC With A Custom Skin?

  97. Guest-3671384809 says:

    Hi my version of minecraft is yes im in android the two option you said is not working fix it pls

  98. Guest-4750585654 says:

    Your addon are great! Btw what texture and shader u use?

  99. Guest-1583903680 says:

    Hello I am very bothered by the noise you make when you die and the sounds of the crepers and when lightning strikes also the noise of the zombie you can change it a little and I do not like that the ncp attack the crepers because they explode every time please Read this comment it will help your addon a lot since it has a lot of potential

  100. Instinct.s says:

    This is cool and stuff but can all the creators team up and make an orespawn mod all of the attempts have been fails

  101. Guestyz says:


  102. rioeyo23 says:

    Add Me in Facebook To Get New Updates πŸ™‚

  103. rioeyo23 says:

    1.0.5 will Released tonight or Tommorow with a Brand New Update


    Get Ready For My Update! πŸ™‚

    Better NPC v1.0.5

    Whats New?

    User Can now have 4 Kinds of NPC!

    1: The Original NPC ( Not Walking )
    2: The Btter NPC ( Walking /Fighting )
    3: NEW! NPC PIG
    4: NEW! NPC Chicken.

    More Features will Come.
    Coming Soon πŸ˜‰ ,

  104. Guest-5748172478 says:

    how do u activate them

  105. Guest-5176503904 says:

    Good mod, the only problem that I have is the death sound that you make. Its very not Minecraft and it’s really obnoxious, are you able to get rid of the death sound

  106. Guest-6903016773 says:

    pls fix the sounds cuz every time i get hit or die it makes a really annoying sound and it kinda make sme wanna remove it pls fix

  107. Guest-3387339055 says:

    Can we change the skin bye replacing the skins in the file folder with custom skins?

  108. Guest-6359121911 says:

    This is awsome thank you so much. I was wondering can you make it possible to tame them?

  109. Guest-6686721221 says:

    i need this for PC!

  110. Guest-4713854885 says:

    Are you able to release a video on this add-on so we can see what it is, I currently don’t have a version that’s compadible with this

  111. Guest-6683849581 says:

    I’m on a Minecraft version that isn’t compatible with this addon, but it changes the death sound LOL

  112. Guest-8785093024 says:

    Please remove the death and hurt sounds.. please πŸ™ it’s quite loud and unfitting..

  113. Guest-8536310452 says:

    Great Addon but the new textures I can’t seem to find??

  114. Guest-8407745124 says:

    Realmente estΓ‘ hecho para la version 1.14 ?

  115. Guest-8797388991 says:

    When i get hit and die, why i hear some mobie legends sound?, well that is quiet good actually, nice great addon.

  116. Guest-4470702378 says:

    I cant get the new models, all of the new ones are just one model

  117. Guest-6875388670 says:

    I’m going to try this out when a compadible public version comes out

  118. Guest-7677328564 says:

    Esta muy bien hecho y ademas ya no me siento solo

  119. Guest-3965234834 says:

    This is a formal share application, yes it’s me again, HerobrineClare, I have to apply for to you, I need to get agree again, thank you.
    Can I share it with Minecraft China Edition?
    It will be acquired through the emerald purchase.
    in order to prevent a few people to send malicious bad comments or irrelevant content
    (emeralds are freely available, and people can get it for free every day)

  120. rioeyo23 says:

    I Will Update This Post Later , im just collecting some bug reports so i can do another update before i upload.

  121. rioeyo23 says:

    READ Me:

    To All Users:

    This Addon Works in The Following:

    Minecraft Pocket Edition ( Bedrock for Android )

    mc version must: 1.15 or 1.16

    Addon Support Android Platforms.

    This is Not Available in:


  122. Guest-2239140059 says:

    Nobody can update Minecraft to 1.16, So make it compatible for 1.14 and above

  123. Guest-6492600128 says:

    Can you fix this terrible bug, Im still getting the old villagers instead of the better NPCs

  124. Guest-6827453832 says:

    Please read,

    There’s a bug in the mod where the NPCs are still villagers, so basically this bug is making the mod completely unplayable, are you able to fix this bug so we can have the custom NPCs and so we can enjoy the mod

  125. Guest-4819597526 says:

    It does not work When I out the command in it says no such spawn egg with that value.
    The coding simply does not work.

  126. Guest-3157602073 says:

    Glad the bug for the duplication error is fixed, however the mod still doesn’t seem to work. I still keep getting the normal villagers and not the custom NPCs, are you able to fix that.

  127. Guest-1342634800 says:

    Minecraft story mode characters: Jesse,Olivia,Axel,Lucas,

  128. Guest-4452287613 says:

    Doesn’t work, it imports the behavior but not the resource. The error says something about duplication, next time can you test the download before releasing to public. The Minecraft version I’m using is 1.14.30

  129. Guest-6188524567 says:

    I’m having the same problem. Import only adds behavior and not the resource. If i try to do it manually, the mod does not work.

    Running version Win 10 V 1.14.30.

  130. Guest-7548719491 says:

    I downloaded It but it only added the behavior, and it said the resource was a duplicate. I’m on PC I’f that helps.

  131. Guest-7567229382 says:

    there r 3 links, but what is the difference between them?

  132. Guest-4098505074 says:

    When i import the addon only the resource gets added, not the behavior so i cant use it

  133. Guest-9896622283 says:

    Quitales sus sonidos

  134. Guest-5537849686 says:

    CΓ³mo ago que caminen

  135. Guest-3375942164 says:

    I like the add-on, but why are my NPCs not humanoid-type? They were villager NPCs instead, also every time I download the pack, my screen says, “Failed to duplicate resource/behavior pack” (I’m using 1.16)

  136. Guest-5528849157 says:

    quick question does this require experimental??

  137. Guest-6333343364 says:

    I like the concept, but I am not sure about the health being infinite, because what if YOU want to get rid of the npc?

    • rioeyo23 says:

      the reason why i gave infinite health to npc , is when ever the user add an command to npc and text , the npc will still there and not die even a monster triea to attack the npc.

  138. Guest-3120888608 says:

    how to spawn it?

  139. Guest-3046178186 says:

    It tells me that there is no command for spawn_egg

  140. Guest-6900383589 says:

    TYSM FOR THIS i’ve been waiting for something like this for so long

  141. Guest-6598027240 says:

    Hey just random but if I download the addon on my iPad it only downloads the recourse and on my iPhone only the behavior and I’ve could do via cloud so I could get it but it simply doesn’t work it says that I don’t have the NPCs help pls ty!

  142. Guest-9626713513 says:

    Is there a list of commands?

  143. Guest-6520374561 says:

    Works in realms?

  144. Guest-6577408362 says:

    I when try to use it I get an error message in game.

  145. Guest-4319734470 says:

    nice, but why did you steal mc tory mode skins:!

    • rioeyo23 says:

      FYI: I didnt steal your mc skin, i got this in were many minecraftskins are uploaded there. blame the person who upload your mc skin in the , and if this skin was your creation, i will put your name as credits to tge skin maker in the next update.

    • rioeyo23 says:

      kindly give me your name and i will put it in the next Update , πŸ™‚ , and please dont blame on me , blame the person or get mad on the person who upload your skin in the

  146. Guest-5872100622 says:

    it works fine but I had to change uuids bc you copied the same exact on over to resources. they have to be different.

  147. Guest-5590381148 says:

    it’ll be nice if you can make the skin custom (letting the players choose skins from gallery,skinseed etc.)

  148. rioeyo23 says:

    I upload the Fixed one , so the minecraft will import the file correctly and no error will be shown πŸ™‚ .

    Waiting For the admin to approved the submission

  149. rioeyo23 says:

    Ill Fixed the File , User wont get any error when minecraft importing the file that was downloaded using mcpedl

  150. Guest-2591814707 says:

    now i miss minecraft story mode even more ;-; looks like a good mod though, i’ll try it out

  151. Guest-4616183647 says:

    Herobrine Clare(it’s me):
    Can I share it with Minecraft China Edition? It will be downloaded there in the form of 2, 000 emeralds.
    In order to prevent a few people to send malicious bad comments or irrelevant content
    (emeralds are freely available, and people can get at least 500 emeralds per week.)

  152. rioeyo23 says:

    Just Leave a Comment so i can Fix ASAP if theres a bug or error πŸ™‚ please and thank you

  153. rioeyo23 says:

    Please Send me a screenshot of the problem in my FB account

    So i can fixed and Upload a newer one πŸ™‚

  154. Guest-4466460356 says:

    Doesn’t download resource pack and says duplicate pack detected,It does download the behaviour pack though. When i try to spawn an npc it says something like “an error occurred” in the chat.

  155. Guest-8660762372 says:

    Could you make the NPCs use custom skins please

  156. Guest-4698696112 says:

    It does not work

  157. Guest-1270306989 says:

    Good addon, if you can make it possible to edit the npcs like in mcpc then thank you!

  158. Guest-8741485686 says:

    Could you make the npc hold sword and boy and to hold idomse

  159. Guest-2558587745 says:

    Don’t Luke the New npc model

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