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Skyblock is a fun game where you start on an island and you have to start from small resources to advanced resources. 

You can play with other friends for better experience 

This type of skyblock has some more features that others don’t, we added new ores, tools, armors and others.

Most of the machines you will need it will be in the hub, you can go to the hub by standing on the element_0 or the question mark block.

You can craft custom items by the crafter that you can found it in the workshop with other machines like the sieve and compactors.

You can make dirt by using compactor and sieve it by the sieve and get rare drops like iron dust and fragments.

you can craft cobblestone and also mine it from the cobblestone generator.

Every dust you get from the sieve, more luck you will get next time.

You can fully control your game just from the settings section, we have custom features like :

– Show item : Play particle around the time to make it more visible.

– Notifications : Play notifications every time a monster get too closer to you.

– Save item : the items won’t fall off the void, once they fall they will teleport automatically to your inventory, if your inventory is full they will still get teleported.

The map doesn’t have any lag, we tried to make the map less laggy.

Make sure to set your UI profile settings to classic for better experience with the crafter.

 Here is some photos about the map :

Changelog View more

New World thumbnail remodel.

Map import failed issue fixes 

Bug fixes and more

Import failed issue has been fixed

Now file is more smaller then before

Bug fixes

just remove it you are SO ANNOYING. it's not my fault if you couldn't import my maps that's not my job

Now the website has an option to download the map as (.zip) and (.mcworld).

Bug fixed

Link download fixed.

Spawn spam slime fixed.

other bugs fixed 

Now you will be able to download the map without having to download (.exe) files.

Bug fixes

Slime spawn bug fixed

Now you can play with other players 

Bug fixes

Dirt and stone no longer drop fragments 

Sand now has 40% to drop fragments 

Mobs notification now has delay by 3t/20

Bug fixes

World thumbnail remodel, crafter recipes bug fixes, show-item particles fixed, spam-link fixed, join-reward removed 

World thumbnail remodel , claim-reward system was removed

Bug fixes


If you had any problems in downloading the map or importing it to your game, feel free to visit our discord server, we will make sure to help you.



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