Better Paintings Resource Pack

This texture pack changes the look of all the paintings in Minecraft! Some are hand made, some are taken from images & further modified. If you want to change how default paintings look in Minecraft, this pack is for you! The paintings stay true to Minecraft’s pixely look, and don’t go for an HD look.

Creator: Vladu11Twitter Account


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources
  4. Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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26 Responses

4.84 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-7868693612 says:

    uhh so I like the pack but somehow I have the pack and a pack of a bunch of furries. so?

  2. Games Gameplay says:

    So cool!

  3. Kneeslapper says:

    The kneeslapper forgot to rate. Oops

  4. Kneeslapper says:

    Woooowwweee this is sure one funnywunnygunny knee slapper!!!!! Whooooooohahahahahaha

  5. You says:

    Looks really good, what did you use to make it?

  6. Xtra_Doctor_Pro says:


  7. ItzNurulManusia says:

    aqua :v

  8. PuppyLover101 says:

    I love the Paintings, there so beautiful! Awesome Resource Pack!

  9. Danny says:

    Can you please help? For some reason it works when I put it on a new world but it won’t work when I put it on an existing world.

  10. Cyber cacti says:

    Really good pixel art ?

  11. Cat says:

    I love this sooo muchhhh!!

  12. Commandblock.exe says:


  13. Harsh says:

    What software you use to make resource pack for mcpe? Btw awsome printings!!! Love it keep it up dude!!

  14. TrueExcalibur says:

    so cool!

  15. PersonWhoNeedsHelp says:

    Jesus Christ, it’s so AMAAAAAAAZING

  16. Tobey Giesbrecht says:

    I love it so much I wish mojang would take notes

  17. Zhenya and Daniel says:

    Cool >Like<

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